The Grand Budapest Hotel 2014

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Directed by


Ralph Fiennes
Ralph Fiennes
Adrien Brody
Adrien Brody
Bill Murray
Bill Murray
Tom Wilkinson
Tom Wilkinson
Owen Wilson
Owen Wilson
F. Murray Abraham
Mathieu Amalric
Willem Dafoe
Jeff Goldblum
Harvey Keitel
Jason Schwartzman
Tilda Swinton
Tony Revolori
Larry Pine
Giselda Volodi
Florian Lukas
Karl Markovics
Volker Michalowski
Neal Huff
Bob Balaban
Fisher Stevens
Wallace Wolodarsky
Waris Ahluwalia
Jella Niemann
Marcel Mazur
Robert Bienas
Manfred Lindner
Oliver Claridge
Bernhard Kremser
Kunichi Nomura
Sister Anna Rademacher
Heinz-Werner Jeschkowski
Steffen Scheumann
Sabine Euler
Renate Klein
Uwe Holoubek
Francesco Zippel
Enrico Hoffmann
Daniel Steiner
Marie Goyette
Hendrik von Bultzingslowen
Paul Schlase
Jeno Orosz
Gyula Lukacs
Darin Damjanow
Dar Ronge
Georg Rittmannsperger
Dirk Bossmann
Arwin Lobedann
Robin Hurlstone
Jutta Westphal
Matthias Holfert
Lisa Kreuzer
Gisela Bech
Birgit Muller
Ursula Kuhnt
Monika Kruger
Wolfram Nielacny
Reinhold Hegelow
Steffen Nixdorf
Rainer Reiners
Milton Welsh
Piet Paes
Michaela Caspar
Sabine Urig
Heike Hanold-Lynch
Roy Macready
John Peet
Carl Sprague
Golo Euler
Jurgen Schwmmle
Frank Jacob
Claudia Jung
Roman Berger
Michael Benthin
Matthias Matschke
Lennart Meyer
Alfred Hnel
Manpreet Gerlach
David Adamik
Moritz Hepper
David Cioffi
Wolfgang Ceczor
Philipp Sonntag
Hans Martin Stier
Georg Tryphon
Gabriel Rush
Hannes Wegener
Gerald Sullivan
Oliver Hazell
Ben Howard
Bohumil Vachal
Marko Dyrlich
Ed Munro
Wendy Kay
Emily Lineham
Mario Rohn
Stefan Schumann
UK BBFC Age Rating:  15 age rating
UK release date UK release: 7th March 2014
UK total gross
United Kingdom Flag  £10.6 Million
US total gross
United States Flag  $59.3 Million
Global total gross
Global Flag  $172.9 Million
(1 vote)
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Salty Popcorn Star Rating
Salty Popcorn Star Rating
Salty Popcorn Star Rating
Salty Popcorn Star Rating
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The Grand Budapest Hotel

US total gross
The Grand Budapest Hotel

Global total gross
The Grand Budapest Hotel
UK Age Rating
UK BBFC Certificate: 15
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The Grand Budapest Hotel
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Knocking Non-Stop from the top of the UK video charts, The Grand Budapest Hotel is the best selling video of the week on it's debut.

The Grand Budapest Hotel was released into UK cinemas on March 7th this year and made number 3 on it's debut which was on limited release.

The film was released wide on 21st March when it made number 1 on the Uk box office. Over an 8 week period it grossed £10 million in the UK.

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