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Don't Look Up 2021


Directed by


Dr. Randall Mindy
Kate Dibiasky
President Orlean
Brie Evantee
Rob Morgan
Dr. Teddy Oglethorpe
Jason Orlean
Peter Isherwell
Jack Bremmer
Benedict Drask
Ariana Grande
Riley Bina
Kid Cudi
DJ Chello
Melanie Lynskey
June Mindy
Michael Chiklis
Dan Pawketty
Tomer Sisley
Adul Grelio
Paul Guilfoyle
General Themes
Robert Joy
Congressman Tenant
Jack Alberts
Ting Lik
Lance A. Williams
Shimali De Silva
Hettienne Park
Dr. Calder
Rafael Silva
Nasa Scientist
Lonnie Farmer
Old Aide #1
Homa Sarabi-Daunais
White House Office Worker
Barbara Douglass
Office Worker
Rena Maliszewski
Anchor Reporting on Conlon
Erik Parillo
Sheriff Conlon
Robert Radochia
Evan Mindy
Conor Sweeney
Marshall Mindy
Ross Partridge
Keith Ollens
Richard Donelly
Old Aide #2
Liev Schreiber
Bash Narrator
Samsara Leela Yett
Isherwell Child Aide
Meara Mahoney-Gross
Isherwell Child Aide
Jaden Onwuakor
Isherwell Child Aide
Staci Roberts Steele
Linda Dicalio
Wendy Bellevue
Isherwell Child Handler
Mikhail Yarovoy
Chris Everett
Chief Editor Paula Woods
Annette Miller
Mrs. Tanken
Stephen Thorne
Aimee Doherty
Natalie Rebenkoff
Talent PA
Gary Tanguay
News Anchor #2
Georgia Lyman
Groomer Thalia
Patricia Dehaney
Hair Person
Ben Sidell
Stage Manager
Therese Plaehn
Autopsy Editor in Charge
Omar Ghonim
Stage Manager #2
Meghan Leathers
Media Quant
Ashleigh Banfield
Dalia Hensfield
Sarah Silverman
Sarah Benterman
Richard Snee
Senator Lerner
Darryl Wooten
FBI Agent
Danielle Waxman
College Girl
Jeffrey Smith
Blind Man FBI Agent
Jon Glaser
Meow Man
Dorothy Dwyer
Old Tough Lady
Odis Spencer
Chief Justice
Sarah Nolen
Sammy Puppeteer
Alvin Keith
Harrison Telms
Alaina Pinto
American Reporter
Lizzie Short
French Reporter
Juri Love
Japanese Reporter
Sujoy De
Hindi Reporter
Brahms Guignard
Haitian Reporter
Sergei Bushmanov
Russian Reporter
Lewis D. Wheeler
Mission Coordinator
Steve Gagliastro
David J. Curtis
Kevin Craig West
Secretary of State
Alison Weller
Secretary of Education
Rob Levesque
Secretary of Interior
Sam Zephir
Dee Nelson
Dr. Lisa Inez
Beau Allen
Dr. Talcamont
Rebecca Gibel
Brian Faherty
Guy from the Bar
Celeste Oliva
Nearby Diner
Amanda Cass
Rioting Patron
Roman Mitichyan
Rioting Patron
Paul Marini
Rioting Patron
Alex Huynh
Rioting Patron
Michael Jibrin
Federal Agent
Bill Mootos
Federal Attorney
Patti Tippo
French President
Allyn Burrows
Mr. Dibiasky
Tori Davis Lawlor
Mrs. Dibiasky
Joy Lang
June Holmes
Girl in Commercial
Graham Holmes
Boy in Commercial
Jacob Sanditen
Yule's Friend
Anthony Marrese
Other Friend
Caroline Bergwall
Teen Girl Friend
Anania Williams
Short Guy Friend
Nate Richman
Stocky FBI Agent
Wes Johnson
Don't Look Up'er #1
John Bucy
Don't Look Up'er #2
Patrick Gover
Don't Look Up'er #3
Conrad Perry
Don't Look Up'er #3
Matt Rouillard
Don't Look Up'er #3
Christopher Deschenes
Don't Look Up'er #3
