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Free State of Jones 2016

Free State of Jones

Directed by

Gary Ross
Gary Ross


Gugu Mbatha-Raw
Christopher Berry
Sean Bridgers
Jacob Lofland
Thomas Francis Murphy
Bill Tangradi
Brian Lee Franklin
Kerry Cahill
Joe Chrest
Jessica Collins
Donald Watkins
Jill Jane Clements
Dane Rhodes
Lawrence Turner
Troy Hogan
Greg Kennedy
Artrial Clark
Charlie Anderson
Cade Mansfield Cooksey
Liza J. Bennett
David Jensen
Bill Martin Williams
Jim Kelly
John P. Fertitta
Rhonda Johnson Dents
Jane McNeil
David Maldonado
Wayne Pére
John Neisler
Sharon Landry
Mary Elizabeth Ellis
Kurt Krause
Andrew Petrotta
Joseph Hosey
Henry Frost
P.J. Marshall
Lucy Faust
Lara Grice
Johnny McPhail
Kylen Davis
LaJessie Smith
Kesha Bullard
Jackson Beals
Sam Malone
William Mark McCullough
Garrett Kruithof
Martin Bats Bradford
Jaren Mitchell
Jim Klock
Will Beinbrink
Stella Allen
Camden Flowers
Carsen Flowers
Jason Ament
Kirk Bovill
Matt Lintz
Mattie Liptak
Trace Masters
Brandon Hartley
Paul Alan Webb
Victoria Bynum
Manny Penton
Francine Rush Levenstein
Monique Bilbo
Samantha Hopkins
Shelby Sanders
Melanie Hebert
Jackson Lee Brockton
Joe Girard
Ann Hamilton
James G. Hanifen
Ethan Lee
Pine Purvis
Julia Holt
Gary Grubbs
Davis Coen
Michelle L. Clarke
John Robert Carpenter
Tim Bell
Eric Berris
Bryan Blasingame
Nicolas Bosc
Emily Bossak
Levi Bowling
Deejay Buras
Blaine Carpenter
Carlton Caudle
Ron Centanni
Nolan Cummings
James David Gabriel
Terrell D Davis
Miles Donald
Terence Easterling
Brian Elder
Maggie Eldred
James W. Evermore
Dudley Fuqua
Juan Gaspard
Steven Grossman
Joel Guilbeau
Larry D. Heard
Chris D. Henry
Adam Henslee
Newton James Hippolyte Jr.
Garrett Hollingsworth
Kasey James
Jeffrey Johnese
Alicia Davis Johnson
Matthew Jolly
Sam Jones
Anthony Kane
Patrick Kearns
Kensley Keys
Steve Kish
Gary Wayne Loper
Lamar Lott
David Lee Marshall
Aaron N. Martin
Glen Mayes
Bailey Vaughn McAndrew
Matthew McCoy
Daniel McIver
Claire McReynolds
Cameron Metrejean
Ritchie Montgomery
Zach Mooney
Serenity Neil
Jason Palombo
Cy Parks
Zack Payne
Brandon Pettis
Joshua Probus
Matthew Blake Rogers
Michael Patrick Rogers
Marlene B. Russell
Jarett Shorts
Kerry Sims
Carl Singleton
Lisa Ann Smith
Michael David Smith
Carl Stevens
Stefani Strout
Steven Varnes
Abigail Williams
Valeria Lee Williams
Bobby D. Willis
Kebron Woodfin
Jesse Yarborough
UK BBFC Age Rating:  15 age rating
UK release date UK release: 30th September 2016
UK total gross
United Kingdom Flag  £118.6 Thousand
Total views:

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UK total gross
Free State of Jones

UK Age Rating
UK BBFC Certificate: 15
UK Box Office Info

Highest chart position: 15

Weeks on box office: 1

UK Box Office Chart History
Free State of Jones
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Highest US chart position: 6

Weeks on US box office: 5

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