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Jason Bourne

Directed by


Alicia Vikander
Ato Essandoh
Scott Shepherd
Bill Camp
Vinzenz Kiefer
Stephen Kunken
Ben Stylianou
Kaya Yuzuki
Matthew O'Neill
Lizzie Phillips
Paris Stangl
Matt Blair
Amy De BhrĂșn
Akie Kotabe
Robin Crouch
Joe Kennard
Miguel Alves-Khan
Gregg Henry
Robert Stanton
Duran Fulton Brown
Charles Jarman
Jay Vincent Diaz
Richard Nunez
Sonny Robertson
James Dormuth
Dexter Emery
Jorge Luis Alvarez
Ava Katharina Maria Hoeller
Shane Williams
Frank Roskowski
Johnny Cicco
Martin Daniel Latham
Trevor White
Sasha Larkin
Barrie Brown
Stuart Jeffrey Cram
Brian Duda
Gioacchino Jim Cuffaro
Andrew Dunkelberger
Jauhara Jivanji
Bobby Akers
Hugo Alonzo
Griffin Andrews
Jeremy Angel
Jozef Aoki
Sarah Armstrong
Robert-Anthony Artlett
Lasco Atkins
Alphonso Austin
Martin Ballantyne
Dolly Ballea
Tim Baros
Denese Basile
Greg Benoit
Tom Bonello
Charles-Jean Boucher
Allen Bracken
VinCenzo Burgess
Anthony Burkhalter
Hunter Cannistraci
Lenisa Ann Careaga
Nicole Chauvet
Shin-Fei Chen
Jeannine Comeau
Constance Consola
Angel Contreras
Alexander Cooper
Graig Couton
Lisamarie Cowan
Roger Julian Cross
Graham Curry
Darlene Dalmaceda
Christine de Lota
Jody Deats
Steven I. Dillard
Nick Donald
Timothy Skyler Dunigan
Paul Edney
Barbara Edwards
Heiko Effenberger
Aaron Egawa
Daniel Eghan
Clara Emanuel
Ricardo Ewert
Dino Fazzani
Nathan Ferguson
Joseph D Fisher
Ellie Fox
Neve Gachev
Alexander Garganera
Michael Garvey
Nicholas George
Gladis Giada
Alex Gillison
Philip Greene
Adam Gregory
Shane Griffin
Guna Gultniece
Kevin Hager
Phillip Allen Hall III
Brad Hamerly
Yumiko Hanasaka
Jeanette Hatlestad
Michael Haydon
John Heartstone
Jamie Hodge
Cassandra Hodges
Yusuf Hofri
Ken Holliday
Oliver Hollingdale
Kornelia Horvath
Romulus Hotea
Earl Vincent Sherwood II
Jahmilla Jackson
Bron James
Kyle James
Natasha Jenssen
Jemarko Jones
Mark Justice
Lampros Kalfuntzos
Attila G. Kerekes
Kyle Kesterson
Marat Khairoullin
Kaveh Khatiri
Slim Khezri
Elle van Knoll
Steven Krasner
Ben Laumann
Vivian Yoon Lee
Kamil Lemieszewski
David Ae Levy
Raul Limon
Frank Lui Geo
Rob Marchitti
Maria Marra
Garry Marriott
Alex Martin
Jason Matthewson
Stephanie McIntyre
Amelie McKendry
Neal McNeil
Addyson Medley
Andy Mihalache
Anthony Molinari
Robb Moon
Paul A Munday
Ashley Nicole Murray
Celina Nessa
Emily Ng
Brodi Nicholas
Jason Novak
Emeson Nwolie
Lisa Nygard-Pugh
Angelo Olivier
Sarah Ospina
Frances Rose Padunan
B.J. Parker
Mac Pietowski
Dean Preston
Damon Proctor
Jon Prophet
Abigail Rich
Lovell Richards
Jarrett Ricker
Joan Riegert
Brian Robak
Belen Rosenberg
Andre Rutherford
Shane Santos
Lani Sarem
Kaleigh Saunders
Nicolas Savidis-Macris
Mark Sawtelle
Adonis Simmons
Neil Alexander Smith
Eric Sparks
Richard Stanley
Phil Stillerman
Elicia Stokes Navarro
Alyx Stone
Aaron Strong
Georgie-May Tearle
Paul Terry
Tony Toste
Michael A. Tushaus
Cedric Tylleman
Vassiliki Tzanakou
Luke Van Bergen
Tony Vivio
Sheila Vossough
Jack Waggon
Nick Walters
Marla Aaron Wapner
Don Whatley
LaFonda Whitehead
Chris Wolfe
Chad Wright
Andie Ximenes
Alexander Yassin
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UK release date Released: 29th July 2016
 BBFC Age Rating:  12A age rating

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UK total gross
Jason Bourne

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Jason Bourne

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Jason Bourne
UK Age Rating
UK BBFC Certificate: 12A
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UK Box Office Release Breakdown
UK release date:

Highest chart position: 2

Weeks on box office: 7

UK Box Office Chart History
Other Box Office History
16 September 2016
23 September 2016
30 September 2016
7 October 2016
14 October 2016
21 October 2016
28 October 2016
4 November 2016
Box Office Gross Flow

29th Jul

5th Aug

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Disney/Pixar's high profile sequel Finding Dory makes its debut at the top of the UK home video chart this week knocking off The BFG.

