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Coming 2 America

Coming 2 America

Directed by

Craig Brewer


Prince Akeem / Clarence / Saul / Randy Watson
Arsenio Hall
Semmi / Morris / Reverend Brown / Baba
Jermaine Fowler
Lavelle Junson
Leslie Jones
Mary Junson
Tracy Morgan
Uncle Reem
KiKi Layne
Shari Headley
General Izzi
James Earl Jones
King Jaffe Joffer
John Amos
Cleo McDowell
Teyana Taylor
Vanessa Bell Calloway
Imani Izzi
Paul Bates
Nomzamo Mbatha
Bella Murphy
Morgan Freeman
Akiley Love
Idi Izzi
Louie Anderson
Trevor Noah
Totatsi Bibinyana
Michael Blackson
Nexdorian Lieutenant
Clint Smith
Kevin T. DeWitt
Nice Man
Rodney Perry
Navv Greene
Brittney Ivory Culbreath
Bathing Girl
Alise Willis
Bathing Girl
Quanice Kirkland
Bathing Girl
Terry Ellis
En Vogue
Rhona Bennett
En Vogue
Cindy Herron
En Vogue
Cheryl Salt James
Gladys Knight
Gladys Knight
David Lengel
Ride Share Driver
Rick Ross
Nexdorian Commander
Perry Zulu Jr.
Garcelle Beauvais
Rose Bearer Priestess
Donny Savage
Vanessa Colon
Fresh Peaches
Janette Colon
Sugar Cube
Dikembe Mutombo
Dikembe Mutombo
Mr. Duke
Rob Smith
Ride Share Passenger
John Legend
John Legend
Princess Victoria Rouche
Choir Singer
LaKeta Booker
Choir Singer
Erica Dawson
Choir Singer
Sherie Murphy
Choir Singer
Sherita Murphy
Choir Singer
Amber Brianna Lawrence-Bullock
Choir Singer
Dionne Charisse Tyson
Choir Singer
YAnna Crawley
Choir Singer
Justin Chase
Izzi Soldier Dancer
Darren Wade
Izzi Soldier Dancer
LaMonte Ponder
Izzi Soldier Dancer
Zack Lee
Izzi Soldier Dancer
Elijah Oliver
Izzi Soldier Dancer
Xavier Durman
Izzi Soldier Dancer
Artrell Manning
Izzi Soldier Dancer
Quintrail Davis
Izzi Soldier Dancer
Xavier Joe Wilcher
Izzi Soldier Dancer
Gary Beauford
Izzi Soldier Dancer
Sayquon Keys
Izzi Soldier Dancer
Dontae Iverson
Izzi Soldier Dancer
Eddie Eskridge
Dancing Drummer
Christopher Z. Harris
Dancing Drummer
Bernard Bell
Dancing Drummer
Jihlanni Faust
Dancing Drummer
Antwon Keith Collier
Dancing Drummer
Walter Holloway III
Dancing Drummer
Peter Styles
Dancing Drummer
Ahsia Pettigrew
Get Off Dancer
Rachel Gladney
Get Off Dancer
DaNelle Garrett
Get Off Dancer
Timara Melchor
Get Off Dancer
Desi-Ray Morris
Get Off Dancer
Alannah Wilhite
Get Off Dancer
Marquita Washington
Get Off Dancer
Andranita Smith
Get Off Dancer
Jacoby Hutchins
Freestyle Dancer
Ayorinde Kemit
Freestyle Dancer
Rayana Richards
Freestyle Dancer
Akosua Akoto
Female African Dancer
Arata A. Maat
Female African Dancer
Cilva Timothy
Female African Dancer
Imania F. Detry
Female African Dancer
Kyaien OQuinn Conner
Female African Dancer
Lindsay Renea Benton
Female African Dancer
Malaiyka Reid
Female African Dancer
Naderah Munajj
Female African Dancer
Natali Miccichè
Female African Dancer
Christina Gerard-Sylla
Female African Dancer
Milynn Tomasini
Female African Dancer
Mekka Wilson
Female African Dancer
Asiel Hardison
Male African Dancer
Camaron Donnell Ballard
Male African Dancer
Reginald Johnson
Male African Dancer
Tourus Jerelds
Male African Dancer
DaeSun Cupid
Male African Dancer
Ibrahima Diouf
Male African Dancer
Bryce Farris
Male African Dancer
Simone Alston
Choir Dancer
Jonathan Bryant
Choir Dancer
Desiree Dixon
Choir Dancer
Jeremy Green
Choir Dancer
Ashanti Harris
Choir Dancer
Dacia James
Choir Dancer
Briahanna Kimbrough
Choir Dancer
Bryan Justin
Choir Dancer
Nefertiti Robinson
Choir Dancer
Skyler Semien
Choir Dancer
Kenneth Strong
Choir Dancer
Christian Taylor
Choir Dancer
Kara Jenelle
Choir Dancer
Averil Taylor
Magatte Saw
Zamundan Drummer
Nigel Zuniga
Zamundan Drummer
Munir Richard
Zamundan Drummer
Kodey Kitchens
Zamundan Drummer
J.J. Harris-Smith
Zamundan Drummer
Narayana J. Hall
Zamundan Drummer
Reginald Frazier
Zamundan Drummer
Edward Williams
Ronald Hampton
Willie Jackson
French Horn
Nathaniel Spencer
Christopher Belcher
Christopher Cook
Tricia Lakes
Lewis Eichelberger
Briana Robinson
Aaron Owens
Noah Johnson
Gary Clark
Dwayne Showtim3 Dyke Jr.
Club Patron
Lola Adamson
Zamundan Citizen
McDaniel Austin
Palace Staff
Tiffany Ayoung
Attorney of Estate for Prince Hakeem
Carl Windom Carlito
Aubri Ebony
Beautiful Party Girl
Tony Eno
Sports Fan
Ned Garnier
Concession Stand Worker
Brent Moorer Gaskins
Raphael Gunn
Donja Harper
Royal Wedding Guest
Chelsea Hayes
Gregory Hobson
Zamundan Citizen
Lyrika Holmes
Zamundan Harpist
Shiquita James
Artrece Johnson
Servant Girl 2
Clyde Risley Jones
Distressed Man
Alexia Medlock
Zamundan Palace Guest
Christina D. Miller
Zamunda Citizen
Aaron Quick Nelson
Officer James
Ernest Owens
Jamie Pendergrass
Royal Gardener
Diezel Ramos
Zumandan Citizen
Rahiem Riley
Zamundan Royal Citizen
Andrew Rossow
Michael Rubino
Cop 2
Fred Saunders
Oha's Mighty Men
Jennifer Sears
Baptism Woman
Rodrick Tann
Zamundan Palace Guest
Alzie Williams
1988 Club Patron
Audrey Williams
Wedding Attendee
Calvin Williams
Zamundan Citizen
Teish Williams
1980s Club Goer
Makesha Williamson
Zumandan Citizen
Olaolu Winfunke
Royal Manager
Year: 2021
 104 minutes (1 hrs 44 mins)
Argentina release date Argentina release: 5th March 2021
UK release date UK release: 5th March 2021
 BBFC Age Rating:  12 age rating
US release date US release: 5th March 2021
MPAA Age Rating: Coming 2 America PG-13 age rating 

