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Jurassic World

Jurassic World

Directed by

Colin Trevorrow


Irrfan Khan
Vincent D'Onofrio
Ty Simpkins
Nick Robinson
Omar Sy
BD Wong
Dr. Henry Wu
Judy Greer
Lauren Lapkus
Brian Tee
Katie McGrath
Andy Buckley
Eric Edelstein
Paddock Supervisor
Courtney James Clark
Mosasaurus Announcer
Colby Boothman
Young Raptor Handler
Jimmy Fallon
Jimmy Fallon
James DuMont
Hal Osterly
Matt Burke
Jim Drucker
Anna Talakkottur
Erica Brand
Matty Cardarople
Gyrosphere Operator
Michael Papajohn
InGen Contractor
William Gary Smith
Park Ranger
Kelly Washington
Zach's Girlfriend
Isaac Keys
Control Room Security Guard
Patrick Crowley
Flight Instructor
Chad Randall
InGen Soldier
Gary Weeks
Father of Three
Bill Ogilvie
Spanish Parkgoer
Allan Tam
Chinese Parkgoer
Yvonne Angulo
Italian Mother
Chloë Perrin
Italian Girl
Timothy Eulich
ACU Trooper
Kevin Foster
ACU Gunner
Bonnie Wild
Park Announcer
Brad Bird
Monorail Announcer
Colin Trevorrow
Rachel Acuna
Park Visitor
Samuel Ali
Park Guide
Jerome Andries
InGen Military
Chris Angerdina
Michael D. Anglin
Upscale Park Visitor
Renne Araujo
John L. Armijo
InGen Soldier
Park Visitor / Injured Park Employee
Fileena Bahris
Nazeema Bartek
Monorail Tourist / Park Visitor
John R. Bennett II
Security Officer
Lukas Bennett
Park Visitor
Hayley Blackall
Park Visitor
Peter Bogatsky
Park Visitor
Chase McCleery Bouchie
Upscale Park Visitor
Chelle Brooks
Hotel Guest
Meredith Brumwell
Disaster Relief Worker
Jimmy Buffett
Running Park Visitor with Margarita Drinks
Tom Bui
Brady Calhoun
Park Goer
Svitlana Campbell
Arriving Upscale Guest / Fleeing Hotel Visitor / Park Guest waiting to board / Trapped Hotel Guest
Helene Cardona
Innovation Center French Announcer
Ross Carter
Wedding Guest
Ron Centanni
Airport Traveler
Arinitra Chandler
Park Visitor
Heather Ashley Chase
Emily - Petting Zoo Staff
Rebecca Chulew
Park Staff
John C. Coffman
Upscale Park Visitor
Nelson Colburn
Park Security Guard
Alysson Da Silva
Park Staff
Judyth Daley
Running Girl
Cody Daniel
Park Visitor
Natalie Daniels
Wealthy Park Goer
Paul Darnell
ACU Trooper
Nick De Semlyen
Christopher De Stefano
Park Visitor
Emmanuel Dejesus
Park Goer
Edward J. Delmore III
Scott's Attorney
Michelle DeVito
Upscale Visitor
Jessica Nicole Dickerson
Teenage Girl
M. Elizabeth Dickerson
Monorail Passenger
Steven I. Dillard
Park Goer / Wounded Hotel Guest
Sanethia Dresch
Park Guide (T-Rex Exhibit)
Divine Prince Ty Emmecca
Park Visitor African Dignitary
Erika Erica
Park Visitor
Adrienne Esteen
Park Visitor
Justin Evangelista
Park Visitor
Hailey Farah
Hotel Guest
Anthony Feliciano
Park Visitor / Staff Worker
Eddie J. Fernandez
Paddock Worker
Osvaldo Fernandez
Ingen Military
Joseph Fischer
Park Staff
Tait Fletcher
InGen Soldier
Tiffany Forest
Park Visitor
Rebecca Forth
Park Visitor
Jaden Francis
Lab visitor
Rob Fuller
Ingen Military
Doug Gagnon
Upscale Park Visitor / Monorail Rider
Kyle Gahagan
Park Security
John Garcia
Park Visitor
Robb Gardner
Tourist at Visitor Center
Tahseen Ghauri
Monorail Tourist / Airport Traveler
Jacobi Glaude
Park Security
Geraldine Glenn
Park Visitor
Lymari Graciano
Construction Worker (Background)
Channing Guidry
Park visitor
Donna Guidry
Park Visitor
Josh Gunderson
Ride Operator
Beverly Hanley
Park Visitor / Evacuee
Leighton Hara
Upscale Tourist
Scott Harbison
Park Guest
Jimi Harper
Park Visitor
William E. Harris
Genetic Scientist
Elton Hartzler
Kiosk Operator
Brooke Hartzog
Park Vistor / Evacuee
Shannon Hemmings
Park Visitor
Christopher Heskey
Ingen Military
Brandon Marc Higa
Petting Zoo Staff
Jamon Holmes
Relief Worker
Tom Holowach
Park Visitor
Julia Holt
Park Visitor
Abraham Hsu
Control Room Worker
Lizeth Hutchings
Upscale Park Visitor
David Matthew Jenkins
Upscale Park Visitor
