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 120 minutes (2 hrs 00 mins)
UK release date Released: 17th November 2017
 BBFC Age Rating:  12A age rating
US release date Released: 17th November 2017
MPAA Age Rating: Justice League PG-13 age rating 
Justice League

Directed by


Batman / Bruce Wayne
Superman / Clark Kent
Lois Lane
Wonder Woman / Diana Prince
Ezra Miller
The Flash / Barry Allen
Aquaman / Arthur Curry
Ray Fisher
Cyborg / Victor Stone
Jeremy Irons
Martha Kent
Queen Hippolyta
J.K. Simmons
Commissioner Gordon
Amber Heard
Joe Morton
Silas Stone
Lisa Loven Kongsli
Ingvar Sigurdsson
Sergi Constance
Julian Lewis Jones
Ancient Atlantean King
Salome Gunnarsdottir
Singing Icelandic Woman
Agusta Eva Erlendsdottir
Young Icelandic Woman
Bjort Sigfinnsdottir
Young Icelandic Woman
Michael McElhatton
Black Clad Alpha
John Dagleish
Black Clad Beta
Chris Courtenay
Old Bailey Judge
Heather Imbeah
Old Bailey Clerk
Carla Turner
School Teacher
Lara Decaro
School Girl
Serene Angus
School Girl's Friend
Anna Burgess
School Girl's Friend
Mia Burgess
School Girl's Friend
Alison Chang
School Girl's Friend
Constance Bole
School Girl's Friend
Shahla Ayamah
School Girl's Friend
Richard Clifford
German Archaeologist
Will Austin
MP Guard
Kobna Holdbrook-Smith
Detective Crispus Allen
Rebecca Perfect
News Reporter at Isle of Crete
Francis Magee
Ancient King of Men
Vedis Vifilsdottir
Icelandic Child (Girl)
Snæfriour Ran Aoalsteins
Icelandic Child (Girl)
Grace Cookey-Gam
Old Bailey Lawyer
Matthew Bates
Old Bailey Hostage
Charlotte Comer
School Chaperone
Doutzen Kroes
Brooke Ence
Hari James
Ann Ogbomo
Samantha Win
Marc McClure
Officer Ben Sadowsky
Paul Foulds
Homeless Man
Anthony Wise
Howard the Janitor
Martin Troakes
Welsh Tavern Barkeep
Gianpiero Cognoli
Central City Prison Guard
Jerome Pradon
Louvre Conservationist
Orion Lee
Star Labs Scientist
Oliver Gatz
Star Labs Scientist
Rachel Blenkiron
Star Labs Scientist
Lynne Anne Rodgers
Star Labs Cleaning Staff
Oliver Powell
Star Labs Cleaning Staff
Aurore Lauzeral
Frazer Hammill
Furious Young Man
J.K. Glynn
Furious Young Man
Patrick Connolly
Veteran Cop
Ninaz Khodaiji
Rosa Escoda
Female Cop
Joe Reisig
Vaughn Johseph
Local Anchor
Tara Ward
Janitor's Wife
Jack Yang
Garrett Bowman
Bruce Lester-Johnson
Prison Guard
Peter Henderson
Bald Inmate
Yoni Roodner
Russian Son
Molly Shenker
Russian Daughter
Tomi May
Russian Father
Kasha Bajor
Russian Mother
Dan Mersh
Art Thief
Nathan Wiley
Art Thief
Caitlin Burles
Art Thief
Melanie Gray
Katia Elizarova
Gem Refoufi
Leila Reid
Suan-Li Ong
Tina Balthazar
Penny Lane
Stephanie Haymes-Roven
Amazon Cavalry General
Kelly Burke
Air Force Security
Keith Simpson
Air Force Security
Gary A. Hecker
Creature Vocals
Stewart Alexander
College Dean
Claire Ashton
Geoff Banks
Kimberly Barrios
Office Assistant
Joanne Batten
Amazonian Warrior
Toni Beard
Gotham tourist
Marc Benanti
Cop Behind Desk
Sam Benjamin
Military Policeman 2
Jamie Biddulph
Army of Men
Erin Eliza Blevins
