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UK release date Released: 25th January 2013
 BBFC Age Rating:  12 age rating

Directed by


David Strathairn
James Spader
Hal Holbrook
John Hawkes
Jackie Earle Haley
Bruce McGill
Tim Blake Nelson
Joseph Cross
Peter McRobbie
Gulliver McGrath
Gloria Reuben
Jeremy Strong
Michael Stuhlbarg
Boris McGiver
David Costabile
Stephen Spinella
Walton Goggins
David Warshofsky
Colman Domingo
David Oyelowo
Lukas Haas
Carlos Thompson
Bill Camp
Elizabeth Marvel
Byron Jennings
Julie White
Charmaine White
Ralph D. Edlow
Grainger Hines
Richard Topol
Walt Smith
Dakin Matthews
James Ike Eichling
Wayne Duvall
Bill Raymond
Michael Stanton Kennedy
Ford Flannagan
Robert Ayers
Robert Peters
John Moon
Kevin Lawrence O'Donnell
Jamie Horton
Joe Dellinger
Richard Warner
Elijah Chester
Dave Hager
Sean Haggerty
Mike Shiflett
Gregory Itzin
Stephen Dunn
Stephen Henderson
Chase Edmunds
John Hutton
Robert Ruffin
Drew Sease
John Lescault
Scott Wichmann
Jean Kennedy Smith
Shirley Augustine
Sarah Wylie
Margaret Ann McGowan
Hilary Montgomery
Asa-Luke Twocrow
Lancer Dean Shull
Robert Wilharm
Sgt. John Jones
Paul Gowans
Joseph Miller
John Bellemer
Mary Dunleavy
Christopher Evan Welch
Alan Sader
Gannon McHale
Ken Lambert
Thomas K. Belgrey
Ted Johnson
Don Henderson Baker
Raynor Scheine
Armistead Wellford
Michael Ruff
Rich Wills
Stephen Bozzo
Christopher Alan Stewart
Teddy Eck
Todd Fletcher
Charles Kinney
Joseph Carlson
Michael Goodwin
Edward McDonald
Jim Batchelder
Gregory Hosaflook
Joe Kerkes
William Kaffenberger
Larry Van Hoose
C. Brandon Marshall
David Russell Graham
Benjamin Shirley
Henry Kidd
Joseph Frances Filipowski
Thomas Aldridge
Sidney Blackmer Jr.
Billy Caldwell
Glenn T. Crone
Martin Dew
Theodore Ewald
Todd Hunter
Joe Inscoe
Raymond H. Johnson
Gary Keener
Randolph Meekins
Frank Moran
Charley Morgan
Chad Pettit
Barry Privett
Leslie Rogers
Marcello Rollando
Keith Tyree
Kevin J. Walsh
Robert Wray
S. Epatha Merkerson
Christopher Boyer
Stephen Dunford
David Doersch
Christopher Cartmill
Robert Shepherd
Randy Allen
Walker Babington
Logan Bennett
Ryland Breeding
Leon Addison Brown
Paul W. Carroll
Skye Dennis
Brian Elder
Dennis Farrell
David Foster
Terry Menefee Gau
Katherine Gray
Israel David Groveman
Lucas N. Hall
Vonn Harris
Jack Hoke
Bob Hurley
Kevin Inouye
Shaun Irving
Shawn Everett Jones
James Judice
Clarence Key
Stephen L. Kolb
T. Alloy Langenfeld
J. Emerson McGowan
Alexander McPherson
Jim Meisner Jr.
Adrian Nanney
Robert Lucas Nelson
Matthew Pabo
Ken Peebles
Melondy Phillips
Leigh Spofford
Stephen Szibler
Ryan Wick
Philip N. Williams
Jim Ed Wills
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UK BBFC Certificate: 12
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Highest chart position: 3

Weeks on box office: 6

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This week the animated series of Despicable Me in its third incarnation, imaginatively titled Despicable me 3, removed Transformers from the top after just a week.

Taking a decent £11 million from the weekend the third film, or fourth if you count Minions, in the series comes in under the second film but way above the first.

Worth a note last years Minions debuted with almost the exact same gross as this so the series is on a stable keel at the moment.

Transformers: The Last Knight falls down to number 3 this week with a weekend gross of £1.06 million bringing the films total gross to £8 million.

Transformers leap frogs over Baby Driver which makes its debut at number 2 this week, the much hyped film makes £3.6 million on its debut.

Directed by Edgar Write Baby Driver does better than nearly all other Write directed movies other than Hot Fuzz which was his follow up movie to the excellent Shaun of The Dead and was much hyped as well.

Also new this week is All Eyez On Me which us new at 4 with just under a million pound and quite disappointingly so The House which is new at 6 with Half a million pound.

The Boss Baby is this week the longest running film on the box office with 13 weeks and the highest total grossing with £28.5 million.

Historical charts A year ago
The Secret Life of Pets made it two weeks at the top of the Uk box office while Absolutely Fabulous The Movie was the top new film at two.

Five years ago
Ice Age: Continental Drift was the top new film which made its debut at the top while Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter fell to number 6 after a week on top.

