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The House No one younger than 15 may see a 15 film in a cinema.


The House

Directed by

Andrew Jay Cohen


Jason Mantzoukas
Ryan Simpkins
Nick Kroll
Allison Tolman
Rob Huebel
Christina Offley
Jessie Ennis
Rory Scovel
Lennon Parham
Cedric Yarbrough
Kyle Kinane
Michaela Watkins
Gillian Vigman
Steve Zissis
Alexandra Daddario
Andy Buckley
Wayne Federman
Ian Roberts
Sam Richardson
Joe Rowley
Jessica St. Clair
Andrea Savage
Linda Porter
Ben S. Harris
Sean Patrick Murphy
Randall Park
Sebastian Maniscalco
Kathleen Meyer
Tiffany Tynes
Bruna Rubio
Natasha Key
Javier Del Prado
D A Allen
Eleazar Barzart
Michelle Bernard
Bill Blair
Brian Blu
Kristopher Boutin
Libby Burns
John Byers
Nicole Chauvet
Catherine Chen
Kathy Corpus
Roger Julian Cross
Dee Cutrone
Darlene Dalmaceda
Nancy DeMars
Mike DeMille
John R. Duncan
Timothy Skyler Dunigan
Amy Seddon Ebert
Heiko Effenberger
Hasnaa El Faizi
Josh Feemster
Anthony Figueroa
Mandell Frazier
Toni French
Frank Gerrish
Greg Haines
Mobin Khan
Dave Kim
Punnavith Koy
Stasiya Kuzmina
Timothy Ryan Lahr
Waymond Lee
Marc Livingood
Oxana Lovich
Rob Marchitti
Alen Matters
Katie McCabe
Meghan McLeod
Addyson Medley
Rusty Meyers
Shannon Simone Miller
Teebone Mitchell
Peter Nikkos
Angela Nordeng
Rebecca Olejniczak
Tommy Otis
Heather Palmer
Tara Phillips
Adam Reeser
Joan Riegert
Rachel Rigall
Mark Rossignol
Eric C. Schmitz
Rick Silver
Connor Skific
Tom Spath
Stewart Strauss
Derek Sulek
Fernanda Tapia
Christopher Tardieu
Gian Franco Tordi
Valerie Tosi
Ran Wei
Harry Yi
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UK release date Released: 30th June 2017
 BBFC Age Rating:  15 age rating

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The House

UK Age Rating
UK BBFC Certificate: 15
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UK Box Office Release Breakdown
UK release date:

Highest chart position: 6

Weeks on box office: 3

UK Box Office Chart History
Box Office Gross Flow

30th Jun

7th Jul

News from around the web

There were a number of new releases at UK cinemas last weekend and this is very nicely reflected on this weeks box office with 6 new movies entering the top 10.

The list is headed up by the animated sequel Two By Two: Overboard! which makes its debut at the top, and in doing so brings to an ends the 8 week run of Tenet.

This weeks top 5 alone has 4 movies making their debut, then further down the box office is All My Life which makes its debut at number 9 and Max Winslow And The House Of Secrets which enters at number 10.

Also worthy of note, this weeks top 15 did far bette than last week with the combined gross nearly £1.5 Million.

Here is the top 15 box office Quickview.

  • Number 1 - Two By Two: Overboard! (1 week)
  • Highest debut - Two By Two: Overboard! (@1)
  • Longest run - Tent (9 weeks)
  • Highest total gross - Tenet (£17,122,299)

Here is a breakdown of the UK box office top 5 23rd - 25th October 2020.

Two By Two: Overboard!

Makings its debut at the top of the box office is the animated sequel to Two By Two from 2015 which took £566,871 on its debut.

The follow up takes £329.265 on its debut weekend, which in the current COVID-19 climate of actually a good debut, the half term holiday will have helped.

Honest Thief

Honest Thief

Liam Neeson brings his latest revenge thriller to the big screen and makes a debut at number 2 with £254,267.

It is worth noting that although Two By Two: Overboard! is the top film this is with previews and over the 3 day weekend this would have been the top movie.

