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No cover art for The Beach Bum

Directed by

Harmony Korine


Snoop Dogg
Stefania LaVie Owen
Captain Wack
Jimmy Buffett
Jimmy Buffett
Donovan St V. Williams
Snoop's Rasta Pilot
David Bennett
Homeless Phil
Clinton Archambault
Joshua Rosen
Tonya Oliver
Drug Counselor
Chela Arias
Cuban Maid
Ricardo Matallana
Jose the Pool Boy
Joshua Ritter
Groom (Heather's Husband)
Jo Marie Payton
Karla Goodwin
Debra Cohen
Tourist Mother
Alan Frankel
Tourist Father
A. Ali Flores
Neck Brace Guy
Hunter Rearden
Tourist Kid #1
Lefty Korine
Tourist Kid #2
Barrie Mizerski
Pulitzer Announcer
Todd Mitchell
Lingerie's Yacht Guard #1
Devon James
Lingerie's Yacht Guard #2
John Morris
Cash Register Guy
Andrea Bennetti
Prostitute #1
Jenny Ariza
Prostitute #2
London Seabreeze
Topless Woman #1
Dvorah Marie
Topless Woman #2
Arthur Bivens
Sharon Pfeiffer
Sexy Older Woman
Sandro Paes
Tuba Player
Dustin Greer
Bertie Higgins
Bertie Higgins
Daniele Cecere
Tourist Teenager
Francis Allen
Pulitzer Announcer #2
Carlos Acevedo
Gala Patron
Peter Alexander
Jerry Ascione
Homeless Man
Van Banoovong
Drug Rehab Patient
Rosie Bernhard
Wheelchair Wedding Guest
Kailyn Blanco
Tourist Kid
Corey Booth
Homeless Man
Steven Brack
Drug Counselor
Danielle Briana
Pulitzer Prize Guest
Stephen L. Cohen
Armed Guard #2
Trent Conley
Ellen Marguerite Cullivan
Funeral / Bar / PulitzerPrizeGuest
James Slim Cunningham
Rehab Patient
Timothy Mark Davis
Ricky Diaz
Jonathan / Best Man
Joey DiSomma
Bar Patron
Tom Dodson
Pulitzer Prize Guest
Taina Dominguez
Tracy Echeverri
Pulitzer Prize Guest
Safi El Masri
Party Guest / Beach Lifeguard
Frenchi Firecracker
Drug Counselor
Sheila Friedman
Pulitzer Prize Guest / Hospital Waiting Room Visitor
Corinna Giordano
Tourist Kid
Rob Goodman
Homeless Guy 3
Mike Guzman
Sleazy Lawyer
JLynne Herrington
Wedding Guest
Paul Homza
Homeless Guy 2
Grant Koo
Laurel Levey
Dawn Lyn
Audrey Lynn
Dancing Gala Guest
Cougar MacDowall
Jamil Malik
Court Bailiff
Nick Puya
Ashae Reagan
Wedding Guest
Jeff Remas
Pulitzer Prize Guest
Jarrett Ricker
Yacht Club Guy
Megan Seely
Nicholas Simmons
Armed Guard #1
Erik Stone
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Year: 2019
 95 minutes (1 hrs 35 mins)
UK release date UK release: 25th October 2019
 BBFC Age Rating:  18 age rating
US release date US release: 29th March 2019
US total gross
  $3.5 Million

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