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La La Land

Directed by

Damien Chazelle


Amiee Conn
Famous Actress
Terry Walters
Linda (Coffee Shop Manager)
Thom Shelton
Coffee Spiller
Cinda Adams
Casting Director (First Audition)
Callie Hernandez
Jessica Rothe
Sonoya Mizuno
Rosemarie DeWitt
J.K. Simmons
Claudine Claudio
Karen (Waitress)
Jason Fuchs
D.A. Wallach
'80s Singer
Trevor Lissauer
Olivia Hamilton
Bree (Gluten Free Girl)
Anna Chazelle
Sarah (Pilot Casting Assistant)
Marius De Vries
Clyde (Pilot Director)
Finn Wittrock
Josh Pence
Nicole Coulon
Josh's Fiancee
Damon Gupton
John Legend
Christopher Michael Stevens
Keith Harris
Kaveh Rastegar
Shaylah J. Stevens
Echo Backup Singer
Natalie Imani
Echo Backup Singer
Briana Lee
Echo Backup Singer
David Douglas
Radio DJ
Miles Anderson
Alistair (Photographer)
Bobo Chang
Photographer's Assistant
Meagen Fay
Mia's Mom
Robert Haynes
Angry Neighbor
John Hindman
Frank (Director)
Valarie Rae Miller
Amy Brandt
Nicole Wolf
Amy Brandt's Assistant
Corrin Evans
New Barista
Kiff VandenHeuvel
New Coffee Shop Manager
Tom Everett Scott
Camryn Ray Cavaliero
Mia's Daughter
Zoe Hall
Dempsey Pappion
Seb's Jazz Club Employee
Eddie Clifton
Cal Bennett
Seb's Sax Player
Nedra Wheeler
Seb's Bassist
Javier Gonzalez
Seb's Trumpeter
Khirye Tyler
Seb's Pianst
Arthur Horowitz
Fantasy Baby
Jillian Meyers
Traffic Dancer
Michael Riccio
Reshma Gajjar
Traffic Dancer - Girl #1
Hunter Hamilton
Traffic Dancer - 1st Man
Damian Gomez
Traffic Dancer - 2nd Man
Candice Coke
Traffic Dancer - Girl #2
Amanda Balen
Traffic Dancer - Conductor
Mecca Vazie Andrews
Traffic Dancer
Lou Becker
Traffic Dancer
Doran Butler
Traffic Dancer
Matt Cady
Traffic Dancer
Dominic Chaiduang
Traffic Dancer
Cindera Che
Traffic Dancer
Carol Connors
Traffic Dancer
Patrick Cook
Traffic Dancer
Aaron Cooke
Traffic Dancer
Tiffany Daniels
Traffic Dancer
Bubba Dean Rambo
Traffic Dancer
Nick Drago
Traffic Dancer
Shaun Evaristo
Traffic Dancer
Dana Fukagawa
Traffic Dancer
Daniel Gaymon
Traffic Dancer
Liz Imperio
Traffic Dancer
Casey Johansen
Traffic Dancer
Cristan Judd
Yoori Kim
Traffic Dancer
Marissa Labog
Traffic Dancer
Stephanie Landwehr
Traffic Dancer
Chris Moss
Traffic Dancer
Clarice Ordaz
Traffic Dancer
Nathan Prevost
Traffic Dancer
Bradley M. Rapier
Traffic Dancer
Britt Stewart
Traffic Dancer
Melinda Sullivan
Traffic Dancer
Dana Wilson
Traffic Dancer
Terrance Yates
Traffic Dancer
Tracy Shibata
Hollywood Party Dancer - Girl #1
Dominque Domingo
Asiel Hardison
Hollywood Party Dancer - Agent #1
Corey Anderson
Hollywood Party Dancer - Agent #2
Nick Baga
Hollywood Party Dancer - Agent #3
Scott Hislop
Hollywood Party Dancer - Creepy Guy
Leah Adler
Hollywood Party Dancer
Noel Bajandas
Hollywood Party Dancer
Khasan Brailsford
Hollywood Party Dancer
Denzel Chisolm
Hollywood Party Dancer
Montana Efaw
Hollywood Party Dancer
Krystal Ellsworth
Hollywood Party Dancer
Natalie Gilmore
Hollywood Party Dancer
Shannon Holtzapffel
Hollywood Party Dancer
Galen Hooks
Hollywood Party Dancer
Jeremy Hudson
Hollywood Party Dancer
Morgan Larson
Hollywood Party Dancer
George Lawrence Jr.
Hollywood Party Dancer
