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The Doors

Directed by


Val Kilmer
Jim Morrison
Pamela Courson
Kyle MacLachlan
Ray Manzarek
Frank Whaley
Robby Krieger
Kevin Dillon
John Densmore
Michael Wincott
Paul Rothchild
Michael Madsen
Tom Baker
Josh Evans
Bill Siddons
Dennis Burkley
Billy Idol
Kathleen Quinlan
Patricia Kennealy
John Densmore
Engineer - Last Session
Gretchen Becker
Jerry Sturm
Sean Stone
Young Jim
Kendall Deichen
Little Sister
Floyd Red Crow Westerman
Rion Hunter
Indian in Desert
Wes Studi
Indian in Desert
Steve Reevis
Indian in Desert
Bernard Telsey
Young Man with Pam
Bruce MacVittie
UCLA Student
Andrew Lauer
UCLA Student
Harmonica Fats
Blues Singer on Venice Boardwalk
Kelly Hu
John T. Forristal III
Josie Bissett
Robby Krieger's Girlfriend
Fog Groupie
Robert LuPone
Music Manager
Paul A. Rothchild
Music Manager's Sidekick
John Capodice
Eric Burdon
Backstage Manager
Nellie Red Owl
Old Crone
Victoria Seeger
Whiskey Girl
Debi Mazar
Whiskey Girl
Jacqui Bell
Whiskey Girl
Sergio Premoli
Patron at The Whiskey
Mark Moses
Jac Holzman
Frank Military
Bruce Botnick
Deborah Falconer
John Densmore's Girlfriend
Michele Bronson
New York Groupie
Will Jordan
Ed Sullivan
Sam Whipple
Sullivan's Producer
Charlie Spradling
CBS Girl Backstage
Lisa Edelstein
Makeup Artist
Erik Dellums
Hairdresser at the Sullivan Show
Mimi Rogers
Magazine Photographer
Jennifer Rubin
Paul Williams
Warhol PR
Kristina Hare
Costas Mandylor
Italian Count
Christina Fulton
Crispin Glover
Andy Warhol
Bernt Kuhlmann
Warhol Eurosnob
Claire Stansfield
Warhol Eurosnob
Karina Lombard
Warhol Actress
Christopher Lawford
New York Journalist
Dani Klein
New York Journalist
Laura Esterman
New York Journalist
Deborah Lupard
New York Journalist
Ashley Stone
New York Journalist
Richard Rifkin
New York Journalist
Chris Boyle
New York Journalist
Adrian Scott
New York Journalist
Bill Graham
New Haven Promoter
Titus Welliver
Macing Cop
Eagle Eye Cherry
David Allen Brooks
Danny Sullivan
New Haven Cop
Stanley White
New Haven Cop
Frank Girardeau
Police Lieutenant
Bonnie Bramlett
Rodney A. Grant
Patron at Barney's
Brad Weston
Hippie at Party
Hawthorne James
Chuck Vincent
Girl in Car
Cirsten Weldon
Girl in Car
Patricia Kennealy
Wicca Priestess
Davidson Thomson
High Priest
Leonard Crow Dog
Indian at the Outdoor Concert
Carmella Runnels
Indian at the Outdoor Concert
Pride in Peril
Miami Warm-Up Band
Keith Reddin
Miami Journalist
Billy Vera
Miami Promoter
Allan Graf
Miami Cop
Jack McGee
Miami Cop
Alan Manson
William Kunstler
Peter Crombie
Associate Lawyer
Robert Marshall
Annie McEnroe
Tudor Sherrard
Office Publicist
Jad Mager
Office P.A.
Kelly Leach
Birthday Girl
Richard Rutowski
Theresa Bell
Hippie Girl
Cindi Braun
Hippie Girl
Michael Braveheart
Drag Queen
Arthur Bremer
Self - Shooting George Wallace
Cait Brennan
Stray Hippie
Kathy Brolly
Hippie Chick
Taylor Brooks
Warhol Guest
William Calley
Bob Casper
Sailor / Concert Goer
Jorga Caye
Don Tex Clark
Army Soldier
Taber Cross
Bret Culpepper
Motor Officer
Efrain Denson
Audience Member
Tim Duquette
UCLA Film Student
John Louis Fischer
Trick's Friend
Phil Fondacaro
Man at Birthday Party
Miranda Frederick
Sexy Silhouette
Ben Gardiner
Tim Guinee
Insane Vegetarian
Bill Hennig
Adolf Hitler
Self - in Speech
Rich Hopkins
Lisa Joffrey
Ethel Kennedy
Self - at 1968 California Primary
Robert F. Kennedy
Self - Before and After the Shooting
Martin Luther King
Dave Knapp
Ed Sullivan patron
Mike Knox
Concert goer
Robby Krieger
Guy Back Stage
Mark Lawyer
Tripping Fan
Charles Manson
Troy Martin
Music Lawyer
Kim Meredith
Richard Nixon
Randall Oliver
John Michael Quinn
Street Spectator
Dean Rader-Duval
Dade Politician
Shannon Ratigan
Michael Reardon
Jennifer Robertson
Heidi Schooler
New Haven Tween Reporter
Ron Severdia
Oliver Stone
UCLA Film Professor
Jennifer Tilly
Okie Girl
Mariana Tosca
John Trujillo
Gregory Tutt
Police Officer
Dian Van Patten
Concert Hippie
Eric J. Van Wagoner
UCLA Student
George Wallace
Self - Being Shot by Arthur Bremer
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Year: 1991
 140 minutes (2 hrs 20 mins)
UK release date UK release: 26th April 1991
 BBFC Age Rating:  18 age rating
US release date US release: 1st March 1991
MPAA Age Rating: The Doors R age rating 
UK total gross
  £3.4 Million
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The Doors

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UK BBFC Certificate: 18
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The Doors
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