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Revenge of the Nerds No one younger than 18 may see an 18 film in a cinema.

Adults should be free to choose their own entertainment. Exceptions are most likely in the following areas:

  • where the material is in breach of the criminal law, or has been created through the commission of a criminal offence
  • where material or treatment appears to us to risk harm to individuals or, through their behaviour, to society. For example, the detailed portrayal of violent or dangerous acts, or of illegal drug use, which may cause harm to public health or morals. This may include portrayals of sadistic violence, rape or other non-consensual sexually violent behaviour
  • which make this violence look appealing; reinforce the suggestion that victims enjoy rape or other non-consensual sexually violent behaviour; or which invite viewer complicity in rape, other non-consensual sexually violent behaviour or other harmful violent activities
  • where there are more explicit images of sexual activity in the context of a sex work (see right) In the case of video works, which may be more accessible to younger viewers, intervention may be more frequent than for cinema films.


Revenge of the Nerds

Directed by

Jeff Kanew


Robert Carradine
Anthony Edwards
Timothy Busfield
Andrew Cassese
Curtis Armstrong
Larry B. Scott
Brian Tochi
Julia Montgomery
Michelle Meyrink
Ted McGinley
Matt Salinger
Donald Gibb
James Cromwell
David Wohl
Bernie Casey
Alice Hirson
F. William Parker
Roger Carter
Kres Mersky
Marianne Muellerleile
Lisa Welch
Suzanne B. Hayes
Shawn Siqueiros
Sandra Katzel
Fumio Kodama
Lance Lombardo
William B. Wilson
Carl Cherry
Adam Frank
Taylor Samuels
Brad Grunberg
James Anklam
Matthew M. Haugh
William C. Horning
Angela C. Gardaphe
Lisa Kolasa
Kristen Kinderman
Kay Strunk
Gamble Baffert
Brian Lover
Jerry Kurinsky
Tonja Sue Philbee
Monique Sorenson
Calon Blackledge
Scott Bird
David Moskowitz
Thomas Obeid
Theodore Kerpez
Michael Urena
Vincent Lindsley
Laura Bell
Linda Felker
Deborah Bernstein
Renee Mintz
Donna Costello
Lillie Nusz
Romy Dushoff
Rhonda Tinsley
Felicia Fagan
Jennifer Wilcox
John Almon
Brian Nelson
Daniel Egan
Thomas Repp
Jay Galland
Jay Halland
Andrew Salan
Dean Heindel
Scott Spangler
Robert Melton
Steve Yeatras
Madaline Blinder
Colleen Madden
Lucy Craig
Susan Myers
Jennie Gaio
Kristi Nelson
Carolyn Hoover
Melissa Perlman
Karen Knutzen
Lori Stock
Chris Stravolo
Kelly Reed
Malcolm Gregor
Henry Kendrick
Clinton James Austin
Greg Berg
Kris Levario
Casper Van Dien
Michael L. White
Year: 1984
UK release date BBFC Age Rating:  18 age rating
US total gross
  $40.9 Million

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Revenge of the Nerds

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UK BBFC Certificate: 18
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