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Bridget Jones's Baby No one younger than 15 may see a 15 film in a cinema.


Bridget Jones's Baby

Directed by


Gemma Jones
Sally Phillips
Julian Rhind-Tutt
Ben Willbond
Paul Bentall
Agni Scott
Katia Elizarova
Tom Rosenthal
Beattie Edmondson
Laura Checkley
Sarah Solemani
Joanna Scanlan
Neil Pearson
Erron Gordon
Laura Pearce
John Webb
Patrick Malahide
Kate OFlynn
James Callis
William Joseph Firth
Ed Sheeran
Rafferty Railton
Abigail Kimber
Amy Jayne
Adam Leese
Darren Boyd
Jessica Hynes
Dolly Wells
Alana Hood
George Barnden
Freddie Barnden
Cameron Lane
Joseph Harmon
Enzo Cilenti
Ben Ashenden
Kasia Koleczek
Aiste Gramantaite
Maria Alexe
Souad Faress
Nick Mohammed
David Forest
Maitland Chandler
Dominic Coleman
Celia Imrie
Debra Gillett
Chooye Bay
Bruce Wang
Cathy Murphy
Ashley McGuire
Janet Henfrey
Richard Rycroft
David Crow
Shirley Dixon
Donald Douglas
James Faulkner
Lee Adach
Gbola Adewunmi
Adele Armas
Mark Arnold
Lasco Atkins
Raj Awasti
Mark Baxter
Scherrikar Bell
Rosy Benjamin
Paul Blackwell
Annarie Boor
Mark Bowsher
Jill Buchanan
Chloë de Burgh
Perry Burke
Randeep Chana
Bern Collaco
Pamela Betsy Cooper
Dustin Demri-Burns
Laraine Dix
Vikki Edwards
David Fennessy
Corrina Graham-Hodson
Shonn Gregory
Tony Hamilton
Lee Nicholas Harris
Karl Fredrick Hiemeyer
Kornelia Horvath
Danny Jackson
Bron James
Marilyn May James
Emma Jason
Jackson Kai
Attila G. Kerekes
Joelle Koissi
Camila Koller
Rogers Leona
Rae Lim
Les Loveday
Darren Luckin
Christopher Marsh
Alan Mathis
Martyn Mayger
Stephen McDade
Pete Meads
Lora Moss
Ekran Mustafa
Shina Shihoko Nagai
Shaun Newnham
Lisa Opara
Jag Patel
David Pitt
Adam Prickett
Charlie Rawes
Matt Rentell
James Rumell
Steve Saunders
Linus Scheithauer
Clem So
Daran Somers
A.k. Steppa
Daniel Stisen
Charles Streeter
Roy Thorn
Billy Totham
Matt Townsend
James Tufnell
Cedric Tylleman
Elena Valdameri
George Wakely
Don Whistance
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UK release date Released: 16th September 2016
 BBFC Age Rating:  15 age rating
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Bridget Jones's Baby

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Bridget Jones's Baby
UK Age Rating
UK BBFC Certificate: 15
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UK release date:

Highest chart position: 1

Weeks on box office: 10

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This weekend, Friday 4th December 2020, there are 7 new films released in the UK and where available in cinemas looking to hit the box office, but can they challenge last weekends top movie, Home Alone, for the number 1 spot?


  • The movie is directed by Sharon Maguire
  • Sharon Maguire also directed Bridget Jones's Baby in 2016 which grossed £48.1 Million in the UK and grossed $212 Million globally.
  • It stars Isla Fisher who last starred in Greed (2020).
  • The film also stars Jillian Bell who last appeared in Bill & Ted Face The Music (2020).

Katherine Jenkins Christmas Spectacular

Katherine Jenkins Christmas Spectacular
  • This new release stars Katherine Jenkins who's last film was Dream Horse (2020)
  • It also stars Bill Nighy who appeared in Hope Gap (2020).
  • Katherine Jenkins and Bill Nighy appeared in Minamata (2020) together.
  • The film is brought to us by new director Lynne Page.


  • The movie is directed by Viggo Mortensen and is their directorial debut.
  • It stars Viggo Mortensen and Lance Henriksen.

