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Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills

Directed by

David Gordon Green


Anthony Michael Hall
Judy Greer
Dylan Arnold
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Year: 2021
UK release date UK release: 15th October 2021
US release date US release: 15th October 2021
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Universal have released the first trailer for their sequel movie Halloween Kills which is released in the UK on 15th October.

The movie stars Jamie Lee Curtis once again as the main character of Laurie Strode and it's a direct sequel to the 2018 Halloween, which itself was a direct sequel to the original 1979 movie of the same name.

The movie is once again directed by David Gordon Green, who was in the chair to the 2018 movie and this is the middle part is a new trilogy of movies with Halloween Ends coming in 2022.

The trailer appears to foolow on directly from the 2018 movie and without much of a surprise reinforces the fact that Micheal Myers is not dead before then showing scenes from the movie without giving anything away.

Set for release before Halloween this year the movie is set to be another hit for the long running series.