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The Public No one younger than 15 may see a 15 film in a cinema.


The Public

Directed by

Emilio Estevez


Alec Baldwin
Detective Bill Ramstead
Taylor Schilling
Stuart Goodson
Jena Malone
Jacob Vargas
Ernesto Ramirez
Gabrielle Union
Rebecca Parks
Derek Polen
William Larsen
Michael Kenneth Williams
Jeffrey Wright
Big George
Patrick Hume
Richard T. Jones
Chief Tom Edwards
Susanna Thompson
Marcy Ramstead
Spencer Garrett
John Harper
Michael Douglas Hall
Bryant Bentley
Cactus Ray
Nik Pajic
'Angry' Mike
Jared Earland
Dale Hodges
Jon Osbeck
Security Officer Williams
Keith McGill
Brian Gallagher
Nick Pirrmann
Ben Raanan
Naked Man
Mia Vera
Globe Girl
Reggie Willis
Black Patron
Ming Wang
Female Asian Patron
David Myers Gregory
Nerdy Patron
Sean Fannin
Nerdy College Patron
Chauncey Ragland
Student Patron
Shyra Thomas
Young Woman Patron
Kurt Roberson
Deaf patron
Sara Mackie
Female Patron
Dominic Mcneal
Young Homeless Patron
A. John Beeler
Homeless Patron
Angela Chambers
Homeless Woman
Marcus B. Jackson
Detective Patterson
Domenyk Mitchell
Pizza Delivery Man
Kelvin Webb
Earl Bradley
Jason Fleming
Sargeant @ Drop Off
Michael Lee
Cop @ Drop Off
Casey Gries
Hippie Girl @ Drop Off
Dylan Keith Adams
Looky Loo
Mark Angel
Bearded Homeless Man
Mark Angel
Bearded Homeless Man
Anthony Antal
Core Homeless Man
Dominique Ayers
Background Extra
Michael Lee Bailey
Core Homeless Man
Anita Farmer Bergman
Library Patron
Ray Bouderau
Lieutenant Ray
Brian Bowman
Police Officer
John E. Brownlee
Library Security
Tyler Joseph Campbell
Core Homeless Man
Elliott Carr
Police Officer
Cliff Cash
Homeless Man
Alejandro Castillo
Homeless Man
Wylie Caudill
Shuo Chen
Lesleigh Chumbley
Looky Loo
Amy Kay Clark
On-Air Reporter
Angela Coburn
Jill Coughlin
Homeless Library Patron
William Cross
Laura Dejean
Richard Doone
Donnie Dunn
Homeless Man
Shawn P. Farrell
Core Homeless Man
Robert Gerding
Attorney, SWAT
Sammy Geroulis
Jeremy Greenwell
Sick Homeless Patron
Jason Marcus Griffith
Homeless Man
John W. Harden
News crew
Al Harland
Riot Police
Deshawn Harris
Core Homeless
Jennifer Henson
Homeless Character / Patron
Adam Hicks
Riot Police
Matt Hudson
William C. Ingram
Homeless Guitar Player
Justin Inman
Homeless Man
Steven Johnson
Homeless Guy
Susan Kile
Homeless Woman
Gregory M. Knight
Core Homeless Man
Bret Aaron Knower
Core Homeless Man
Bryan Kruse
Police Officer
Michael Laurianti
Riot Policemen
Daniel J. Le Saint
Riot Police
Dillon Lynch
Core Homeless
Luna Madison
Librarian Extra
Gary Maloney
Homeless Man / Looky Loo / Donor
Joe Maurer
Homeless man
Harry McCane
Sleeping Homeless Man
Kevin McCane
News Cameraman
Kenneth Meyer
Police Officer
Brianna Moreau
Library Patron
John Newsom
Sgt John Ostrow
Michael D Overman
Core Homeless Man
Franco Pinacchio
Riot Police Officer
David Pittinger
Riot Police Officer
Charles Poole
Riot Police
Michelle Poole
Joanne Popolin
Aaron Pullins IV
Core homeless man
Don Reilly
Riot Police Officer
Matt Ridley
Library Security
Nicholas Earl Schmidt
Homeless Man
Steven Schraub
Riot Police Officer
Brian Seltzer
Riot Police Officer
Kevin W. Shiveley
Riot Police Officer
Brooke Singleton
Looky Loo
Vince Hobart Smith
Cincinnati Police Dep't
Christina Sparks
Car passenger
Carly Tamborski
Channel 9 News Reporter
Hickory Taylor
Doc, Homeless Man
Jasmine Taylor
News Reporter
Michael Urriquia
Core Homeless Man
Jim Waldfogle
Core Homeless Man
Steven Terry Walker
BOD Trustee Foley
Victoria Watkins
Cincinnati Police Detective
Ted J. Weil
Disturbed Male Patron
Eric Thomas Wilber
Homeless Man
Mallory Young
Homeless Women
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Year: 2020
 119 minutes (1 hrs 59 mins)
UK release date UK release: 21st February 2020
 BBFC Age Rating:  15 age rating
US release date US release: 5th April 2019
UK total gross
  £2.2 Thousand
US total gross
  $428.9 Thousand

