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Florence Foster Jenkins 2016

Florence Foster Jenkins

Directed by


Rebecca Ferguson
Rebecca Ferguson
Hugh Grant
Hugh Grant
Simon Helberg
Neve Gachev
Josh O'Connor
John Kavanagh
Nina Arianda
Mark Arnold
David Haig
John Sessions
Christian McKay
Dilyana Bouklieva
Elliot Levey
David Menkin
Jorge Leon Martinez
Danny Mahoney
Paola Dionisotti
Solomon Taiwo Justified
Tony Paul West
Flor Ferraco
Marie Borg
Phelim Kelly
James Sobol Kelly
Sid Phoenix
Nick Davison
Philip Rosch
Grant Gillespie
Joy Isa
Tallulah Wrey
Carl Davis
David Mills
Jenny Hawkins
Liza Ross
Billy Totham
Stephanie Lane
Martin Bratanov
Dar Dash
Wesley Lloyd
David Goodson
Pete Meads
Lee Bolton
Philip Gascoyne
Martyn Mayger
John Guerrasio
Jonathan Plowright
Pat Carney
Chris Hembury
Rosy Benjamin
Nat Luurtsema
Carlos Martin
Madeleine Knight
David Howkins
Oliver Bentley-Jones
Samuel Magee
Georgina Morton
Shaun Newnham
Claire Ashton
Daran Somers
Charles Streeter
Aida Garifullina
Richard Bevan
Greg Lockett
Stephanie Eccles
Johnny Pawlik
Lovell Richards
Billy Griffin Jr.
Collum Smith
Tim Berry
Alan Peett
Patrick Moorhouse
Yvan Zahui
Tony Honickberg
Paul Wingrove
Adam Trzcinski
Eveline Chapman
Luis Martins
Clare Crowther
James Wallace
Simon Markson
Patrick Carney Junior
Sarah Lola
Ryan Storey
Mark Walsh
Ben Leigh-Phazey
Victory Maburutse
Adele Smyth-Kennedy
Rebecca Fiddes
Paul Bergquist
Pamela Betsy Cooper
Caroline Garnell
Alan Wyn Hughes
Alex Jaep
Christina Pennant
UK release date UK release: 6th May 2016
UK total gross
United Kingdom Flag  £3.2 Million
US total gross
United States Flag  $27.4 Million
Global total gross
Global Flag  $49.1 Million

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Florence Foster Jenkins

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Florence Foster Jenkins
US Box Office Info

Highest US chart position: 8

Weeks on US box office: 11

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