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UK Age Rating
UK BBFC Certificate: 12
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With cinemas across the UK still closed due to the ongoing pandemic all new releases at the moment are getting released onto streaming, all this weeks film were once set for a cinema release but then got moved to online platforms.

Here are the highlights of this weeks movies to stream either on Disney+ or Amazon Prime Video.

Coming 2 America

  • The movie is directed by Craig Brewer
  • Craig Brewer also directed Black Snake Moan in 2007 which grossed £39.7 Thousand in the UK.
  • It stars Eddie Murphy who last starred in Dolemite Is My Name (2019).
  • The film also stars Arsenio Hall who last appeared in Mr. Soul (2018).
  • Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall appeared in Sammy Davis, Jr.: I've Gotta Be Me (2017) together.
  • Available exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

Raya and the Last Dragon

  • This new release stars Kelly Marie Tran who's last film was The Croods: A New Age (2020)
  • It also stars Awkwafina who appeared in The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge On the Run (2020).
  • The film is brought to us by directors Don Hall and Carlos Lopez Estrada.
  • Available exclusively on Disney+.

Next weeks there are 2 new movies

  • SAS: Red Notice, Friday, 12th March
  • Cherry, Friday, 12th March

Getting an Amazon Prime release sequel movie Coming 2 America is given a 12 rating in the UK by the BBFC.

The sequel to 1988's Coming To America was originally scheduled for a December 2020 release in theatres by Paramount but due to the global pandemic was delayed.

The movie was purchased by Amazon and is skipping the still closed cinemas all together and going direct to Amazon Prime streaming.

The movie stars Eddie Murphy and John Amos and follows the 2 back to America as they go in search of Prince Akeem's unknown son.

BBFC certificate breakdown.

  • Title: Coming 2 America
  • BBFC rating: 12 Certificate
  • Reason: moderate sex references, violence, drug misuse, language, discrimination.
  • Release date: March 5th 2021
  • Runtime: 110m (1 hour 50 minutes)
  • Director: Craig Brewer

After Amazon Prime released the first poster for the Eddie Murphy starring Coming 2 America yesterday, today they release the first trailer.

The trailer is almost exactly what you would expect from a sequel to 1988's Coming To America with a story that has Prince Akeem going back to America in search of his son which he did not know he had.

The movie got sold to Amazon Prime this year and will no longer get a theatrical release, instead being released on the streaming service on March 5th 2021.

When Universal delayed the release of the next Bond movie No Time To Die from November 2020 to April 2021 it seems it has had a devastating effect on cinema chains in the UK and US.

Today one of the worlds biggest cinema chains Cinema has announced they will close cinemas in the UK and US from Thursday 8th October until further notice and ODEON cinemas in the UK have announced they will only open at the weekend.

The root of this is the change in release date of No Time To Die which was to be the next blockbuster after the COVID-19 reopening to try and get people back into the habit of going to the movies.

Tenet which was released in late August has now been seen as a test bed for the publics tolerance for going back to cinemas, a public place where social distancing is a challenge, and with the figures coming off the movie it seems it failed the test, the movie has taken so far £25 million in the UK, $40 Million in the US and just over $300 Million globally.

If there is a positive side to this its that a number of smaller independent movies that would normally have been overshadowed by the big blockbusters are being given a chance to shine, and doing better than they would normally, After We Collided being a prime example.

The next 'big' movie to be released is Death On The Nile and Dune, both on December 18th 2020 (thats got to change), also due that day is Coming 2 America starring Eddie Murphy but with no poster, trailer or publicity thats not going to happen!

Then there is Wonder Woman 1984 coming out over Christmas which is massive, and unlike Tenet will do well in cinemas if its given the chance.