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American Assassin

Directed by

Michael Cuesta


Christopher Bomford
Chris Webster
Shahid Ahmed
Buster Reeves
Nick Cavaliere
Simon Connolly
Yousef Joe Sweid
Joost Janssen
Adam Collins
Trevor White
Sanaa Lathan
Jeff Davis
David Suchet
Michael Wildman
Scott Adkins
Joseph Long
Mohammad Bakri
Navid Negahban
Gjevat Kelmendi
Damian Dudkiewicz
Alexis Barron
Shiva Negar
Nej Adamson
Khalid Laith
Aso Sherabayani
Tolga Safer
Goksun cam
Jake Mann
Alaa Safi
Bruno Bilotta
Martina Brusco
Vladimir Friedman
Roberto Sgarbi
Sydney White
Sharif Dorani
Shani Erez
Bentley Kalu
Josh Danford
Ronan Summers
Andrew Pleavin
Stephen Shafer
Matt Rippy
Adam Robertson
Steve Aldis
Rodrig Andrisan
Roy Beck
Kiera Bell
Kola Bokinni
Dacio Caballero
Ross Carter
Morgan Chetcuti
David Cohen
Bern Collaco
Stacey Lynn Crowe
Gioacchino Jim Cuffaro
Graham Curry
Tom Dab
Christian Di Sciullo
Dino Fazzani
Fatah Ghedi
Rod Glenn
Tuncay Gunes
Erkan Halil
Pierre Hammar
Jason Hunjan
Roheel Hussain
Iurii Koriagin
Kamil Lemieszewski
Jorge Leon Martinez
Ramzi Marouani
Kenny-Lee Mbanefo
Zackary Momoh
Demelza O'Sullivan
Richard Price
Nig Richards
Samantha Russell
Nick Salsbury
Melissa Sirol
Lamin Tamba
Matt Townsend
Luke Tumber
Alexander Winters
Evie Wray
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Year: 2017
UK release date UK release: 15th September 2017
 BBFC Age Rating:  18 age rating

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Top Grossing Movie Chart Position
UK total gross
American Assassin

US total gross
American Assassin

UK Age Rating
UK BBFC Certificate: 18
UK Box Office Release Breakdown
UK release date:

Highest chart position: 4

Weeks on box office: 3

UK Box Office Chart History
American Assassin
Box Office Gross Flow

15th Sep

22nd Sep

29th Sep

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The power of IT at the UK box office was far to strong this week and with ease it remains at the top of the box office while Judy Dench stars in the highest new entry.

Warner Bros. continue to market the horror film IT to great effect as the film takes £6 million which is only a 40% drop from its debut.

This brings the films total gross to an excellent £21.1 million from 10 days of release which is putting the film on for easily a £35 million total take in the UK.

Highest new film of the week is Victoria and Abdul directed by Stephen Frears and starring Judi Dench.

The film takes £1.8 million for the weekend which places it at number 2 on this weeks chart.

Also new this week is Mother! which enters at number 3, and with rave reviews and much publicity takes a quite disappointing £0.8 million.

American Assassin is also new at 4 and The Jungle Bunch makes a new entry at number 6.

For the fifth straight week the longest running film is Despicable Me 3 now with 12 weeks while Dunkirk is the highest total grossing movie with £55 million.

Historical charts

A year ago
Bridget Joneses baby hit the top spot on its debut while Sausage Party fell from the top to number 4 with an all new top 3.

Five years ago
The Sweeney hit the top of the chart on its debut while Dredd fell to number 5, a heavy fall in its second weekend.

Ten years ago
Run Fatboy Run remained at the top for a second weekend while Superbad was the top new film at number 2.

Fifteen years ago
Signs hit the top on its debut while falling to number 2 after a week on top was The Bourne Identity.

Twenty years ago
Spending its third weekend at the top was The Full Monty while Air Force One was the top new film at number 2.

Twenty five years ago
Lethal Weapon 3 was the top film for a fifth weekend while the top new film Housesitter at number 2.

For the second week there was no stopping blockbuster IT as its makes a global gross of $120.3 million from 57 countries to remain on top.

The Stephen King adaptation from Warner Bros. is doing great business at the world box office and has now taken $371.3 million in total and should get to $500 million easily.

War For the Planet of The Apes opened in China this last week and did great business pushing the film back to number 2 with a weekly global gross of $63.2 million from 22 countries.

The film has been around a while now and is just shy of the half billion mark in global grosses with $433.7 million.

Highest new film of the week is American Assassin which makes its debut at number 3 this week with $21 million from 42 countries.

top total grossing movie on the top 10 this week is Spider-Man Homecoming which this week takes its total global gross to $861.2 million after a $16 million week from 44 countries.

For the second weekend IT reigned at the US box office, while the battle for highest new film went to American Assassin rather than Mother as some expected.

Grossing $60 million on its second weekend of release Warner Bros. have a true hit on their hands with IT, for a horror film, as it has been marketed, a 50% drop is fantastic.

This weekend gross takes the films total gross in the US to $218 million after 2 weekend of release, this should be enough to see the film go well over $300 million at the box office.

After much hype the Jennifer Lawrence starring Mother! could not beat American Assassin as the top new film, the former enters the chart at number 2 with $14.8 million.

Maybe this is a lesson for over hyped film as Assassin didn’t get nearly as much marketing dollars and yes outgrossed it 2 to 1 on their debuts.

Mother! did come in at number 3 with $7.5 million, although to put things into perspective IT at number 1 made more that the rest of the box office put together.

Once again Spider-Man Homecoming does the double whammy of longest running film with 11 weeks on the chart and highest total grossing movie with $330 million in US grosses to date.