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The Goonies General viewing, but some scenes may be unsuitable for young children. A PG film should not unsettle a child aged around eight or older. Unaccompanied children of any age may watch, but parents are advised to consider whether the content may upset younger, or more sensitive, children.


The Goonies

Directed by


Sean Astin
Jeff Cohen
Corey Feldman
Kerri Green
Martha Plimpton
Jonathan Ke Quan
John Matuszak
Robert Davi
Joe Pantoliano
Anne Ramsey
Lupe Ontiveros
Mary Ellen Trainor
Keith Walker
Curt Hanson
Steve Antin
Paul Tuerpe
George Robotham
Charles McDaniel
Elaine Cohen McMahon
Michael Paul Chan
Nick McLean
Bill Bradley
Jeb Stuart Adams
Eric Briant Wells
Gene Ross
Max Segar
Newt Arnold
Jack OLeary
Patrick Cameron
Orwin C. Harvey
Ted Grossman
Richard Donner
Rick Kuhn
Cyndi Lauper
Jennie Lew Tugend
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Year: 1985
UK release date UK release: 29th November 1985
 BBFC Age Rating:  PG age rating
UK total gross
  £2.1 Million
US total gross
  $63.2 Million
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UK total gross
The Goonies

US total gross
The Goonies

UK Age Rating
UK BBFC Certificate: PG
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UK Box Office Info

Highest chart position: 2

Weeks on box office: 8

UK Box Office Chart History
The Goonies
The Goonies - 4k Restoration
US Box Office Info

Highest US chart position: 2

Weeks on US box office: 7

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Unhinged takes the honor as being the first 'wide' release of the pandemic era as the Russell Crowe movie goes to the top of the box office knocking SpongeBob into second place.

Elsewhere on the chart Words On Bathroom Walls is the top new film while Cut Throat City is also new inside the top 5.

Here is the top 5 US movies 21st - 23rd August 2020.


A new entry at number 2 last week thanks to its Canadian release the movie expands into over 1800 American movie theatres this week and with seating capacity limits due to social distancing and with people still wary of going to indoor movie theatres the movie takes $4 Million over the weekend.

The Derrick Borte has now taken $5.05 Million and is now by far the most success film during the pandemic to hit theatres.

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge On the Run

A new entry at number 1 last week on its Canadian release the movie falls to number 2 this week again thanks to being released in US movie theatres and takes $550K over the weekend.

Two weeks in and the animated feature takes $1.4 Million.

Words On Bathroom Walls

Highest new film of the weekend is director Thor Freudenthal new movie which enters the weekend US box office at number 3 with $462K.

The Goonies

Re-entering the box office again is the 1985 Richard Donner classic which is at number 4 this weekend with $260K, the movie has now taken over $63 Million in the US.

Cut Throat City

Directed by rapper RZA and starring Eiza Gonzalez and Ethan Hawke this new movie enters the box office at number 5 with a weekend gross of $240K.

The US box office is still limping along with drive-in movie theatres making up most of the box office figures as cinemas continue to struggle to re-open in light of the continued threat of COVID-19

This week The Rental remains at the top and older catalogue titles still continue to dominate the top 5 movies.

Here are the top 5 movies in America 31st July - 2 August 2020.

The Rental

The Dave Franco directed horror movie spends another weekend at the top of the US box office with a gross of $317K over the Friday to Sunday frame.

The movie has now taken just under a million with $916K and will most likely be the third film under the cinema closures to cross the million mark.

The Goonies

The 1983 classic spends a 6th weekend on rerelease on the box office, this weekend its sits at number 2 with a gross of $150K pushing the movies total to $62.7 Million since release.

Jurassic Park

Steven Spielberg's evergreen classic spends its 7th weekend on the box office under release, this weekend at number 3 it takes $117K pushing its total since release to $403.6 Million.

Back to the Future

The ever popular time travel movie starring Michael J. Fox is at number 4 with a weekend gross of $107K wihch takes its total gross since release to $211.2 Million.