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News from around the web

This weekend marks the first weekend that indicates there are signs of a return to normal as the Warner Bros. movie Godzilla Vs. Kong storms into the box office with the highest debut gross since cinemas closed in March 2020.

The monster battle movie opened in America on Wednesday and has taken an incredible $48 Million until the end of Sunday night.

Also new on the box office is The Unholy which came in at 2 and The Girl Who Believes In Miracles which entered the box office at 6 with $580,000.

US box office Quickview.

  • Number 1 - Godzilla Vs. Kong (1st Weekend)
  • Highest debut - Godzilla Vs. Kong (@1)
  • Longest run - The Croods: A New Age (19 weeks)
  • Highest total gross - The Croods: A New Age ($56.3 Million)

Here is the North American box office top 5 breakdown 2nd - 4th April 2021

Godzilla Vs. Kong

Bringing together 2 of the biggest monsters in the cinema world has re-ignited the box office in a way where others have failed and the high action special effects movie takes $48.5 Million since its opening over 5 days.

The weekend Friday to Sunday gross is $32.2 Million which is still higher than anything in recent times.

The movie is now the third biggest movie since the pandemic started needing to just beat The Croods: A New Age and Tenet which it will do, but more importantly it getting the public back in movie theatres, and with most cinemas still only at 25% capacity this is even more impressive.

And to top things off the movie has even beaten the opening gross of the 2019 movie Godzilla: King of the Monsters which managed nearly $48 Million with no pandemic closures and limitations!

Finally the movie took 80% of the total of this weeks top 15 movie.

The Unholy

After all the news about Godzilla Vs. Kong its easy to forget that there was also a new movie at number 2, Evan Spiliotopoulos directs Jeffrey Dean Morgan in the movie which takes a very respectable $3.2 Million over the weekend.

The movie got fairly bad reviews but the public seem to like it and its good to see a second new movie hitting the box office in the current box office climate.


Falling from number 1 to number 3 this weekend the Bob Odenkirk starring movie takes £3.07 on its second weekend of release, a 55% drop, giving the movie a total of $11.87 Million.

Raya and the Last Dragon

Disneys latest animated feature is this week at number 4, falling from number 2, with $1.4 Million, a 44% drop from last weekend.

The movie has now taken $39.5 Million after 5 weeks in cinemas, and with it also Disney+ prime that will have taken some of the box office taking from the movie.

Tom and Jerry

The cat and mouse duo fall to 5 this weekend with $1.4 Million, 44% down, giving it a $39.5 Million over 6 weeks.

The movie is currently the top grossing movie in America for 2021, it will lose out that place by next weekend by Godzilla Vs. kong.

During Prime Minister Boris Johnsons outline to re-opening that was announced on 22nd February cinemas will be allowed to open their doors, maybe, in stage 4 from May 17th.

Sourced from BBC

This will be good news for the industry, and cinema goers who have not been able to see movies on the big screen since the end of last 2020 when Wonder Woman 1984 was the big new movie.

It is also good news for the cinema industry which is suffering during the latest lock down and many small independent theatres may have no choice but to close for good.

The bad news of course is that after 6 weeks of having to close their doors to the public it looks like there will still be another 3 months at least of shutdown to ensure the country keeps moving in the right direction.

Also with studios having to re-shuffle their schedules and many blockbusters having gone to streaming already there needs to be some confidence that people will return to cinemas.

There are films like Tom And Jerry, The Croods: A New Age, Mortal Kombat and the much delayed MCU movie Black Widow which is due on 7th May, a move for that is almost certain now.