Patrick Michael Strange
Just Look Up'er #1
J.P. Aaron
Just Look Up'er #2
Daniela August
Just Look Up'er #3
Nicholai Senat
Puppet Show Kid
Alexandra Zilch
Puppet Show Kid
Jonathan Kobs
Devin Peters
Bianca de la Garza
Entertainment Journalist
Caitlin Ishibashi
DJ at Concert
Claire Davis
Bass Player
Elder Isaiah Perez
Organ Player
Coran Spardakis Henley
Lance Norris
Loyal Supporter
Ralph M. Studley
Kid Rock Body Double
Frank Ridley
Flight Director
Andrew Haserlat
Mission Tech
Jayne McLendon
Command Tech
Ishaan Khattar
Raghav Manavalan
Khaldoun Rajeh
Egyptian Family
Sheren Rajeh
Egyptian Family
Khaled Rajeh
Egyptian Family
Kareem Rajeh
Egyptian Family
Ahmad Rajeh
Egyptian Family
Adila Rajeh
Egyptian Family
J.T. Turner
Old Billionaire
Ed Peed
Sydney Jenkins
Sheriff Assistant
Brian Anastasio
Jacqueline Astbury
Rally Member
Julia Bechler
Secret Service
Steve Bertorelli
Rally Goer
Howard Breslau
Presidential Rally Zealot
Marko Caka
Marissa Carpio
Reporter with Big Hair
Anthony Carvello
TMZ Reporter
Zach Catanzareti
Just Look Up Staffer / NYC Pedestrian
Isabelle Charlot
Riley Bina Fan
Billy Concha
Mr Conch
Jon DiVito
Matt DiVito
Victor Dobro
Airman Baker
Madison Donlan
News Woman
Camille Farnan
White House Aide
Edward Fletcher
Dr. Ginnerson
Ineke Garbacz
FBI Agent
Michael Giannone
Bash CFO
Suzanne Gillies
Press Reporter
Johnny Halloran
White House Photographer
Tamara Hickey
Reporter Christy
Lin Hult
White House Staffer
Ian Dylan Hunt
Press Member
Ken Kansky
Still Photographer
Emmanuel Kerry
Shocked Pedestrian
Omar Khan
Bartender Alex
Shahjehan Khan
Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism
Sam Kombo
Tech Conference Attendant
Will Kostick
Rally Attendee
Greg Kriek
Bash Military Sgt.
Daphney Leigh
Camera Person
Scout Lyons
Skater girl
Jeff MacKinnon
News Director
Michael Malvesti
Passerby #2
Tom Mariano
Boston Police Officer
Marcus McDermott
Herald Newspaper Staff
Brian J. McDonald
Police Officer
Sharlem Nina
Bojo Mambos Bartender / Just Look Up Staff
Joseph Oliveira
Herald Reporter
Nathan Porter
Marinko Radakovic
Secret Service Agent to President Orleans
Janine Robinson
Senator Dennings
Harold Rudolph
Rally Attendee
Anastasia Mousis Sanidopoulos
Just Look Up Staff / Bojo Mambos Restaurant Rioter
Nadia Sayess
Mary Ann Schaub
NYC Pedestrian / DLU Staff
D.J. Shattine
Nate Luis Silva
Environmental Control Specialist
Michael Stanton
RIP News Editor
Devan Summers
Pedestrian / Rally Fan
Marilyn Swick
Herald Staffer
Juan Szilagyi
Air Force soldier
Maria Tramontozzi
Woman in Grocery / Patriot News Stage Manager
Theodore Warmington
Skate Kid
Breanna Wing
Meow Commercial Wife
Christopher Wyman
Riot Police / Chief of Staff
Sam Xu
 145 minutes (2 hrs 25 mins)
UK BBFC Age Rating:  15 age rating
MPAA Age Rating: Don 
UK release date UK release: 24th December 2021
US release date US release: 10th December 2021
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