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David Wenham
Jack Thompson
David Gulpilil
Shea Adams
Eddie Baroo
Ray Barrett
Tony Barry
Jamal Sydney Bednarz
Damian Bradford
Bryan Brown
Nathin Butler
Tara Carpenter
Rebecca Chatfield
Lillian Crombie
Max Cullen
Essie Davis
Arthur Dignam
Michelle Dyzla
Haidee Gaudry
Sandy Gore
Terence Gregory
Jamie Gulpilil
Peter Gwynne
Sean Hall
Nigel Harbach
Joy Hilditch
Matthew Hills
Jimmy Hong
Bill Hunter
Jarwyn Irvin-Collins
Robert Jago
John Jarratt
Eugene Kang
Jacek Koman
Crusoe Kurddal
Liam Lannigan
Siena Larsson
Nathan Lawson
Cody Lea
Jack Leech
Charles Leung
Jacob Linger
Mark Malabirr
John Martin
Logan Mattingley
Adam McMonigal
Dylan Minggun
Phillippe Moon
Nyalik Munungurr
Patrick Mylott
David Ngoombujarra
Barry Otto
Angus Pilakui
Robin Royce Queree
Mark Rathbone
Garry Scott
John Sheerin
Bruce Spence
Wah Yuen
Kerry Walker
Elaine Walker
Brandon Walters
John Walton
Matthew Whittet
Ursula Yovich
Danielle Carey
Will Gabriel
Shaun R.L. King
Anton Monsted
Brennan Muhoberac
Harrison Norris
Chris Polzot
Derek Steen
Schuyler Weiss
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Year: 2008
UK release date UK release: 26th December 2008
 BBFC Age Rating:  12 age rating
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News from around the web

During the Disney earnings call on August 4th it was announced that the live action version of Mulan, which has had many theatrical delays, will be released on the monthly subscription Disney+ for $29.99.

That is in America at least where the COVID-19 pandemic is still keeping cinemas from opening.


Disney also announced that other countries where Disney+ was available would get the movie, but some countries that don't will get a theatrical release.

The UK has Disney+ and movie theatres are starting to open, and by September 4th, the announced release date, even more will be open.

The movie is most likely to get a duel release in the UK, and other countries in Europe as well as Australia and New Zealand so people can choose how to watch it, a worrying move for the cinema industry.

Black Widow

Other films that have been delayed are The New Mutants and Black Widow which are still set to have theatrical released but could also get Disney+ 'rental' releases as well as hit cinemas.

Lets hope (for many reasons) things get back to normal soon, then we can start enjoying more movies as they should be seen, in a movie theatre!

As the UK box office starts to show signs of recovering fro the 3 month closure the Russel Crowe starrring Unhinged is the top new film at number 1.

It was a busy weekend for the box office as alongside the 'catalogue' re-releases there were 5 new released and the ususal spattering of older hang over movies.

Here is a break down of the top 5 movies in the UK 31st July - 2nd August 2020.


Russel Crowe stars in this dramatic thriller about a man who terrorises a woman after a seemingly innocent altercation, the movie takes £175.2K on its debut weekend.


Pixars latest animated movie drops to number 2 this week after 8 weeks on the box office with £58.9K which gives the film a total UK gross of £5.6 Million.

100% Wolf

100% Wolf

A new animated tale from Australia about a young boy from a werewolf family who wants to become a most fearsome creature ever.

The Alexs Stadermann directed movie takes £33.1K on its debut weekend.

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

Still holding its head high on its 40th anniversary re-release the Star Wars sequel takes £31.1K this weekend pushing its total to £22.9 Million in the UK.

The Vigil

Finally in the top 5 is this horror film directed by Keith Thomas which makes its debut on the UK box office with £30.3K.

Mulan was about a week away from release when the world started closing down due the the COVID-19 pandemic, after a couple of new dates Disney have now removed it from their schedule until further notice.

Closed Cinema

This isn't much of a surprise as America is still deep in the pandemic with cases increasing daily and there is no sign to the end meaning cinemas are still not ready to re-open.

This may seem unfair to the rest of the world which is slowly staring to re-open and cinemas are in limited capacity accepting people in their doors, but who knows like Warner Bros. and Tenet a staggered release may happen.

Bill & Ted Face The Music

This is just the latest is what is becoming a long list of films, as mentioned Tenet has been removed indefinitely and today it was announced that Bill & Ted Face The Music will get a simultaneous movie theatre and VOD release.

There are more to come I'm sure as Wonder Woman 1985 and A Quiet Place Part II are just around the corner and the virus is still months away from being controlled in the US.

A staggered global release similar to hot things were before the turn of the Millennium is possible, films used to get released in Europe and Australia often up to a year after their American release.

VHS Pirate Cassette

This was stopped primarily because of piracy and with the internet the ease of distributing pirated films, as opposed to buying the film on VHS from your mate down the pub!

25thframe.co.uk will bring you more as films get delayed.

It was going to happen sooner or later, with the huge spike in the COVID-19 pandemic hitting a majority of America the movie studios are starting to shift release dates again with Christopher Nolan's Tenet loosing its August 12th release.


The more interesting aspect here is that Warner Bros. have not given it a new release date, this is the third time it has shifted date and they are clearly not going to give it a new date until things have settled.

The new movie was meant to be the start of the movie theatre re-opening and the film which would get the public going to the cinema again.

Sony have also shifted the date of Broken Hearts Gallery, and similarly have not given the movie a new release date yet.

Warner Bros. have announced that they will most likely release Tenet staggered around the world, the UK is starting to fully open and box office charts are starting to appear and France's top movie last weekend took over a million dollar at the box office, something not seen for a while.

Australia and New Zealand have also been vigilant at controlling the virus and have been producing box office charts through the whole pandemic.


Disney have Milan set for 21st August and Bill & Ted Face The Music is just around the corner with a release date of 14th August, A Quiet Place Part II also has a date at the start of September, these are all big films which will, most likely, get release date shifts.

The lead is mainly from the US which may not see cinemas open properly this year so maybe we are going to go back to the '90 where America would get most films before the rest of the world, but in reverse!

When cinemas first closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic the major studios started shifting their release schedule, with a new spike in the virus studios are starting to make even more changes.


Warner Bros. Recently changed the release date of Wonder Woman 1984 October 2nd and then just this week they moved Tenet to August 12th.

Now today Disney moves the release of Mulan, again, to August 21st, this is the second move for a movie that should have been released in March, just as the virus hit the world.

What is interesting is that it seems the studios are delaying the release of these film worldwide, although it is only the US which is seeing a large spike, especially in the south, of the virus.

The UK government announced this week that cinemas in the UK could start reopening from July 4th, and in much of Europe and Australia many cinemas are open already.

With the US expecting the surge to get even worse, with potential lockdowns happening again, it is anyones guess when it will be safe for cinemas to open.

You can expect there to be more rescheduled film coming, and I hate to say it but some films, Mulan, Bill & Ted Face The Music and The New Mutants to name a few missing a theatrical release and going direct to VOD.