Finding Dory has been a massive hit for the animated coupling of Disney and Pixar this year, on its release on 29th July 2016 it hit the top of the UK box office.

It has a massive first weekend gross of £8.1 million on its first weekend, its stay at the top only lasted for a single weekend initially.

After falling to 2 it then went back to the top for 2 weeks on 19th August before finally making a slow decent down the box office.

It spent 14 weeks on the top 15 before disappearing from cinemas but in the time it took at incredible £42.6 million making it the 41st top grossing movie ever in the UK, its it currently the fourth top grossing movie of 2016.

Across the globe it is the 23rd to grossing movie of all time with a global total gross of $1.026 billion.

The BFG falls from the top of the home video chart to number 3 this week after a single week at the top.

Only one other new film this week, Jason Bourne, a number 2 film from July enters at number 2.

It may have had its run in much of the world but the late summer release of Star Trek Beyond in China catapults the film back to the top.

As with last week last weeks chart a Chinese opening if a film does wonders and a $31 million opening has the film take $39 million from 40 countries for the weekend and a quiet market takes it back to the top.

The late summer has proved to be a difficult time for the box office and with little other movement the whole top 10 this week across the globe is the same as last week.

You actually have to go down to the 17th film on this weeks global box office to find a new film, The Light Between Oceans takes $5 million from 1 country.

Tp total grossing movie on the chart this week is The Secret Life of Pets, and incredible run sees it still at 4 and its total world gross is now $761.5 million.

  1. Star Trek Beyond - $39,450,000
  2. Suicide Squad - $21,805,000
  3. Don't Breathe - $21,000,000
  4. The Secret Life Of Pets - $20,848,335
  5. Jason Bourne - $15,991,520

The very last weekend of the summer season and there is very little movement with the scare fest of Dont Breathe remaining in pole position.

Figures are low this weekend and Dont Breathe manages to remain at the top with $15.7 million which brings its total US gross to a nice but unremarkable $51.1 million.

Little else is happening this week and the highest new film limps in at number 6, The Light Between Oceans takes just shy of $5 million on its debut.

This basically means there are lots of films yo-yoing up and down the chart with Suicide Squad remaining at number 2 and Petes Dragon going back up to number 3.

Suicide Squad is the top total grossing movie this week with $297.4 and Bad Moms and Jason Bourne share the honour of longest running with 6 weeks each.

Next week sees the kick off of the Autumn season with some exciting new film coming in the next 4 months.

Across the globe this week Jason Bourne expands its territories to 63 countries on release, including China now, and goes to the top of the global box office.

The Matt Damon starring film made $63 million over the week and has to date made $347 million globally.

Also benefitting from a Chinese release is Ice Age: Collision Course, still on release in 38 countries the film took $50 million over the week to bring its total gross to $367 million.

Highest new film of the week is Don't Breath, released in 8 countries and headed up by its US release the film took $28 million over the week.

Top total grossing film across the gross this week is The Secret Life of Pets, still riding high at number 4 it has grossed $724.4 million.

The global top 5 looks like this:

  1. Jason Bourne - $62,029,490
  2. Ice Age: Collision Course - $50,480,000
  3. Suicide Squad - $31,710,000
  4. The Secret Life Of Pets - $28,359,810
  5. Don't Breathe - $28,015,000

Once again the Warner Bros. Anti-Hero ensemble tops the global box office chart, but it does loose ground to The Secret Life of Pets, Ben-Hur is the top new film.

With $58.7 million, from 65 countries, in global takings over the week Suicide Squad keeps itself ahead of the pack, this brings the films total gross over half a billion now to $572.6 million.

Coming in new at 3 is the 2016 remake of Ben-Hur which takes $22 million on its debut week of release from 24 countries.

The film has got very low keys reviews in America which could effect its gross in other countries when released and might sink quite fast.

Other new film this week are War Dogs at 4 and Kubo And The Two Strings at 10 from 9 countries .

Highest total grossing film on this weeks global box office is The Secret Life Of Pets, still at 2 with $674 million and still released in 54 countries.

Here is the global top 5.

  1. Suicide Squad - $58,710,000
  2. The Secret Life Of Pets - $50,772,240
  3. Ben-Hur - $22,050,000
  4. War Dogs - $20,800,000
  5. Jason Bourne - $19,275,865