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Dr. No General viewing, but some scenes may be unsuitable for young children. A PG film should not unsettle a child aged around eight or older. Unaccompanied children of any age may watch, but parents are advised to consider whether the content may upset younger, or more sensitive, children.


Dr. No

Directed by

Terence Young


James Bond
Ursula Andress
Honey Ryder
Joseph Wiseman
Dr. No
Jack Lord
Felix Leiter
Bernard Lee
Anthony Dawson
Professor Dent
Zena Marshall
Miss Taro
John Kitzmiller
Eunice Gayson
Sylvia Trench
Lois Maxwell
Miss Moneypenny
Peter Burton
Major Boothroyd
Yvonne Shima
Sister Lily
Michel Mok
Sister Rose
Marguerite LeWars
Annabel Chung - Photographer
William Foster-Davis
Superintendent Duff
Dolores Keator
Mary Trueblood
Reggie Carter
Mr. Jones
Louis Blaazer
Colonel Burton
General Potter
Abbot Anderson
Crab Key Guard
Jack Arrow
Le Cercle Patron
Nigel Bernard
Le Cercle Patron
Keith Binns
Crab Key Guard
Chris Blackwell
Henchman Jumping Off Dock into Water
Kes Chin
Dragon Guard
Anthony Chinn
Decontamination Technician
Diana Coupland
Honey Ryder - Singing Voice
Eric Coverley
1st Three Blind Mice Assassin
Alicia Deane
Woman in Dr. No's Lair
Charles Edghill
2nd Three Blind Mice Assassin
Margaret Ellery
Joe Enrikie
Le Cercle Patron
Lancelot Evans
Crab Key Dock Guard
Peter Evans
Le Cercle Patron
Hilary Farish
Alan Gold
Croupier at La Cercle
Arthur Goodman
Le Cercle Patron
Richard Gregory
Le Cercle Waiter
Victor Harrington
Le Cercle Patron
John Hatton
Radio Operator
George Hilsdon
Le Cercle Patron
Billy John
Le Cercle Patron
Gerry Judge
Le Cercle Waiter
Pat Judge
Le Cercle Waiter
Juba Kennerley
Le Cercle Patron
Bettine Le Beau
Professor Dent's Secretary
Arnold Lee
Le Cercle Patron
Byron Lee
Singer at Puss Feller's
George Leech
Decontamination Technician
Dan Lester
Le Cercle Patron
Rick Lester
Henry Lopez
3rd Three Blind Mice Assassin
Keith Lyn
Vocalist - the Dragonaires
Louis Marriott
Dragon Guard
Colin McKenzie
Le Cercle Patron
Count Prince Miller
Nightclub Dancer
Stanley Morgan
Concierge at Le Cercle
Tim Moxon
Professor John Strangways
Malou Pantera
Hotel Receptionist
Willie Payne
Johnny - Hotel Worker
Lester Prendergast
Puss Feller
Carol Reckford
Dent's Boat Captain
Milton Reid
Dr. No's Guard
Robert Rietty
John Strangways / Superintendent Duff
Adrian Robinson
Hearse Driver
Carey Robinson
Guard with Loudspeaker
Harold Sanderson
Le Cercle Patron
Bunny Seaman
Le Cercle Patron
John Sefton
Le Cercle Croupier
Maxwell Shaw
Communications Operator
Bob Simmons
James Bond in Gunbarrel Sequence
Frank Singuineau
Hotel Waiter
John Smart
Le Cercle Patron
Graham Tonbridge
Le Cercle Patron
Nikki Van der Zyl
Honey Ryder / Sylvia Trench / Various
Robert Vossler
Le Cercle Waiter
Pearl Walters
Le Cercle Patron
John Wilder
Le Cercle Cashier
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 110 minutes (1 hrs 50 mins)

 BBFC Age Rating:  PG age rating
US release date Released: 8th May 1963

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Bond 23 will be Skyfall

4th November 2011

As reported in many many places to name of the next Bond film, the 23rd in the series, will indeed be called Skyfall.

Daniel Craig will star in his 3rd outing as 007 and Dame Judi Dench returns again as M while the film is to be directed by Oscar winner Sam Mendes.

Making their mark as Bond girls will be Naomie Harris and French actress Berenice Marlohe. Location for the film include China and Turkey as well as places a little closer to home in Scotland and of course London.

Despite recent reports that the film would forfeit action for drama in a hope to be an Oscar contender were laid to rest with both Mandes and producer Barbara Broccoli maintaining that the story involved lots of action.

A release date of October 26 2012 has been set for the UK and will follow close in the rest of the world.

The filming of this episode has been delayed due to financial woes at owner MGM, but the delay does mean that it will get a release in the year of the first Bond movie, Dr. No's first appearance in cinemas, what better way to celebrate.

Like a bad migraine that simple wont go away, after the release of a new Bond movie the rumour mill starts on the next, until such a time that lead actor, Villain, Bond girl, director and script writer has been confirmed, and to make it all the more "interesting" Bond 23 has been hit with the bankruptcy of MGM, opening it up even more to the gossip.

With fears that Daniel Craig might leave and attached director Sam Mandes might also abandon the project Bond 23 looked like it may have to take a whole different turn, and with seemingly no money to make it, would it actually be made at all, well that was never going to happen.

With all the legal ramblings over MGM out of the way, Deadline are now reporting that the film is well on track and even give a release date of November 9th 2012 (isn't Peter Jackson releasing a film around then as well?) in theaters. Craig will be on board as Bond and Mandes will direct, all good so far.

And the cream on the cake, and this is clearly just a coincidence, is that 2012 is the 50th anniversary of the release of a certain DR. No, or the first Bond movie to all those unfamiliar.