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Quigley Down Under 1991

Quigley Down Under

Directed by

Simon Wincer


Laura San Giacomo
Chris Haywood
Ron Haddrick
Tony Bonner
Jerome Ehlers
Conor McDermottroe
Roger Ward
Steve Dodd
Karen Davitt
Kylie Foster
William Zappa
Jonathan Sweet
Jon Ewing
Tim Hughes
David Slingsby
Danny Adcock
Maeliosa Stafford
Ollie Hall
Danny Baldwin
Jim Willoughby
Spike Cherrie
Gerald Egan
Guy Norris
Mark Minchinton
Brian Ellison
Mark Pennell
Billy Stockman
Michael Carman
Greg Stuart
Evelyn Krape
Eamonn Kelly
Graham Young
Allan Bradford
Cory Tjapaltjarri
Don Bridges
David Le Page
Vic Gordon
Joanie Thomas
Bruce Knappett
James Wright
Ian Lind
Fred Welsh
Gnarnayarrahe Waitairie
Paul Gurrumurruwuy Wunungmurra
Mark Yapupu
Curtis Dhambili
Johnny Djiliwuy II
Wilson Wtrrikuwuy
Michael Mathangdan
Richard Bulupal
Sebastian Warrangu
Bruce Burrngu Burrngu
Trevor Warrarka
Glen Warrandalaitj
Lindsay RaparrAwuy
Peter Daitjirri
Andrew Mangnan
Tom Murrnaling
Helen Gatja
Stephanie Djingiritj
Alice Gathayalnga
Lyn Wanyganwuy
Ruth Balpiyangay
Leonie Buminya
Dorothy Warnggarrknga
Edna Gawuda
Rachel Yandhing
Sylvia Yalumbuluwuy
Wendy Rarrumiya
Kirsten Galumay
Leonie Ganudha
Lisa Duwarringy
Rosafly Dungurrang
Phyllis Walarrangga
Kahleen Nungapan
Rosalind Wunungmurra
Simeon Rikamawuy
Joseph Yamalpurra
UK release date UK release: 5th April 1991
UK total gross
United Kingdom Flag  £552.6 Thousand

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