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The Grudge No one younger than 15 may see a 15 film in a cinema.


The Grudge

Directed by


Tara Westwood
Fiona Landers
Junko Bailey
Kayako Ghost
David Lawrence Brown
Sam Landers
Zoe Fish
Melinda Landers
Andrea Riseborough
Detective Muldoon
John J. Hansen
Demian Bichir
Joel Marsh Garland
Detective Greco
Bradley Sawatzky
Officer Michaels
Frank the Dog
Bruno The Dog
Frank the Dog
Lin Shaye
Faith Matheson
John Cho
Peter Spencer
Nina Spencer
Stephanie Sy
Amnio Nurse
Steven Ratzlaff
Dr. Maher
Marina Stephenson Kerr
Woman Neighbor
Jacki Weaver
Lorna Moody
Frankie Faison
William Matheson
William Sadler
Detective Wilson
Maria Anne Grant
Nancy Sorel
Agent Cole
Ray Strachan
Agent Horne
Adam Brooks
Agent Palmer
Ernesto Griffith
Psychiatric Hospital Orderly
Tracy Penner
Frederick Allen
Individual in a Mental Institution
Jim Kirby
Hospital Security
Robert Kostyra
Truck Driver
Lorrie Papadopoulos
Hospital Visitor
Robin Ruel
Dr. Friedman
Stefanie Sherk
Derek James Trapp
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Year: 2020
 94 minutes (1 hrs 34 mins)
UK release date UK release: 24th January 2020
 BBFC Age Rating:  15 age rating
US release date US release: 3rd January 2020
UK total gross
  £1.1 Million
US total gross
  $21.2 Million
Global total gross
  $49.5 Million

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UK total gross
The Grudge

UK Age Rating
UK BBFC Certificate: 15
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Highest chart position: 11

Weeks on box office: 1

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The Grudge
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As cinemas in the UK close their doors for a second time in 2020 due to a government enforced lockdown to control the COVID-19 pandemic this weeks new releases are slim and share a same date release with a home digital release. There are 3 new releases looking to take your, last week saw Two By Two: Overboard! spend a second week at the top of the UK box office.

Words On Bathroom Walls

  • The movie is directed by Thor Freudenthal
  • Thor Freudenthal also directed The Death Of Eva Sofia Valdez in 2016.
  • It stars AnnaSophia Robb who last starred in Freak Show (2018).
  • The film also stars Walton Goggins who last appeared in Them That Follow (2019).


  • This new release stars Andrea Riseborough who's last film was The Grudge (2020)
  • It also stars Michael Landes who appeared in Angel Has Fallen (2019).
  • The film is brought to us by 2 time director Zeina Durra.

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge On the Run

  • The movie is directed by Tim Hill who directed Garfield 2 in 2006.
  • It stars Tom Kenny and Bill Fagerbakke who were last seen together in The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out Of Water which grossed £7,989,048.

Check back on Monday to see what new movies made it onto the Weekend Box Office Chart.

Next weeks there are 4 new movies

  • A Place Among The Dead, Monday, 9th November
  • Love Spreads, Friday, 13th November
  • The Last Shift, Friday, 13th November
  • Hillbilly Elegy, Friday, 13th November

Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker remains at the top for another weekend while the highest new film of the weekend is the 2020 remake of The Grudge at number 4.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Remaining at the top of the US box office is the JJ Abrams saga film Star Wars movie which takes $33.7 Million on its 3rd weekend of release.

This pushes the films total US box office take to $450.7 Million, an excellent take but the lowest of the sequel trilogy movies to date.

Jumanji: The Next Level

The Jake Kasdan directed trilogy movie is at number 2 this weekend with a take of $26.5 Million.

The film total US take of $236.2 Million after 4 weeks of release, this is far lower than the previous film and the film will most likely not reach the heights of that film.

Little Women

The Saoirse Ronan and Emma Watson starring retelling of the classic novel is at number 3 this weekend with $13.5 Million pushing its total to $60 Million after 2 weeks.

The Grudge

A new year and a new remake as the Japanese horror classic gets its second Hollywood treatment.

The film makes its US debut with $11.3 Million and sites at number 4 on its debut.

Frozen II

The smash hit sequel movie is at number 5 this week with a weekend gross of $11.2 Million and a total gross of $449.8 Million after 7 weeks of release.


The Chinese award winning movie is the longest running film on the US box office this week with 13 weeks in total, it has a US gross of $23.9 Million.

A remake and sequel to the 2004 American made The Grudge, the BBFC give the new 2020 version a 15 age rating in the UK.

The new 2020 version of the film stars Betty Gilpin and Andrea Riseborough and is directed by Nicolas Pesce.

The BBFC have given the film a 15 age rating for strong gore, violence, threat and it has a runtime of 93 minutes (1 hour and 33 minutes) and the film was passed uncut.

BBFC film page

The latest re-imaging of Japanese horror film The Grudge gets a first trailer with plenty of shock horror moments to keep the horror fans happy over Halloween.

The original Japanese version came out in in 2002, called in Japan Ju-on it was directed by Takashi Shimizu.

It was then remade for the Western audience by the same director in 2004 and it starred Sarah Michelle Gellar, who at the time was hot off the heels of starring as Buffy The Vampire Slayer on TV.

This new version has Sam Raimi's name attached and is directed by Nicolas Pesce and stars Andrea Riseborough and Demian Bichir and it takes place in the same time line as the 2004 version of the film.

The film is release on 3rd January 2020 and you can catch the trailer below.