What is more positive is that film like No Time To Die and Top Gun: Maverick can possibly stick to their release dates of October 8th and July 9th respectively.

This date is conditional of COVID-19 cases and deaths not spiking, but the UK has done a great job under the current lockdown and the vaccination programme is going really well so fingers crossed to light can be seen at the end of the tunnel.

We all knew it was coming but hoped that maybe somehow things would improve, but with the slow reopening of cinemas and paying audiences still not feeling safe many films have had their release schedules changed.

Among them are Black Widow, Eternals, Death On The Nile, Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings and West Side Story, most of which have now gone into 2021 which at the moment seems like a safer bet.

Black Widow starring Scarlett Johansson has changed to May 7th 2021 and is perhaps one of the biggest to have a change, this could still see a debut on Disney+ if things don't improve quick enough.

West Side Story from director Steven Spielberg has gone on a whole year to December 10th 2021, this originally set to be a big 2020 holiday movie and Oscar contender.

Interestingly Denis Villeneuve's adaptation of Dune which was set to be released the same day has not (yet) moved from December 18th 2020.

Death On The Nile has moved to December 18th 2020, not into 2021 yet but it is the same day as Dune and (which I'm sure will move) and long awaited comedy sequel starring Eddie Murphy, Coming 2 America, although with no trailer or poster yet this will move to same time in 2021 at some point.

Eternals, another Marvel feature, has moved to later in 2021, November 5th, and also from Marvel Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings has changed to July 9th.

With the UK about to go back into some kind of lockdown the state of cinemas is looking as uncertain as ever, it is being suggested that Tenet's box office was effected because Warner Bros. opened the movie when people were simply not ready to go back to the movies.

There needs to be a breakthrough in overcoming the virus and cinema chains regaining the trust of the public before things will truly recover and that could be more like the end of 2021 in reality.

Source of much of this story @GiteshPandya on twitter

When Bill & Ted Face The Music was changed from a theatrical release to a joint VOD release in the US it was feared the rest of the world would follow, but today its announced that it will get a UK cinema release in 23rd September.

UK cinemas have been slowly re-opening with safety precaution for COVID-19 over the last few weeks, and with the release in the next couple of weeks for Tenet movie distributers are hoping it will rejuvenate the box office.

To hear that the third Bill & Ted movie will not go direct to VOD and get a theatrical release in the UK is great news.

Bill & Ted Face The Music once again stars Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter and is set 30 years after the last movie and follows the two title characters and they try to write the song they are destined to write which will unite the world.

From reports people are still nervous about going to movie theatres especially as some members of the public are not adhering to safety precautions and not wearing masks, so if you go and see anything in the cinema please wear a mask.

Mulan is the other movie in contention at the moment, its going to Disney+ in the US in September but could easily get a theatrical release in the UK and other countries.

To whet your appetite for the new movie here is a clip from Twitter via IGN.

As the North American box office slowly starts to come to life what is arguably the biggest new release in many weeks and takes nearly a million dollars.

With the release of Tenet in the coming week there is the hope that this event will get the public back to movie theatres who still seem reluctant to sit in a dark room for 2 hours plus with total strangers!

Here is a rundown of this week top 5 movies in North America 14th - 16th August 2020.

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge On the Run

The third Spongebob movie to hit movie theatres takes over at the top of the US box office on its debut weekend with a very decent (in current time) take of $900K.

This is the closest a movie has got to a 1 million dollar weekend since the pandemic started, but then it is perhaps the first anticipated movie in many weeks.


Maybe not as anticipated as the yellow sponge but Russell Crowe's new movie makes its debut at number 2 this weekend.

The movie takes $582K on its debut weekend, it would have been interesting to see how this film would have performed under normal circumstances, Spongebob would have been a big hit regardless but with little hype this may have disappeared without trace onto VOD.

The Tax Collector

A film which would have definitely disappeared without trace is this Shia LaBeouf starring movie which was at the top last week and falls to 3 this week with $203.7K.

After 2 week of release the David Ayer directed film has taken $634.1K in total grosses.

The Rental

4 weeks on the David Franco directed movie falls to 4 with $78K over the weekend taking its total gross to $1.3 Million.


Climbing up a single place and hitting the top 5 this week is the sequel to Train to Busan from director Sang-ho Yeon which takes $79.2K over the weekend to boost its US total gross to $273.2K.