Lost At Christmas

  • Also this week there is Lost At Christmas from director Ryan Hendrick marking a directorial debut.
  • The film features Natalie Clark and Kenny Boyle in starring roles.


  • The long list of new releases continues with Mank which is directed by David Fincher who directed The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo in 2011.
  • It stars Gary Oldman and Amanda Seyfried who were last seen together in A Place Among The Dead which grossed £0.

A Christmas Carol

County Lines

County Lines
  • This new release stars Harris Dickinson who's last film was Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil (2019)
  • It also stars Ashley Madekwe who appeared in Salome (2014).
  • The film is brought to us by new director Henry Blake.

Check back on Monday to see what new movies made it onto the Weekend Box Office Chart.

Next weeks there are 3 new movies

  • Superintelligence, Friday, 11th December
  • Dreamland, Friday, 11th December
  • The Prom, Friday, 11th December

At the UK box office this weekend, Friday, 4th October 2019, there are 2 new releases looking to take your attention at the local multiplex and knock Downton Abbey from the top of the UK box office chart next week.



First up at cinemas this week is Joker, a Crime directed by Todd Phillips who also directed Old School in 2003 which grossed £2.2 Million.

It stars Joaquin Phoenix who last starred in The Sisters Brothers (2019).

The film also stars Robert De Niro who last appeared in The Wizard Of Lies (2017).


Next on this weeks new release schedule is Judy.

This new Romance stars Renée Zellweger who's last film was Bridget Jones's Baby (2016)

It also stars Jessie Buckley who appeared in Wild Rose (2019).

The film is brought to us by 3 time director Rupert Goold.

Check back on Monday to see where these cinema releases end up on the Weekend Box Office Chart.

Come back next week when there are 3 new releases.

  • Gemini Man, Thursday, 10th October
  • The Day Shall Come, Friday, 11th October
  • Abominable, Friday, 11th October

On the UK box office this week Emily Blunt knocks off Renee Renée Zellweger as Bridget Jones is no match for The Girl on The Train.

Making its debut with just under £7 million The Girl on The Train is aiming for a similar target audience as Gone Girl which was released early October of 2014 and did very well.

This film which is also based on a bestselling novel has managed to come in £2 million higher despite reviews not being as favourable.

After 3 weeks at the top is it time for Bridget Jones's Baby to surrender the top spot and with a £2.9 million weekend falls to number 2.

The film cant be too sorry for itself as it has grossed £37.8 million so far and at the current pace will most likely become the most successful of the series.

Also new this week are War On Everyone at number 7 and Tristan und Isolde from the Metropolitan Opera which is new at 8.

Highest total grossing movie this week id Finding Dory with £41 million and longest run is The Secret Life of Pets which has now been around for 11 weeks.

Historical chart

A year ago
The Martian remained at the top for a second week while top new film Sicario entered at number 2.

Five years ago
Johnny English Reborn made its debut at the top of the box office with Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy falling to number 3.

Ten years ago
The Devil Wears Prada was the new film at the top while Click slipped down to number 3.

Fifteen years ago
Moulin Rouge made its way back to the top of the box office after Artificial Intelligence: AI spend 2 weeks there. Artificial Intelligence: AI fell to number 2.

Twenty years ago
The Nutty Professor was the top new film on the UK box office, it knocked off Last Man Standing.

Twenty five years ago
Out For Justice debuted at the top, knocking off Terminator 2: Judgement Day after 7 weeks at the top, it fell to number 3.

At the global box office this week Bridget Jones's Baby out grossed everything else in its path to become the top grossing global film of the week. Released in 40 countries the film easily tok over the top spot, although interestingly the leading country for grosses was the UK and not as is often the case America.

Falling from the top is Sully which enjoyed a healthy second week of release , still in 45 countries it took $29 million over the week and is not just below $100 million globally.

Worth of mention is The Age of Shadows which was the highest debuting film last week, still only out in South Korea and climbs to number 3 this week globally with $21.5 million.

Also doing well and at number 4 is A Chinese Odyssey Part Three: The End, released in 2 countries it is new at 4 with $17.3 million.

Top total grossing film on the global box office this week is once again The Secret Life of Pets, this week at number 8 with a global gross of $804 million.