Bret Dallas Johnson
InGen Scientist
Ryan Matthew Johnson
Tamika Shanell Johnson
Wealthy Traveler
Wendy Clarice Jordan
Theme Park Visitor
Brent Kappel
Dr. Ryan Crest
Joseph Kingsley
Security Guard
Floyd Knight
Upscale Park Visitor
Ken Knight
Park Visitor / Relief Worker
Inder Kumar
Park Visitor
Christian LaBella
Justin Lacalamita
Douglas Lacey
Upscale Visitor
Rhonda Laizer
Upscale Park Guest
Ranier Langley
Upscale Park Visitor
Cynthia LeBlanc
Park Vistor and Park Evacuee
Elton LeBlanc
Park Security and Park Evacuee
Paul S.W. Lee
Background Park Visitor
Robbie General Lee
Nicholas Leiting
Park Security
Michael A. Lilly
Hotel Guest / Park Goer
Rena Loveman
Park Visitor
Jesse Lunsford
Airport Traveler
Emily Lyman
Park Guide
Justin Mane
John R Mangus
Jurassic World Ranger
Tracy B. Mann
Starla Marie
InGen Security Guard
Hayes Markham
Adam Arness Mason
Upscale Park Visitor
Susan Mathewson
Theme Park Visitor
Ryan McCraw
Park Visitor
Mike McCutchen
Airport Traveler
LJ McDonald
Raptor Dancer
Chris McFarland
Park Visitor
Claire McReynolds
Blonde Girl in Airport
Silvia Moore
Park Announcer
Mike R. Moreau
Park Visitor
Thomas Blane Morgan
Park Visitor
Duane Moseley
Park Visitor
Moses Munoz
Steven M. Murdzia
Ferry Passenger
Serenity Neil
Park Vistor
Arlene Newman-Van Asperen
Mom with Baby
Keith Nussbaum
Park Visitor
Shaun Oliquiano
Park Visitor
Jay Oliver
Park Visitor
Johnny Otto
Jerald M.S. Pang
Upscale Hotel Guest (Injured) / Park Goer
Darla Pelton-Perez
Park Visitor & Park Evacuee
Austin Ray Perry
Park Visitor
Craig Prengler
Innovation Center Visitor
Tami Prengler
Innovation Center Visitor
Zach Prengler
Innovation Center Samsung Employee
Joshua Probus
Park Kid
Madison Probus
Park Visitor
Zachary Probus
Teen Park Visitor
Alan D. Purwin
Helicopter Pilot
Philippe Radelet
Park Goer
Neal Radia
Anthony Ramsey
InGen Soldier
Dmitri Raskes
Upscale Park Visitor / Evacuee
Megan Rebelo
Jacob Revere
Park Participant
Emilio Reynoso
Doctor Sanchez
Brandon Richardson
Neil Riddaway
Park Visitor
Michael Ridley
Park Visitor
Sandy Ritz
Disaster Relief Worker
Jake Uriah Rupp
Monorail Tourist
Dalton Russell
Injured Park Visitor
LaQuita S-Kay
Upscale Park Visitor / Evacuee
Anthony J Sacco
Park Goer
Plynlymmon Sanguis
Upscale Park Visitor
William Schaff
Park Visitor
Christopher Scott
Pteranodon Runner
Diane Selken
Park Visitor
Andrea Elizabeth Sikkink
Park Visitor
David James Sikkink
Upscale Park Vistor / Evacuee
Kerry Sims
Ingen Soldier
Mona Sishodia
Innovation Center Announcer
Billy Smith
Security Guard
Bomber Hurley Smith
James Michael Smith
InGen Contractor
Lisa Ann Smith
Upscale Park Visitor
Michael Bennett Smith
Park Visitor
Michael John Smith
InGen Soldier
Scot Smith
Airport Traveler
Thomas Ryan Smith
Star Bucks Employee
Chris Sprister
Ingrid Steed
Scientist / Upscale Park Visitor
David Stickler
Seannon Stracener
Theme Park Tenant
Park Visitor
Joshua Nylan Tanner
Control Room Programmer
Erik Thirsk
Ferry Boat Staff
Nathan Tremaine
Park Ranger
Bob Walker
Park Guest
Jency Allison Weeks
Upscale Park Visitor
Mark White
Park Vistor
Douglas Wilcox II
Park Visitor
Boriana Williams
Park Visitor
Donnell Jewell Williams
Construction Worker
Sam Wirch
Tourist at Visitor Center
Stephen Wise
Park Visitor / Injured Park Employee
Jennifer Rikert Wolski
Upscale Park Visitor / Evacuee
Benjamin Wood
Park Ranger
Nico Woulard
Cooper - ACU Trooper
Brady Yarborough
Park Visitor
Jesse Yarborough
Park Visitor
Marn Zeeb
Base Commander
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 124 minutes (2 hrs 04 mins)
UK release date Released: 11th June 2015
 BBFC Age Rating:  12 age rating
US release date Released: 12th June 2015
MPAA Age Rating: Jurassic World PG-13 age rating 
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UK total gross
Jurassic World

