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First trailer for Moonfall from director Roland Emmerich is released by Lionsgate

Robert Hyde

Director Roland Emmerich made his name with distare movies like Independence Day and high concept action movies like Stargate, and he returns to that style of genre with his latest movie Moonfall which gets its first teaser today.

Judging from the teaser it takes the director back to his roots and there is definitely a feel of the 1996 hit movie Independence Day and oddly there is a distinct tone of Armageddon from director Michael Bay, again another 90's disaster movie.

The trailer plays heavily on the idea that the human race visited the moon on the 1960's, and now the moon is coming to visit us, and some sort of alien is involved as we get a quick shot of something with tentacles in the trailer.

The movie stars Halle Berry and Patrick Wilson and we will most like be drop fed more info as the next six month go by, the release date is February 2022.


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