Amazonian Warrior
Paulina Boneva
Paramedic Gotham City Hospital
Peter Brooke
Defence Department Official
Karen Bryson
Elinore Stone
Ross Carter
Metropolis Pedestrian
Renee Castle
News Reporter
Al Clark
Smart Passeby
Wil Coban
Tortured Atlantean
Bern Collaco
Daily Planet Reporter
Chloë Collingwood
University Student
Adam Collins
SO19 Armed Police
Billy Crudup
Henry Allen
Tom Dab
Greg Draven
Daniel Eghan
Lex Luthor
Karl Farrer
Errol Francis
Football Spectator
Martavious Gayles
Cop in Gotham
Lati Gbaja
Gotham City Football Fan
Dave Goshorn
School Faculty
Adrian Grant
Museum visitor
Roman Green
Junkie in Gotham Police HQ
Philip Harvey
Arkham Guard 3
James Heron
Pete Buzzsaw Holland
Gotham Wild Cat Supporter
Zak Holland
Metropolis Citizen
Ruth Horrocks
Gotham City Football Fan
Danny Jackson
Witness 1
Dolly Jagdeo
Pedestrian in Park
Taylor James
Atlantean Military Messenger
Tessa Bonham Jones
Young Girl
Jackson Kai
Lampros Kalfuntzos
Theresa Lamb
Craig Thomas Lambert
Special Forces
Xenia Leblanc
News Reporter
Jolie Lennon
Amazonian Warrior
Joe Manganiello
Mr. Wilson
Kevin Mathurin
Sketch Witness
Eleanor Matsuura
Kenny-Lee Mbanefo
Kent Farm Contractor
Holt McCallany
Anthony Milton
Armed Police
Edward Mitchell
American Intelligence Officer
Sandeep Mohan
Government Official
Feizal Mowlabocus
Assistant Coach
Paul A Munday
Navy Guard
Celina Nessa
Karl Ng
Andrew G. Ogleby
Sideline Cameraman
Nick Owenford
TV Reporter
Christopher Painter
GCU Supporter
Shalini Peiris
Bio Hazard Suit Soldier
Jazz Peters
Amazon Warrior
Jacqueline Ramnarine
Reporter at the Daily Planet
Gary Reimer
SCO19 Sniper
Deborah Rock
Omri Rose
Sgt. Bennett
Shahaub Roudbari
News Reporter
Mark Ryder
Gotham Football Supporter
Maurice Sardison
Parent / Camera Man
Steve Saunders
Homeless Man
Samantha Schnitzler
Amazon Warrior
Tamara Sharpe
Paul Slim
Man in Waiting Room
Amanda Smith
Clem So
Armies Of Men Mongolian Warlord
Conny Stadler
Jimmy Star
News reporter
Daniel Stisen
Ancient Warrior
Jim Sturgeon
Task Force Deputy
Matt Symonds
Anton Thompson
Gotham Wild Cats Football Supporter
Pep Thompson
Army of Men
Roy Martin Thorn
Armed Police
Michael Thyx
Secret Service
Winson Ting
American-Football Stadium Fan
Joyce Veheary
Gotham Cop
Rob Vowles
Head of Security at the Old Bailey
Joe Warshaw
cop in Gotham HQ
Arthur Wilde
Landing Crew
Buppha Witt
Charlotte Worwood
GCU Supporter
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Justice League
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Warner Bros. have announced that the much anticipated Zack Snyder version of the DC universe Justice League will get a release on HBO Max in 2021.

Zack Snyder

It has become movie folk law that the version of Justice League that was released in 2017 was directed by Zack Snyder but due to personal reason he left the project before reshoots and editing and Joss Wehdon finished the movie.

When released the film was met with muted reviews, with some fans even hating the movie.