Sarah Mitchell
Hollywood Party Dancer
Kc Monnie
Hollywood Party Dancer
Scott Myrick
Hollywood Party Dancer
Cassidy Noblett
Hollywood Party Dancer
Brittany Parks
Hollywood Party Dancer
Victor Rojas
Hollywood Party Dancer
Anthony Bellissimo
Ryan Ramirez
Echo Dancer
Catalina Rendic
Echo Dancer
Bryan Tanaka
Echo Dancer
Ava Bernstine
Restaurant Dancer
Mario Diaz
Restaurant Dancer
Quinn Lipton
Restaurant Dancer
Gakenia Muigai
Restaurant Dancer
Michael Stein
Restaurant Dancer
Becca Sweitzer
Restaurant Dancer
Samantha Abrantes
Epilogue Dancer
Monie Adamson
Epilogue Dancer
Matthew Aylward
Epilogue Dancer
McKenzie Anderson
Epilogue Dancer
Sybil Azur
Epilogue Dancer
Demian Boergadine
Epilogue Dancer
Pamela Chu
Epilogue Dancer
Lexie Contursi
Epilogue Dancer
Mallauri Esquibel
Epilogue Dancer
Michael Higgins
Epilogue Dancer
Tara Nicole Hughes
Epilogue Dancer
Chris Jarosz
Epilogue Dancer
Kayla Kalbfleisch
Epilogue Dancer
Matthew Kazmierczak
Epilogue Dancer
Paul Kirkland
Epilogue Dancer
Megan Lawson
Epilogue Dancer
Anthony Marciona
Epilogue Dancer
Michael Munday
Epilogue Dancer
Martha Nichols
Epilogue Dancer
Ryan Novak
Epilogue Dancer
Brandon O'Neal
Epilogue Dancer
Bill Prudich
Epilogue Dancer
Eartha Robinson
Epilogue Dancer
Robert Roldan
Epilogue Dancer
Julie Schmid
Epilogue Dancer
Chelsea Thedinga
Epilogue Dancer
Danny Valle
Epilogue Dancer
Gustavo Vargas
Epilogue Dancer
Emily Williams
Epilogue Dancer
Christopher Aber
Melvin LaThomas Brimm
Cameron Brinkman
Jazz Club Patron
Ashley Caple
Morgan Cohen
Kissing Couple
Tommy Cooley
Kissing Couple
Jenna Curtis
Vince Donvito
Coffee Guy
Steffen Dziczek
Kristin Elliott
Audition Actress #3
Amanda Fields
Red Head Actress
Jordan Ray Fox
Susie Ganiere
Jazz Club Patron
Ana Flavia Gavlak
Young Actress
Milica Govich
Coffee Shop Customer #2
Destinee Handly
Darrell Keith Harris
Swing Dancer
Courtney Hart
Hollywood Starlet
Holly Houk
Kissing Couple
Jesse Houk
Kissing Couple
Noah James
Young Man
Frederick Keeve
Restaurant Patron
Kelly Kennedy
Bubblegum Girl
Trent Kerpsack
David Kieran
Theater Owner
Andrea Lareo
Casting Assistant
Shannon Leann
Hollywood Starlet
Jacques Lesure
Club Jazz Guitarist
Anna Lunberry
Hemky Madera
April Martucci
Lynn Moore
Jazz Club Patron
Kaye L. Morris
Producer's Girlfriend
Margaret Newborn
Jazz Club Goer
Crystal Nichol
Audition actress
James O'Connor
Jazz Club Patron
Tommy Otis
Extra - Robert Evans
Andres Perez-Molina
Coffee Shop Customer
Clarence Robinson
Lighthouse Bass Player
Sandra Rosko
Dream Audience
Kristin Slaysman
Coffee Shop Customer
Caroline Jaden Stussi
Ottavio Taddei
Swing Dancer
Jeremy Nathan Tisser
Freeway Truck Musician
Patty Tobin
Casting Director
Dapo Torimiro
Jazz Club Guitar Player
Nadia Tumanova
Club Patron
Heather Turman
Young Man's Date
Phillip E. Walker
Jazz Club Patron
Nilla Elizabeth Watkins
Coffee Shop Customer
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Year: 2017
 128 minutes (2 hrs 08 mins)
UK release date UK release: 12th January 2017
 BBFC Age Rating:  12A age rating
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Top Grossing Movie Chart Position
UK total gross
La La Land

