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The Empty Man

The Empty Man

Directed by


James Badge Dale
James Lasombra
Stephen Root
Arthur Parsons
Brandon Maibaum
Marin Ireland
Nora Quail
Rasneet Kaur
Aaron Poole
Robert Aramayo
Samantha Logan
Davara Walsh
Evan Jonigkeit
Adam Ferguson
Robert Coutts
The Empty Man
Robert Lee Davis
News Reporter
Connor Dowds
Jessica Matten
Ron Canada
Detective Villiers
Marijke Bezuidenhout
Virginia Kull
Brian Bowman
Connie Hollins
Bryan Kreutz
Sasha Frolova
Amanda Quail
Owen Teague
Duncan West
Jamie-Lee Money
Lisa Schwartz
Jaan Marion
Office Parker
Tanya van Graan
Allison Lasombra
Teri Wallace
News Journalist
Drake Wasser
Peter Daniel
Michael MacKenzie
Sven Ruygrok
Michael Bundred
Officer McManus
Lily Anne Polley
Vere Tindale
Pontifex Young Man
Reine Swart
Pontifex Receptionist
Vicki Liston
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Year: 2020
 137 minutes (2 hrs 17 mins)
Singapore release date Singapore release: 22nd October 2020
US release date US release: 23rd October 2020
MPAA Age Rating: The Empty Man R age rating 

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The Halloween season hit the box office this weekend and horror movie Come Play makes its debut at the top of the US box office to celebrate.

The only other new release to hit this week box office is right down at number 10 where the movie Spell directed by Mark Tonderai makes its debut.

Here is the US box office Quickview.

  • Number 1 - Come Play (1st week)
  • Highest debut - Come Play (@1)
  • Longest run - The New Mutants (10 weeks) (Not including re-releases)
  • Highest total gross - Tenet ($53,800,000) (Not including re-releases)

Here is a breakdown of the top 5 US box office movies 30th October - 1st November 2020.

Come Play

The top movie over the Halloween period is this horror movie directed by Jacob Chase which on its debut weekend take $3.15 Million.

The new Kevin Coster movie Let Him Go

is getting a release on Friday and getting some hype so it could be a short spell at the top.

Honest Thief

Liam Neeson falls to numer 2 this weekend after a couple of weeks at the top with a weekend gross of $1.35 Million, a 43% drop from last weekend.

The movie has done well at the box office and after 3 weeks of release has taken $9.5 Million.

The War With Grandpa

The Tim Hill directed movie falls one more place to number 3 this weekend with $1.08 Million, 43% down from last weekend.

The movie has a new total gross of $11.2 Million after weeks of release.



Falling to number 4 this weekend is the John David Washington starring movie which takes $885,000, only a drop of 32%.

The movie has now been on release for 9 weeks and has taken $53.8 Million.

The Empty Man

A new release last weekend the David Prior directed movie falls to number 5 this weekend with $561, a 57% drop from last weekend.

This takes the movie to $2.26 Million after 2 weeks of release.

Liam Neeson remains at the top of the US box office this weekend with the revenge thriller Honest Thief, in fact the top 3 movies remain the same as last week!

The highest new movie of the weekend is horror movie The Empty Man which makes its debut at number 4, also making a debut this week is Monsters Inc. re-release which enters at 7 and After We Collided which makes its debut at 8.

Here is the US box office Quickview.

  • Number 1 - Honest Thief (2nd week)
  • Highest debut - The Empty Man (@4)
  • Longest run - Unhinged (11 weeks)
  • Highest total gross - Tenet ($52,500,000) (not including re-releases)

US top 5 box office breakdown 23rd - 25th October 2020.

Honest Thief

Liam Neeson stars in the revenge thriller which remains at the top of the US box office for a second weekend, the week taking $2.3 Million which is only a 36% drop from last weekend.

This pushes the total gross in the US to $7.4 Million on its second weekend, and with more and more cinemas starting to open it could be one of the bigger film to open during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The War With Grandpa

The Tim Hill directed comedy starring Robert De Niro remains at number 2 this week with $1.8 Million, only 25% down from last weekend.

The film has been out for 3 weeks now and has taken $9.7 Million since release.

The Empty Man

<u><i><b>The Empty Man</b></i></u>

**UPDATE** With the release of the final weekend figures The Empty Man has taken just a little more than Tenet and so ended in third place rather than fourth.

Highest new movie of the week is the David Prior directed horror movie which lands at number 3 this weekend with $1.26 Million.

with Halloween next weekend the movie should have a strong second weekend but then the potential to drop off the chart is strong, although horror movies did shine during the pandemic cinema shutdown when only drive-in theatres were open.


Warner Bros. have admitted that their 'savour of cinema' movie was actually a failure and just maybe they opened the movie too soon, regardless of that the movie takes $1.3 Million this weekend, a drop of only 19%.

The movie has been on the box office for 8 weeks now and is by far the highest grossing movie since cinemas closed in March with $52.5 Million, as a side note Warner Bros. have been cagy about the movies box office figures.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Disney's re-release of their Henry Selick directed classic falls to number 5 this weekend with $577,000, a 57% drop, giving the movie a total gross of $76.9 Million since its 1994 release.