The Secret Garden~2020

Given the half term week I would have thought this new adaptation of Frances Hodgson Burnett's novel would have done better but a debut at 3 with £154,087 is still good.

The original adaptation of the novel was in 1994 and starred Maggie Smith and was directed by Agnieszka Holland, it took over £3 Million at the box office.


Despite the fact that Warner Bros. has not been pleased with the performance of this movie it spent 8 weeks at the top and only on its 9th weekend of release falls to number 4 with £134,968, 28% down from last weekend.

The movie is the 5th hight grossing movie of 2020 with £17.7 Million so far.


This British heist movie directed by Barnaby Thompson lands on the chart at number 5 this week with £116,517.

It has had good reviews from critics so the future could be good for the movie and a long chart run possible.

Released in the UK this weekend, Friday, 23rd October 2020, there are 10 new releases looking to take your attention and where available get you into your local cinema to try and knock Tenet from the top of the UK box office after a 7 week run.

The Secret Garden

  • The movie is directed by Marc Munden
  • Marc Munden also directed Miranda in 2002.
  • It stars Colin Firth who last starred in 1917 (2020).
  • The film also stars Julie Walters who last appeared in The Queens Corgi (2019).
  • Colin Firth and Julie Walters appeared in We Know Where You Live (2001) together.

Honest Thief

Honest Thief
  • This new release stars Liam Neeson who's last film was Made In Italy (2020)
  • It also stars Kate Walsh who appeared in Ideal Home (2018).
  • Liam Neeson and Kate Walsh appeared in Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down The White House (2018) together.
  • The film is brought to us by 2 time director Mark Williams.

Summer Of 85

  • The movie is directed by François Ozon and is their directorial debut.
  • It stars Felix Lefebvre and Benjamin Voisin.


  • Also this week there is Rebecca from director Ben Wheatley who also directed Free Fire in 2017.
  • The film features Lily James and Jacques Bouanich in starring roles.

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm: Delivery Of Prodigious Bribe To American Regime For Make Benefit Once Glorious Nation Of Kazakhstan

  • The long list of new releases continues with Borat Subsequent Moviefilm: Delivery Of Prodigious Bribe To American Regime For Make Benefit Once Glorious Nation Of Kazakhstan which is directed by Jason Woliner which is a directorial debut.
  • It stars Sacha Baron Cohen and Irina Novak.

Max Winslow And The House Of Secrets

  • Max Winslow And The House Of Secrets from director Sean Olson who also directed The Contractor in 2013.
  • The film stars Tanner Buchanan and Chad Michael Murray.


  • This new release stars Olivia Cooke who's last film was Life Itself (2019)
  • It also stars Ben Hardy who appeared in 6 Underground (2019).
  • The film is brought to us by new director Mark Williams.

A Call To Spy

  • The movie is directed by François Ozon and is their directorial debut.
  • It stars Sarah Megan Thomas and Stana Katic.

Check back on Monday to see what new movies made it onto the Weekend Box Office Chart.

Next weeks there are 6 new movies

  • The Witches, Monday, 26th October
  • The Craft Legacy, Wednesday, 28th October
  • Malibu Road, Wednesday, 28th October
  • Relic, Friday, 30th October
  • The Courier, Friday, 30th October
  • The Burnt Orange Heresy, Friday, 30th October

Last weekend saw Tenet at the top of the UK box office, with 6 new releases can any them do enough to top the chart this weekend?


  • The movie is directed by Ben Wheatley
  • Ben Wheatley also directed A Field In England in 2013 which grossed £51.3 Thousand in the UK.
  • It stars Lily James who last starred in Margaret Atwood Live In Cinemas (2019).
  • The film also stars Armie Hammer who last appeared in Hotel Mumbai (2019).
  • Lily James and Armie Hammer appeared in Sorry To Bother You (2018) together.

Body Of Water

Body Of Water
  • This new release stars Sian Brooke who's last film was Radioactive (2020)
  • It also stars Amanda Burton who appeared in Bronson (2009).
  • The film is brought to us by new director Lucy Brydon.

