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Disney will release Raya And The Last Dragon on Disney+ same day as theatres

Robert Hyde

Raya and the Last Dragon
Disney have today (December 10th) announced their upcoming animated tale Raya And The Last Dragon will get a release on premium Disney+ same day as theatrical.

Unlike Warner Bros. that have gone the whole hog and announced they will release all 2021 movies on HBO Max Disney look set to announce changes on a per film bases.

Also unlike Warner Disney are to put the movie on a premium channel, which means not only will you need a £4.99 a month subscription you will also need to pay something like £30 extra to see the movie.

Cinemas Closed

From a studios perspective there are 2 issues, you have a lot of films that have not been released due to the pandemic of 2020, so release them fast and allow the consumer to decide if they watch at home to in a movie theatre.

Some of these movies cost million to make, you ave to get as much back as possible, so you charge extra to watch them on a streaming service, its still cheaper, although debatable if its as much fun, as taking the family to the cinema.

This is also a way for studios to experiment with streaming, does it work or not, but whichever way you look at it, its going to be bad news for the owners of movie theatres who will struggle with a reduced number of people buying tickets and all the other concessions that go with a trip to the movies.

Raya And The Last Dragon is set for release 12th March 2021 in theatres and on Disney+ Premier

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