US total gross
La La Land

Global total gross
La La Land
UK Age Rating
UK BBFC Certificate: 12A
UK Box Office Release Breakdown
UK release date:

Highest chart position: 1

Weeks on box office: 8

UK Box Office Chart History
La La Land
Box Office Gross Flow

13th Jan

20th Jan

27th Jan

3rd Feb

10th Feb

17th Feb

24th Feb

3rd Mar

News from around the web

The Mighty Kong conquers all at the top of the US box office this weekend as Kong Skull Island takes over at number one from Logan.

Starring a host of big Hollywood names including Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson the film opens in the US to a great $61 million.

Considered a re-boot the last time Kong appeared on screen was the Peter Jackson directed film from 2005 which was not received well.

Falling to number 2 this week after a week at the top is Logan, a $37 million second weekend brings the films total gross to $152.6 million.

Hidden Figures is yet again the highest total grossing movie on the US box office while La La Land is the longest running movie with 14 weeks on the chart.

This week making its debut at the top of the UK box office is the critically acclaimed Wolverine movie Logan starring Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart.

The solo Wolverine movies have not had the best of times at either the box office or with critics, but Logan bucks that trend and gets the 78 highest debut weekend in the UK with £9.44 million.

Compared to both X-Men Origins: Wolverine and The Wolverine this is far higher with those films taking £6 million and £4 million respectively, it will do better than both those films.

The Lego Batman Movie falls to number 2 after 3 weeks at the top with a £1.5 million weekend which brings the films total gross to £24.9 million and is currently the second highest grossing movie of 2017.

Also new this week are Viceroys House which is at 3 with £0.9 million and Fist Fight at 10 with £0.4 million.

La La Land is both the longest running film on the UK box office with 8 weeks so far and the highest grossing with £29.8 million, it is also the top grossing film of 2017 so far.

Historical charts

A year ago
London Has Fallen took over at the top of the UK box office on its debut while Deadpool fell to number 3 after 3 weeks at the top.

Five years ago
Staying at the top was The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel for a second weekend while the top new film was This Means War at number 3.

Ten years ago
Three weeks at the top for Hot Fuzz meant the top new film was at number 2 in the form of Ghost Rider.

Fifteen years ago
Vanilla Sky held its own at the top, just about, with the top new film making its debut at number 3, Shallow Hal.

Twenty years ago
Mars Attacks made its debut at the top of the UK box office while Ransom fell to number 2 after 3 weeks on top.

Twenty five years ago
Bruce Willis took over at the top of the box office with The Last Boy Scout on its debut while The Prince of Tides fell to number 2 after a week on top.

This third and reported last of the Wolverine stand alone movies makes its US box office debut at the top this weekend with a fantastic $85 million.

The Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart starring film has got excellent reviews across the board for its daring move away from the traditional super hero movie and has benefited in the process.

For an R rated movie it is the fourth highest opening in the US ever and most likely will go on to be the highest grossing stand alone Wolverine movie.

Falling down to 2 this week, but still holing its own is last week top film Get Out which takes $26.1 on its second weekend of release.

The little known horror film has now taken $76 million after 10 days of release in the US.

Also new this week is The Shack which is at 3 with $16 million and Before I Fall which is at 5 with $5 million.

Longest running film on the US box office is La La Land which has now been around for 13 weeks and the highest total grossing is Hidden Figures with $158 million.

Mention must go to Moonlight which after the Oscar fiasco with La La Land this week goes national and increases its gross by 260%, this week it is at 12 with $2.5 million.

Films often get a delayed release in China and this week Resident Evil: The Final Chapter takes the top spot at the global box office weeks after its US and European release.

The last of the Resident Evil films grosses just over $93 million on its debut in China, and with its gross in the other 50 countries it take $97 million for the week.

This brings the film world gross to $238.5 million, a figure that brings it in line with the best of the series.

Highest new film this week across the globe is American number one hit Get Out which has takes $30.5 million on its debut, in America only, it sits at number 3.

Oscar film like La La Land and Moonlight are set to do well next week on the global box office but this week only La La Land has a place, at number 8.

Highest total grossing movie on the chart this week is Sing which is at number 10 and has a total global gross of $550.4 million.

Dethroning the The Lego Batman Movie this week is horror film Get Out which makes its debut with a very good $30.5 million weekend.

The film is a debut for writer/director Jordan Peele and makes its debut over the Oscar weekend where Moonlight and La La Land made all the headlines.

Batman in his Lego took a small tumble down to number 2 this weekend with a good $20 million gross, this brings the films total US gross to $133 million.

Very little else happened on the US box office this weekend with a couple of Oscar hopefuls still hanging on waiting to see if the award boost will give them a little more life.

Longest running film this week is La La Land with 12 weeks to date and the highest total grossing film is Hidden Figures which is now on $152.8 million after 10 weeks.