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Last Night

Last Night

Directed by

Massy Tadjedin


Guillaume Canet
Anson Mount
Griffin Dunne
Stephanie Romanov
Scott Adsit
Justine Cotsonas
Daniel Eric Gold
Rae Ritke
Stephen Mailer
Chriselle Almeida
Zach Poole
Jon Norman Schneider
William Clemente
Christian Lorentzen
Steve Antonucci
David Boston
Elisangela DiAlencar
John Treacy Egan
Shevy Berkovits Gutierrez
Samantha Hahn
Cheryl Ann Leaser
Loukas Papas
Karen Pittman
Annie Rohling
Lana Taylor
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Year: 2011
UK release date UK release: 3rd June 2011
 BBFC Age Rating:  12 age rating
UK total gross
  £51.2 Thousand
US total gross
  $87.9 Thousand

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UK total gross
Last Night

UK Age Rating
UK BBFC Certificate: 12
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Highest chart position: 11

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Last Night
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Highest US chart position: 59

Weeks on US box office: 3

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News from around the web

The first trailer and poster have been released for upcoming movie Last Night In Soho which can seen in full below.

The movie stars among others Anya Taylor-Joy and Diana Rigg and it is directed by Shaun of the Dead director Edgar Wright.

The tailer is totally engaging, and while giving little away about the story has the unique element of making you think "what the hell is going on" because it's so engaging!.

There is little dialogue in the trailer as it's all set to a haunting version of the song Downtown sung by the movies star Anya Taylor-Joy.

The movie has a release date of 29th October 2021 in the UK.

Check out the movie page for more information on this film.

Now the dust has settled on the WWDC keynote speech given last night (morning?) by Steve Jobs where he announced the next version of the iPhone, aside from the new front camera, speed and iOS4 operating system, the big news was the screen and it's HD goodness.

First of all the screen uses what is being called a Retina display, Jobs claims it's better than OLED. The displays pixels are 78 micrometers wide which allows the screen to have 4x the resolution of the iPhone 3Gs. This means the screen has 326 pixels per inch, the naked eye can only see 300 pixels per inch, which means that the screen is better than human eyesight.

What this means in layman's terms is that the iPhone can handle 780p HD video, and according to reports the screen is amazing. The screen is 960x640 pixels in resolution and has a contrast ration of 800:1, pretty good for a screen so small.

This wont stop you from getting neck ache, and could possible make your eyes hurt even more when watching Lord of the Rings on the device, but at least that Blu-ray transfer you make will look absolutely amazing, and if you were to attach the iPhone to a HDTV then you could potentially have your own portable video library.

Check out the Apple website for more info.

The first big awards ceremony of the year in the world of films happened over night for us Brits, and James Cameron, 12 years after he swept awards ceremonies with Titanic, picked up right where he left off.

I expect back in 1997 when Titanic was released James Cameron and anyone else connected to the film had a feeling that it was a powerful enough movie to get the odd award, and it did in style, Avatar is a very different type of film altogether, and maybe it wasn't though to be a big awards contender, but hey it looks like it could be.

Last night Avatar managed to pick up top honors at The Golden Globes with awards for best film and another for best director in the dramatic film category.

The Golden Globes separate dramatic films from comedy and musical films and surprise hit The Hangover took top honors for best Musical or comedy.

In acting Merly Streep and Sandra Bullock got best actress awards while Jeff Bridges and Robert Downey Jr. got actor awards.

A director who had often missed out on being awarded throughout arguable one of the best careers in the movies industry, Martin Scorsese got the Cecil B. DeMille Award for achievement in cinema.

The ceremony was presented by Ricky Gervais who brought an ambitious and edgy comedy style to the ceremony often pulling the stars apart for their habits and appearances, but the audience of stars seem to take it all in good stride.

Check out the full list of winners here.

I was watching TV last night and during the commercial break of whatever programme I was watching the oddest advert came on!

Now I recognised Daniel Craig instantly as well as recognising that this clearly had something to do with the new Bond film that out at the end of the month (can we wait?) but as the commercial went on it was clear that it wasn't a trailer of anything.

In the advert Bond is just standing there looking fairly beaten up while everything around him explodes, the only time he moves is if some rubble from the exploding building hits him.

And in the end can you guess what the advert was for? It was simply advertising Sony HD, using bond is no gimmick mind, Casino Royale was in its day the best Blu-ray disk on the market by far.

Check the YouTube steam out below for the full advert.