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The Front

No cover art for The Front

Directed by

Tom McLoughlin


Monique Lamont
Daniel Sunjata
Win Garano
Ashley Williams
Joe Grifasi
Mr. Zeffirelli
Cal Tradd
Diahann Carroll
Zak Santiago
Patricia Cornwell
Stephanie Crosby
Zoe Doyle
Nurse #2
Rothaford Gray
Detective #1
Staci Gruber
Quancetia Hamilton
Heather Hanson
Cal's Mother
Jack Hourigan
David Keeley
Howard Mather
Richard Leacock
Steve Lindstedt
Barry MacGregor
Carolyne Maraghi
Jamie Mason
Sean McCann
Dr. Hunter
Kerri Smith
Raggedy Ann
Shant Srabian
Matt Bois
Lonnie Paris
Daniel Della Penna
Young Zefferelli
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Year: 2010
 90 minutes (1 hrs 30 mins)
US release date US release: 17th April 2010
MPAA Age Rating: The Front TV-14 age rating 

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