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Jurassic World

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Jurassic World
UK Age Rating
UK BBFC Certificate: 12
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UK Box Office Release Breakdown
UK release date:

Highest chart position: 1

Weeks on box office: 10

UK Box Office Chart History
Box Office Gross Flow

12th Jun

19th Jun

26th Jun

3rd Jul

10th Jul

17th Jul

24th Jul

31st Jul

7th Aug

14th Aug

With the US box office still suffering from closures from the stay-at-home orders in place across much of America Wonder Woman 1984 stays at the top again despite a big drop from the previous weekend.

There are no new releases on the chart as nearly everything at the moment is going to VOD and big new blockbusters have been push to at least the second quarter of the year although Jurassic World from 2015 makes a re-entry at 13.

In a rare movie, altohugh not surprising, the top 5 this weekend is in the exact same positions as last weekend.

US box office Quickview.

  • Number 1 - Wonder Woman 1984 (3rd Weekend)
  • Highest debut - Jurassic World (re-entry at 13)
  • Longest run - The War With Grandpa (14 weeks)*
  • Highest total gross - The War With Grandpa ($19,056,873)*
  • *Not including rereleases

Here is a breakdown of the top 5 movies in the US 8th - 10th January 2021.

Wonder Woman 1984

The DC Universe sequel movie spends another weekend at the top of the US chart with a gross of $3 Million which is 45% down from the previous weekend.

The movie now has a total gross of $32.6 Million after 3 weeks of release, it is the top grossing movie so far in 2021 and the third highest grossing movie since the pandemic started.

The Croods: A New Age

The Croods: A New Age

The animated sequel spends another weekend at number 2 on the box office with a weekend gross of $1.8 Million, 17% down week on week.

The movie has taken $36.8 Million after 7 weeks of release is the second top movie of 2021 and the second highest grossing movie since the pandemic closed many cinemas.

News Of The World

Staying again at number 3 is the Tom Hanks Oscar worthy movie which takes $1.2 Million over the weekend a 27% drop, giving the movie a 3 week total of $7.09 Million.

Monster Hunter~2020

Remaining at 4 is the Paul W.S. Anderson directed movie which takes $1.1 Million over the weekend, 12% down from last weekend, giving the movie a $7.8 Million 4 week gross.


Finishing of the top 5 is the Deon Taylor directed drama which take $656,606, only a 6% drop from last weekend, the movie has now taken $3.9 Million over 4 weeks.

A new poster has been released for upcoming movie Jurassic World: Dominion which can be seen below.

