Top Gun: Maverick 2022

Top Gun: Maverick

Directed by


Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise
Jennifer Connelly
Jennifer Connelly
Miles Teller
Val Kilmer
UK release date UK release: 27th May 2022
US release date US release: 27th May 2022
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News from around the web

The American Super Bowl is one of the top watched TV events in the US and spots during the commercial breaks and expensive so we usually get some movie trailers - Top Gun: Maverick got a 30 second trailer this year.

There was little new footage but it was good to be reminded of what we are looking forward to with this long awaited trailer.

The 30 second spot did hint at a problem between Tom Cruises Maverick and the son of his friend Goose, who you will remember died in the first movie.

The film gets a release in cinemas on 17th July 2020 ad check out the TV spot below.

Were getting ever closer to the, much anticipated, Top Gun sequel Top Gun: Maverick and today we get the second trailer.

This trailer is more of the same, we get to see how Cruises character Maverick is drafted back into the Top Gun core to become a teacher, then it seems to be a remake of the original!

There will be more to it than that, but what this trailer seems to do it 100% bring back the feeling of the original 1986 film, and thats no bad thing.

The trailer does not really let much away, most importantly what has Maverick been doing for the last 34 years other than flying light aircraft and pining after goose.

We will find out when the film is released on 17th June 2020.