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About Salty Popcorn

There is always a need for staff writers, designers and developers, if you love movies and are interested in collaborating with Salty Popcorn in any capacity use the form on the left of this page.

The website 25thframe.co.uk was founded by Robert Hyde and launched in 2004, it grew into one of the top websites reporting on the UK and US box office on the internet.

It was decided to change the name to Salty Popcorn in 2020 as it has connotations of a loved, and missed, trip to the cinema and is a lot more fun, and a lot more memorable.

Why Salty Popcorn? We love to munch on popcorn at the cinema while watching movies, and lets face it salty popcorn is the best! Let us know if you disagree?

The original 25thframe.co.uk website

The aim is to provide an informative website that is not driven purely by advertising and doesn't have a large corporation trying to get your data and your money, we are independent.

Looking at film websites in the early days of the internet we identified a gap for a movie database that was focused on the movies themselves and what people think of them.

The inspiration came from sites like the original late '90's/early 2000's imdb.com (before Amazon bought them basically), boxofficemojo.com (also now owned by Amazon), rottentomatoes.com and boxofficeguru.com, there is a drive to give the movie fan a chance to enjoy rich content and contribute themselves, and there is an obsession with movies box office figures!

15 years later and the website is still alive and well and gone through many changes, there is movie news along with weekly reports on the UK, US and combined global box office performance.

The real key to the websites susccess is knowing what you think, hearing your views and striking up debates about movies, good and bad!

Salty Popcorn key people

Robert Hyde

Founder and CEO, Web Designer, SEO, Reporter and Editor

Robert is the founder of Salty Popcornb> and is incredibly proud of how far the website has come from its original idea.

He has worked on the internet for the likes of Amazon and eBay and as a proffesional web developer delivers whatever gives our users the best experience.

He has a film studies qualification and has been passionate about movies for most of his life, even having worked for Ritz Video Film Hire and Blockbuster Video for many years.

He is currently living in America.

Favourite film: Pulp Fiction