Ten years ago
Shrek The Third made a splash on the box office and debuted at number one while 4: Rise of The Silver Surfer fell to number 2.

Fifteen years ago
Spider-Man spent its third week at the top while the top new film was Murder by Numbers at number 2.

Twenty years ago
Batman and Robin may have been panned by critics but it made its debut at the top of the box office while the Devils own fell to number 2 after a week on top.

Twenty five years ago
The Player debuted at the top of the box office while the Lawnmower Man fell from the top to number 2 on its second weekend of release.

With the release of the fifth in the now long running Transformers series we were bound to get a new film at the top of the UK box office.

Transformers The Last Knight makes its way to the top of the Uk box office on its debut weekend of release with a gross of £4.6 million, a low for the series.

In fact the other 4 films have made between £8 and £11 million on their opening, it could not surprise me if this one struggles to make that during its entire run.

Wonder Woman spent three weeks at the top of the box office before this week falling to number 2, still a &poound;1.5 million weekend is not too bad.

The films total gross has not crossed the &poound;18 million mark and it should go past the £20 million before the end of its run.

Also new this week is Hampsted at number 6 and Tubelight at number 7 with half a million and £300,000+ respectively.

Longest running film this week is The Boss Baby with 12 weeks on the charts and highest total grossing is Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 2 which has now takes £40.7 million.

Historical chart

A year ago
The Secret Life of pets landed at the top, it knocked off The Conjuring 2 The Enfield Case which spent just a week at the top.

Five years ago
As odd as it seemed Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter made its debut at the top knocking off Prometheus which fell to 4.

Ten years ago
Staying at the top for a second weekend was 4: Rise of The Silver Surfer while the top new film was Captivity at number 4.

Fifteen years ago
Spider-Man stayed at the top of the box office while top new film was The Musketeer right down at number 8.

Twenty years ago
The Devils Own found its way to the top on its debut while The Fifth Element fell to number 3 after two weeks on top.

Twenty five years ago
spending a third week at the top was The Lawnmower Man, it kept The Lover at bay which made its debut at number 2.

This week makes it 2 in a row for DiCaprio and Scorsese as The Wolf of Wall Street retains it's hold as the top film in the country.

Taking in &pounfd;3.6 million over the weekend nothing gave it a run for it's money, the total for the film is now £10.9 million from 10 days.

Highest new film is Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit, a re-boot of the series and the fifth film to portray the character. Maybe a little disappointing the film only took £1.2 million and lands at 3.

A year ago Les Mis was still riding the wave of popularity at the top of the box office while Spielberg's Lincoln entered at 3 as the highest new film, the top 5 were all Oscar contenders.

Five years ago it was still Oscar winner Slumdog Millionaire at the top with the Tom Cruise vehicle Valkyrie landing in second place.

Ten years ago we had a new number one film, Scary Movie 3 which knocked The Return of the King from the top spot after five weeks at the top.

Fifteen years ago it was all change at the top with girl power reigning in Practical Magic knocking Little Voice from the top.

Despite the threat of World War Z at UK multiplexes last weekend the Man of Steel manages to hold himself at the top.

Superman entered it's second weekend of release in a good position with after a strong opening weekend and managed a good £5 million take which not only kept it at the top but also brings it's total to over £21 million.

Entering this week in the runner up spot is Brad Pitt fighting Zombies in World War Z which took £4.5 million, coming close to Superman.

As I predicted World War Z wasn't strong enough to knock Man of Steel from the top spot.

Last year Lincoln was new at the top, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter that is, debuting on it's first week of release knocking Men in Black 3 into the runner up spot.

Five years ago The Hulk was still the top film on it's second week of release while British indie film Adulthood was the top new film at 4.

Ten years ago sequel 2 Fast 2 Furious was new at the top of the chart knocking The Matrix Reloaded into second place.

Fifteen years ago Nicolas Cage and Meg Ryan were at the top with City of Angels displacing The Wedding Singer from the top.

This weeks UK Box Office has Les Miserables making it four weeks as the most popular film in the country, not since Avatar in 2010 has a film spent more than 3 weeks at the top.

In early figures for last weekend the Tom Hooper musical took £2.8 million taking it's total to around to £30 million mark.

The top new film landed (pun intended) at 3, Denzel Washington stars and is Oscar nominated for his portrayal of an airline pilot with a drinking problem. Flight takes £1.7 million over the weekend.

Flight is having a battle with Lincoln for 3rd place and might end up in fourth by the time final figures are counted.

This time last year Chronicle was the top film of the week and the highest new film debuting at number 1 with £2.2 million, the previous weeks top film, War Horse was knocked to 4th place.

Five years ago it was all change as well as man of the moment, director J.J. Abram's this time on production duties, took Clover field to the top on it's debut with £3.4 million.

Ten years ago Spielberg was a the top with Hanks and DiCaprio and Catch Me If You can with debuted with £3.7 million.

Fifteen years ago Titanic was on the second week of its mammoth run on the chart and took £4.7 million, there was unusually no new films at the box office this week.