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Secret In Their Eyes

UK release date Released: 26th February 2016
Secret In Their Eyes

Directed by

Billy Ray


Dean Norris
Joe Cole
Zoe Graham
Patrick Davis
Eileen Fogarty
Lyndon Smith
Kim Yarbrough
Mark Famiglietti
Amir Malaklou
Niko Nicotera
David Israel
Dennis Keiffer
Don Harvey
Glenn Davis
Walter Tabayoyong
Michael Tennant
John Pirruccello
Noel Gugliemi
Ho-Sung Pak
Laurence Todd Rosenthal
Carrick OQuinn
C.C. Taylor
Ross Partridge
Carlos Zapata
Erik Solky
Vin Scully
Del Brown
Alessandro Cuomo
Saige Donaldson
Greg Duncan
Toni French
Susie Ganiere
Yarett Harper
Joe P. Harris
Ali Iovino
Jahmilla Jackson
Slim Khezri
Wendell Kinney
Jose Lizarde Jr.
Frank Lui Geo
Zach McCraith
Stephanie McIntyre
Teebone Mitchell
John Papsidera
David Pearl
Michael Anthony Perez
Brian Perras
Alessandro Pulisci
Lee Roth
Luis Salazar
Eric Shackelford
Isaiah Shinn
Adonis Simmons
Frankie Sims
Katherine Stephens-Miller
Gary Tiedemann
Anita Tucker
David Villada
Benjamin Waters
Bryan Williams
Issac Wolf
Adam Zalt
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UK total gross
Secret In Their Eyes

UK Box Office Release Breakdown
UK release date:

Highest chart position: 15

Weeks on box office: 1

UK Box Office Chart History
Box Office Gross Flow

26th Feb

This weekend the Sasha Baron Cohen movie Grimsby makes its home video debut a the top of the chart knocking off Deadpool after 2 weeks.

Grimsby was released at the UK box office on 26th February 2016 after a massive marketing campaign it made its debut at number 2.<> The film was not received that well with critics or the public alike and it only managed a 4 week run on the UK box office, but did manage another 8 weeks in cinemas before it ended its run.

Its UK box office gross was £5.2 million which isn't too bad and is fairly typical of a british box office comedy thats not a gigantic hit.

Falling to number 2 this week is the fan favourite Marvel superhero that Disney turned down Deadpool.

The film has had a great run at the top of the video chart and will most likely hang around for quite a while and get another boost when shops discount the film.

Also new this week is Zoolander No 2, the sequel everyone wanted, then no one wanted at number 5, direct to video Underworld Legend of The Jinn at 17 and Secret In Their Eyes at 18.

The last instalment in The Hunger Games series makes its debut at the top of the global box office thanks largely to big debuts from the UK and China.

A debut weekend of $247 million globally is on par with the rest of the series and the film should end the series on a strong note, despite lacklustre reviews.

Ending its run at the top after 4 weeks is Spectre which this week adds $80.3 million to its global gross.

A runaway hit for the Bond franchise Spectre has now taken $677.8 million globally, this is on par with Skyfall but that film had good legs unlike Spectre which seems to be tailoring off, $1 billion could be tough.

Spectre is also the highest grossing total gross on the chart this week.

The Night Before is also new on the global stage making its debut at number 6 with $10.1 million.

Here is the full global box office:

  1. Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 - $247,025,000
  2. Spectre - $80,300,000
  3. Snoopy and Charlie Brown The Peanuts Movie - $14,100,000
  4. Our Times - $12,000,000
  5. Inside Men - $10,200,000
  6. The Night Before - $10,100,000
  7. The Transporter Refueled - $9,800,000
  8. The Secret In Their Eyes - $8,133,000
  9. Spanish Affair 2 - $7,400,000 $7,400,000
  10. Hotel Transylvania 2 - $6,575,000

In North America this week the final instalment of the lucrative and successful The Hunger Games series finished with a number 1 debut for The Hinger Games Mockingly part 1.

With a $101 million debut it is the lowest debuting film of the series if only by a tiny amount, the poor reviews of the films haven't helped, this all means the film may have a short chart life.

Mockingjay ends the 2 week run at the top for Spectre which this week falls into the runner up spot with $14.6 million.

The total US gross for the latest Bond film now sits at $153.7 million, its a bit drop for the film in its third week which will make the film struggle to get past the US gross of Skyfall.

Other new films on the US box office this week are: Christmas film The Night Before at number 4 and The Secret in Their Eyes at number 5.