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Pain and Gain No one younger than 15 may see a 15 film in a cinema.


Pain and Gain

Directed by


Anthony Mackie
Tony Shalhoub
Ed Harris
Bar Paly
Michael Rispoli
Keili Lefkovitz
Emily Rutherfurd
Larry Hankin
Tony Plana
Peter Stormare
Vivi Pineda
Ken Clement
Yolanthe Cabau
Brian Stepanek
Christopher Jestin Langstaff
Persi Caputo
Bill Kelly
Gregg Weiner
Parris Buckner
Nicholas X. Parsons
Donny Davis
Vivian Ruiz
Jeff Owings
Rushanna Lewis
Richard Haylor
Trudie Petersen
Patrick Bristow
Wladimir Klitschko
Mike Tremont
Holland Hayes
Sabrina Mayfield
Kiki Harris
Choice Gray
Chaz Mena
Carol Kaye
Tyrone Bordon Sr.
Lawrence Scott
Jennifer Nicole Lee
Mike Benitez
Cedric DePasquale
Oliver Jay
Rubber Doll
Nikki Benz
Jessica Dykstra
Vannessa Nevader
Andrea Bennetti
Courtney O'Connor
Gwendalyn Barker
Irina Kazakova
Bill Erfurth
Rey Hernandez
Charlie Johnson
Seven Greyhound
Jerry Lantigua
Jason Wool
Paul Aldanee
Kurt Angle
Joey Ashley
Joseph Aviel
Benjamin Blankenship
Shellita Boxie
Xavier Burbano
Gail Byer
Raniel David Castillo
Jeff Chase
Madison Conradis
Anthony Correa
Ellen Marguerite Cullivan
Christopher De Stefano
Douglas DeLisle
Nick Depalo
Jordana DePaula
Mariam Devash
Tom Dodson
Frenchi Firecracker
Patrick Fox
Rick Foxx
Mike Garvey
Randy Gonzalez
Maria Gray
Barry Greco
Mike Guzman
William Haze
JLynne Herrington
Haley Higgins
Kevin Humes
Amy Jordan
Ilan Krigsfeld
Diana Laura
David W. LeBlanc
Alexis Martinez
Stephanie McLane
Owen Meyer
Zack Moore
Ruth Nuez
Tommy O'Brien
Susan Pages
Jennie Parrish
Indra Patel
Heathyre Perara
Gustavo Quiroz Jr.
Andrew Rasputin
Mindy Robinson
Julisita Salcedo
Patrice Sepulveda
Masha Silberberg
Nicholas Simmons
Victoria Sophia
Tom Stedham
Lorenzo Toledo
Joseph Velez
Debbie Whited
Mark Alan Ziegler
Year: 2013
 129 minutes (2 hrs 09 mins)
UK release date UK release: 30th August 2013
 BBFC Age Rating:  15 age rating
US release date US release: 26th April 2013
UK total gross
  £1.9 Million
US total gross
  $49.9 Million

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UK total gross
Pain and Gain

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Pain and Gain

UK Age Rating
UK BBFC Certificate: 15
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Highest chart position: 4

Weeks on box office: 2

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Pain and Gain
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News from around the web

Nothing of real note this week in the UK which could lead to a fairly static box office chart this weekend, leading the way is the Michael bay low budget film Pain and Gain and indie film The Way Way Back with Steve Carell and Toni Collette.

Pain and Gain has not been getting much in the way of good reviews, infact it's been getting terrible reviews. Michael Bay who usually directs big budget films like Transformers brings us this films about body building and kidnapping, starring Mark Wahlberg.

Very little is known of this film and I suspect a low entry, top 10 at least and around the £800,000 mark over the weekend.

THe other new release is The Way Way Back, the coming of age story centers around a young boy in a dysfunctional family who befriends the owner of a water park.

Despite the good reviews and 'A' list stars little is known of this film and a quick release to DVD and limited cinema release might get this film in £100,000 but no entry in the box office top 15.