The Big Ugly

Staying at number 5 this week is director Scott Wiper's gangster movie starring Vinnie Jones which takes $105K for a $332.3K total after 2 weeks.

Still no sign of the US closedown ending anytime soon so the American box office is once more relying on mainly drive-in movie theatres for its figures.

This week the Dave Franco directed The Rental tops the box office with ease and is the widest release since the pandemic closed 99% of movie theatres.

Here is a rundown of the top 5 box office films in America 24th - 26th July 2020.

The Rental

Directed by Dave Franco this horror suspense movie takes the top spot with ease, last weeks Beauty And The Beast live action doesn't even feature on this week chart.

The movie takes $403.8K over its debut weekend giving the actor turned director a sizeable hit even under these strange circumstances.

The Karate Kid

Re-released movies are going to be a mainstay of the box office for the foreseeable future as studios keep on changing their release schedule and this week this 1984 classic is a 'new' entry at number 2.

The Ralph Macchio and Pat Morita starring movie takes $225K over the weekend with a total gross since release of $91 Million.

The Goonies

Climbing from last weeks number 5 to 3 is this old Richard Donner favourite which takes $176K over the weekend pushing its total in the US to $62.5 Million.

Jurassic Park

Steven Spielberg classic Dinosaur movie for 1993 stays put at 4 this week with $173K, the films has now taken $403.5 Million wince its release.

The Big Ugly

Highest new film of the week with this Scott Wiper directed movie which takes a modest $150K over the weekend.

The movie starrs among other Vinnie Jones and Ron Perlman.

Cinemas in the US are starting to close down again rather than re-open and release dates are starting to get changed and removed altogether from schedules so its drive-in movie showings which once again shine.

Disney's live action remake of Beaty And The Beast from 2017 is this weeks top film and with nothing in the way of new release there is nothing to report on that front, in fact the whole top 5 this week are all re-released.

Here is the top 5 movies in the US 17th - 19th July 2020

Beauty and the Beast

Originally released in mid-March of 2017 Disney continued their live action re-make succes with this tale as old as time, it made over $500 Million on its initial run.

This week it takes $467K which pushes the movies total to $504 Million.

Iron Man

Released May of 2009 the movie is credited with really kicking off the Marvel Cinematic Universe from Disney and succeeded where Hulk had failed previously.

This week the movie is at number 2 with $430K which brings the movies total gross to $318.6 Million.

Bohemian Rhapsody

The 2019 Oscar winning movie is at number 3 this week with a gross of $240K which boosts its total in the US to $216.4 Million.

Jurassic Park

This movie from director Steven Spielberg never seems to lose popularity and once again appears in the top 5 27 years after first release with $210K giving it a $403.5 Million total.

The Goonies

An '80 classic movie is at number 5 with a weekend take of $202K for a total US gross of $62.5 Million.

With the spike in COVID-19 cases in the US climbing higher than ever most states have decided to delay the opening of movie theatres so there is still no official chart and drive-ins are still a majority of the takings.

With that said the top film, for the second weekend running, is a classic re-release, this time it is the Star Wars sequel which is celebrating 40 years this year.

Here is a rundown of the top 5 film in the US 10th - 12th July 2020.

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

First released back in 1980 the highly praised sequel, which to this day and 11 movies is still considered the best movie in the Star Wars world, hits the top of the box office again.

The movie takes $611K from its 611 theatre count, the movie has made ove $200 Million since release.

Black Panther

Getting another shot at a cinema release after its successful 2018 cinema run the Marvel movie takes $367K which boosts its US gross to just over $700 Million.

Inside Out

Pixars 2015 movie about the inner workings of the mind is at 3 this week with $340K and a $356 Million total.

Jurassic Park

Another re-released movie hitting the movie theatre is the 1993 mega smash from Steven Spielberg which amazingly still holds up nearly 30 years later.

The movie takes $224K which pushes its total gross to $405.1 Million.

The Goonies

Rounding out the top 5 is another classic movie this time from 1985 which takes $215K over the weekend to push its total US gross to $66.2 Million.