Since then there has been first rumours then evidence, then sort of confirmation that a version of the movie exists that was finished by Snyder himself.

A social media campaign has been going since to #releasethesnydercut appearing in the trending box on twitter on regular occations.

HBO Max is a new streaming service coming on May 27th, and here we are a week before the launch and Warner Bros. announces the almost legendary film will show on the service in 2021.

Zack Snyders <span class='red'><u><i><b>Justice League</b></i></u></span>

The news was given during an on-line participation by Snyder on Man Of Steel and it was received with massive appreciation from fans.

This is an interesting move and perhaps not a good one, with cinemas across the globe closed and wondering if they will ever recover this could have been a nice shot in the arm the industry may need.

Instead it will go to the platform which is in the short term going to damage the cinema industry, I hope we never get to a point when we don't have movie theatres to go to.

Warner Bros Press Release

Following the lacklustre performance of Justice League Warner Bros. are releasing Aquaman on 14th December to see if it can boost the DCEU similar to Wonder Woman in 2017.

12A certificate

The film has been given a 12A rating by the BBFC for its UK release for moderate violence, scenes of sustained threat and the film has a runtime of 143 minutes (2 hrs 13 minutes).

December 14th is nearly upon us and today we get the final trailer for the DC Universe Aquman.

A lot is riding on this film, in fact you could say the future of Warner Bros. DC comics adaptations, but lets not let that spoil this final trailer.

Weighing in at just over 2 minutes the trailer gives a few new hints at the story but we'll have to wait until the release to see if this is a Wonder Woman or a Justice League.

Check out the trailer below

Top films globally in 2017: Beauty and the Beast top the global box office in 2017

2017 at the global box office was a story of remakes, sequels and superheroes where a beauty and a beast in live action was the top film of the year while the 8th Furious film wasn't far behind.

Beauty and the Beast, the live action version, was the top at the global box office during 2017 helping Disney to be, by a long way, the biggest studio of 2017 with 6 of the top 10 films coming from the mouse house.

Universal also did well in the runner up spot with Fast and Furious 8 and Despicable Me 3 at 2 and 3 as the long established series bucked a trend of diminished returns for sequels throughout the year.

Warner did well with the DC cinematic universe and the horror hit IT filling in the lower end of the list although Justice League failed to make the top 10 (although it is still on general release at the end of 2017).

Here is the top 10 films of 2017 across the globe.

  1. Beauty and the Beast - $1.2 billion
  2. Fast and Furious 8 - $1.23 billion
  3. Despicable Me 3 - $1.03 billion
  4. Star Wars: The Last Jedi - $953.36 million
  5. Spider-Man Homecoming - $880.16 million
  6. Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 - $863.73 million
  7. Thor: Ragnorak - $847.32 million
  8. Wonder Woman - $821.84 million
  9. Pirates Of The Caribbean: Salazars Revenge - $794.86
  10. IT - $698.06

No Surprise on this weeks UK box office that Star Wars: The Last Jedi is the top film, its more of a case of what numbers did it manage.

With less anticipation it didn't do as well at Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but it did better than last years offshoot Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

A £28 million opening is the 3rd highest in the UK evert after the previous Star Wars and Spectre, time will tell what the final gross will be but with mixed reviews it will most likely be around the £90 million mark and be a top 5 top film in the UK.

Paddington 2 falls to number 2 while Daddys Home 2 is at number 3.

Wonder is still doing well at number 4 with Justice League falling to number 5 this week.

UK top 10 box office weekend 15th - 17th December 2017

1 Star Wars: The Last Jedi £28,010,841
2 Paddington 2 £1,357,273
3 Daddys Home 2 £1,032,977
4 Wonder £467,987
5 Justice League £222,698
6 Murder On The Orient Express £196,186
7 The Disaster Artist £118,044
8 A Bad Moms Christmas £97,840
9 The Star £93,775
10 Thor: Ragnarok £92,665