I Am Greta

  • The movie is directed by Nathan Grossman and is their directorial debut.
  • It stars Greta Thunberg and Antonio Guterres.

The Other Lamb

  • Also this week there is The Other Lamb from director Malgorzata Szumowska who also directed In The Name Of in 2013.
  • The film features Raffey Cassidy and Michiel Huisman in starring roles.


  • The long list of new releases continues with Endless which is directed by Scott Speer who directed I Still See You in 2018.
  • It stars Alexandra Shipp and Nicholas Hamilton.


  • Carmilla from director Emily Harris making their directorial debut.
  • The film stars Tobias Menzies and Jessica Raine.

Check back on Monday to see what new movies made it onto the Weekend Box Office Chart.

Next weeks there are 8 new movies

  • The Secret Garden, Friday, 23rd October
  • Pixie, Friday, 23rd October
  • Summer Of 85, Friday, 23rd October
  • A Call To Spy, Friday, 23rd October
  • Borat Subsequent Moviefilm: Delivery Of Prodigious Bribe To American Regime For Make Benefit Once Glorious Nation Of Kazakhstan, Friday, 23rd October
  • Honest Thief, Friday, 23rd October
  • Max Winslow And The House Of Secrets, Friday, 23rd October
  • Two By Two: Overboard!, Friday, 23rd October

We are still relying on data mainly from Drive-in theatres but we have a new number 1 film this week in the shape of horror movie Becky which makes its debut at the top knocking The Wretched from the top.

What is nice is that we are closing in on having a full top 10 this week! There is only a month before we should start seeing things ramping up and cinemas opening, at least the ones who survive!

Here is a rundown of the top 5 movies in the US this weekend.


From directors Jonathan Milott and Cary Murnion comes this comedy thriller which takes the top spot on its debut week of release with just over $205K from 45 theatres.

The Wretched

After spending an incredible 5 weeks at the top the Brett Pierce and Drew T. Pierce directed movie falls to number 2 with just over $205k, in fact it is just $600 off being at the top!

The movie has not taken just over a Million dollars on its 6 week run.

Max Winslow And The House Of Secrets

Director Sean Olson's movie is at number 3 this week with $1,231 as it brings its total US gross to $2,360 after 2 weeks of release.


Trevor Hardy's animated movie takes $795 on its 4th weekend of release for an $11.6K total.

Sex And The Future

This would normall have disappeared from anywhere without trace but the Luis Carlos Hueck and Ethan Zvi Kaplan directed movie takes $745 on its debut to enter at 5.

With the global coronavirus pandemic stopping much of the world from leaving home to go to a movie theatre Vin Diesels new movie superhero movie makes its debut at number 1 dropping Onward to number 2.


Making its debut at the top of the global box office this week is Vin Diesel's foray into the superhero realm which makes its debut at the top with $24.4 Million from 51 countries.

The film got bad reviews from critics and public alike and despite people not venturing out the house to movie theatre it is hard to say if the film would have done much better if they had.

The road ahead does not look good and with Universal and Warner both announcing today the recent box office films are hitting streaming on Friday this could join the list sooner rather than later.


The new Pixar film is also suffering from the fear of the coronavirus and the movie falls to number 2 this week with $17.3 Million from 48 countries.

This brings the movies total gross to $101.6 Million after 2 weeks of release, and despite the good reviews and word of mouth this will end up on the lower end of Pixar movies box office.

The Invisible Man

The Universal monster movie falls to 3 this week with $12.2 Million from 66 countries for a $122.7 Million total gross after 3 weeks.

I Still Believe

This faith based movie is at 4 this week take a very good $9.7 Million from just 6 countries, this means the road ahead could look better than expected.

The Hunt

Also new this week is the new movie from director Craig Zobel which takes $6.02 Million from just 5 countries.


Next weeks box office will be interesting as many countries including Italy, France, Germany, UK and America are either locking down or recommending people stay indoors and many new releases and getting put back to later in the year meaning the box office takings for the next few weeks might not fully reflect what could have been.