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Reds Suitable for those aged 14 and older

No cover art for Reds

Directed by

Warren Beatty


Warren Beatty
Edward Herrmann
Jerzy Kosinski
Paul Sorvino
Maureen Stapleton
Nicolas Coster
M. Emmet Walsh
Ian Wolfe
Bessie Love
MacIntyre Dixon
Pat Starr
Eleanor D. Wilson
Max Wright
George Plimpton
Harry Ditson
Leigh Curran
Kathryn Grody
Brenda Currin
Nancy Duiguid
Norman Chancer
Dolph Sweet
Ramon Bieri
Jack OLeary
Gerald Hiken
William Daniels
Dave King
Joseph Buloff
Stefan Gryff
Denis Pekarev
Roger Sloman
Stuart Richman
Oleg Kerensky
Nikko Seppala
John J. Hooker
Shane Rimmer
Jerry Hardin
Jack Kehoe
Christopher Malcolm
Tony Sibbald
R.G. Armstrong
Josef Sommer
Jan Triska
Ake Lindman
Pertti Weckstrom
Nina Macarova
Jose De Fillippo
Andreas La Casa
Roger Baldwin
Henry Miller
Adela Rogers St. Johns
Dora Russell
Scott Nearing
Tess Davis
Heaton Vorse
Hamilton Fish
Isaac Don Levine
Rebecca West
Will Durant
Will Weinstone
Emmanuel Herbert
Arne Swabeck
Adele Gutman Nathan
George Seldes
Kenneth Chamberlain
Blanche Hays Fagen
Galina von Meck
Art Shields
Andrew Dasburg
Hugo Gellert
Dorothy Frooks
George Jessel
Jacob Bailin
John Ballato
Lucita Williams
Bernadine Szold-Fritz
Jessica Smith
Harry Carlisle
Arthur Mayer
Victor Baring
Dwayne Brenna
Frank Cockrell
Harry Fielder
Anthony Forrest
Mario Gallo
Janet Henfrey
Marjatta Hjorth
Barrie Holland
Simon Jones
Richard LeParmentier
Ralph Morse
Chris Parsons
John Ratzenberger
Peter Ross-Murray
John Herman Shaner
Guy Standeven
Burnell Tucker
Irja Utriainen
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Year: 1981
UK release date BBFC Age Rating:  AA age rating

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UK Age Rating
UK BBFC Certificate: AA
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