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1921 2018

No cover art for 1921

Directed by

Vikram Bhatt


Zarine Khan
Karan Kundrra
Manjit Singh
Vikram Bhatt
Rachel Shaw
Jazz Gee
Farida Mughal Singh
Sonnia Armstrong
Michael Walker
Mark Williams
Neil Broome
Grace Hendy
Toby Hinson
Wayne McAulay
Chris Orton
Rob Gawthorpe
Manoj Anand
Darryl Bradford
David Charles-Cully
Rene Costa
Paul Edward Davies
Joshua Gill
Linda E Greenwood
Jane Hamer
Shane Harper
Andi Hodgetts
Peter Jay
Lisa Juster
Jess Kaur
Parrgash Kaur
Kamran Khan
Rayn Khan
Bobby Mahmi
Rita McDonald Damper
Kellyann Mitchell
Harsha Morarji
Saara Nawaz
Melanie Nute
Sarah Pitts
Jason Redshaw
Frank Saul
Mandeep Sehmi
Jagdish Shukla
John Swindel
Aradhya Taing
David Turner
Gillian Vassilliou
Sharon Ward
Anna Weston
Ian White
Tim Wild
Dave Wilson
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UK release date UK release: 12th January 2018
UK total gross
United Kingdom Flag  £1.6 Thousand

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As an Amazon Associate Salty Popcorn earns from qualifying purchases.
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