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Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman

Directed by


Laverne Cox
Jennifer Coolidge
Christopher Mintz-Plasse
Molly Shannon
Angela Zhou
Sam Richardson
Connie Britton
Steve Monroe
Casey Adams
Francisca Estevez
Timothy E. Goodwin
Max Greenfield
Rasneet Kaur
Bryan Lillis
Vince Lozano
Mike Horton
Adam Brody
Ray Nicholson
Gabriel Oliva
Loren Paul
Scarlet Spencer
Jose Stephan Perez
David Philip Reed
Chris Lowell
Abi Beaux
Jenelle McKee
Charlotte Xia
Scott Aschenbrenner
James Doheny
Slim Khezri
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Year: 2020
 113 minutes (1 hrs 53 mins)
MPAA Age Rating: Promising Young Woman R age rating 

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It's the last chart of 2020 and after many delays this year Wonder Woman 1984 makes its debut in cinemas and tops the US box office.

Also making high debuts over the festive holiday are Tom Hanks in News Of The World and Carey Mulligan in Promising Young Woman, both films are getting Oscar attention.

Further down the box office a new live action Pinocchio (not Disney) enters at 7.

US box office Quickview

  • Number 1 - Wonder Woman 1984 (1st Week)
  • Highest debut - Wonder Woman 1984 (@1)
  • Longest run - The War With Grandpa (12 weeks)*
  • Highest total gross - The War With Grandpa ($18,389,880)*
  • *Not including re-releases

This weeks top 5 US box office breakdown 25th - 27th December 2020.

Wonder Woman 1984

After being delayed a number of times due to cinema closures forced on by the COVID-19 pandemic the Wonder Woman sequel directed by Patty Jenkins finally got a release in cinemas on Christmas day, it also got a release on HBO Max the same day.

With this in mind the movie has turned into a success and with a total opening weekend of $16.7 Million it is the bigest opening since cinemas closed.

The future then looks good for the superhero movie, and with only 10% of US homes having HBO Max for many it might be the only way to watch the film.

News Of The World

News Of The World

Tom Hanks stars in the new movie from director Paul Greengrass which this week makes its debut at number 2 with $2.4 Million.

Unlike the Wonder Woman movie it is only available to see in cinemas and most like will be for the next few weeks.

The Croods: A New Age

The animated sequel falls to number 2 this week with a weekend gross of $1.7 Million, 14% down from last week.

This puts the movies total gross at $30 Million after 5 weeks of release and is the second best movie during the pandemic.

Monster Hunter~2020

After making its debut at the top of the box office last weekend the Paul W.S. Anderson directed movie fallt hard to number 4 this weekend with $1.12 Million, 49% down from last week.

The movie has taken $4.21 Million after 2 weeks of release.

Promising Young Woman

Finally on the top 5 is director Emerald Fennell new movie which stars Carey Mulligan in what is being touted as an Oscar worthy performance.

The film took $680,000 on its debut week of release and entered at number 5.

Last weekend saw The Secret Garden climb to the top of the UK box office, but in England cinemas are still closed so again the box office is looking at the few cinemas open in Wales and Scotland.

There are 3 movies this week hitting either cinemas or going direct to streaming.

The Kid Detective

  • This new release stars Adam Brody who's last film was Promising Young Woman (2020)
  • It also stars Sophie Nelisse who appeared in Close (2019).
  • The film is brought to us by new director Evan Morgan.

Another Round

Another Round
  • The movie is directed by Thomas Vinterberg who directed The Commune in 2016.
  • It stars Mads Mikkelsen and Thomas Bo Larsen who were last seen together in The Hunt which grossed £103,544.

Ashens And The Polybius Heist

  • Also this week there is Ashens And The Polybius Heist from director Riyad Barmania marking a directorial debut.
  • The film features Stuart Ashen and Robert Llewellyn in starring roles.

Check back on Monday to see what new movies made it onto the Weekend Box Office Chart.

Next weeks there are 4 new movies

  • The Loss Adjuster, Friday, 27th November
  • A Christmas Carol, Friday, 27th November
  • Possessor, Friday, 27th November
  • Malibu Road, Wednesday, 28th October