<span class='red'><u><i><b>Jurassic World</b></i></u></span>: Dominion

Starring among others Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt the movie is directed by Colin Trevorrow and its release date has just been put back by Universal to 10th June 2022.

Nothing is known about the films story yet although original stars Sam Neill, Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblum are returning to the franchise, so at a guess there could be a strong connection to the original 1993 Steven Spielberg movie Jurassic Park.

Production on the movie has recently wrapped and with well over a year to wait until its released that gives the special effects team plenty of time to get the dinosaurs looking at real as possible.

Check out the movie page for more information on this film.

As a whole host of movies from 2020 move into 2021, the movies scheduled for 2021 start moving into 2022 with Jurassic World: Dominion being moved by a year to June 10th 2022.

The latest in the long running Dinosaur movie series was the first big production to restart in the COVID-19 pandemic and set a standard for what can me done safely.

<span class='red'><u><i><b>Jurassic World</b></i></u></span>: Dominion rescheduled

The movie stars Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt along with the original stars from 1993s Jurassic Park Sam Neill, Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblum.

With production nearly finished there will be a large post production to all all the special effects then the movie will sit there waiting to be released!

2022 seems a long way off but with no vaccine in sight we could only just be in the safe zone by then.

Each week we present a rundown of the UK box office chart headlines on this same week from last year to 1990.

A year ago (2019)

Making its debut at the top was Once Upon A Time ... In Hollywood starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt and directed by Quentin Tarantino

The film with the longest run was Casino Royale which had been on the box office for 24 weeks.

The top total grossing film of the week was The Lion King which had taken £66 Million after 5 weeks of release.

Five years ago (2015)

Also making its debut at the top was Pixels starring Adam Sandler and Kevin James and directed by Chris Columbus

The film with the longest run was Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back which had been on the box office for 33 weeks.

The top total grossing film of the week was Jurassic World which had taken £63.7 Million after 10 weeks of release.

Ten years ago (2010)

The number one film was Toy Story 3 which had been at the top for 4 weeks and with a total gross of £58.9 Million it was also the top total grossing film.

The top new film of the week was The Last Airbender directed by M. Night Shyamalan and starring Jackson Rathbone and Dev Patel which entered the box office at number 3.

The film with the longest run was Shrek Forever After which had been on the box office for 7 weeks.

Fifteen years ago (2005)

The number one film was Charlie And The Chocolate Factory which had been at the top for 3 weeks.

The top new film of the week was The Island directed by Michael Bay and starring Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson which entered the box office at number 2.

The film with the longest run was Batman Begins which had been on the box office for 9 weeks.

The top total grossing film of the week was War Of The Worlds which had taken £29.7 Million after 7 weeks of release.

Twenty years ago (2000)

The number one film was Gone In 60 Seconds which had been at the top for 2 weeks.

The top new film of the week was Rules Of Engagement directed by William Friedkin and starring Tommy Lee Jones and Samuel L. Jackson which entered the box office at number 6.

The longerst run on the box office and the top total grossing film was Gladiator which had taken £29.7 Million over 14 weeks of release.

Twenty five years ago (1995)

Making its debut at the top was Waterworld starring Kevin Costner and Chaim Jeraffi and directed by Kevin Reynolds

The film with the longest run was Man Of The House which had been on the box office for 10 weeks.

The top total grossing film of the week was Batman Forever which had taken £15.6 Million after 5 weeks of release.

Thirty years ago (1990)

Making its debut at the top was Die Hard 2: Die Harder starring Bruce Willis and Bonnie Bedelia and directed by Renny Harlin

The longerst run on the box office and the top total grossing film was Pretty Woman which had taken £12.1 Million over 12 weeks of release.

As the world still struggles to survive as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread movie production is starting up again and the production of Jurassic World: Dominion seems to be setting the safety standard.

The New York Times has a fascinating article going into depth about what precautions and safety measures are in place to make sure that all cast and crew remain healthy and safe.

The film is being made in England who are much further ahead in controlling the virus.

Only those that are need during filming are allowed on set and all cast and crew are tested 3 times a week.

In case there is any doubt there is apparently a 107 page safety manual that each member of the production crew must abide by.

America is still struggling to keep the virus under control and the film could not be made on a sound stage in Hollywood as California is one of the states with the highest cases.

In the words of star Bryce Dallas Howard "We are the guinea pigs who are going to take the leap."