Bling 2016


Directed by

Kyung Ho Lee
Wonjae Lee


Jennette McCurdy
James Woods
Carla Gugino
Jon Heder
Jason Mewes
Jason Kravits
Jim Breuer
Mr. Glump
Lex Lang
OX King
Steve Kramer
Meira Blinkoff
Asher Blinkoff
Julian Zane Chowdhury
Dave B. Mitchell
Police / Boxer
Alicyn Packard
Cancan Robot
Rena Strober
Computer Voice
Richard Epcar
Captain Black
Eva Bella
Young Sue
Zachary Alexander Rice
Young Sam
Derek Stephen Prince
Cassandra Lee Morris
Additional Voices
Doug Erholtz
Additional Voices
Ezra Weisz
Additional Voices
Sandy Fox
Additional Voices
Richard Cansino
Additional Voices
Rebecca Forstadt
Additional Voices
Ellyn Stern
Additional Voices
Kaiji Tang
Additional Voices
Nikki Ghisel
Additional Voices
Phil Morris
Additional Voices
Rick Federman
Additional Voices
Geoffrey Cantor
Additional Voices
Michelle Withfield
Additional Voices
Phil La'Marr
Additional Voices
 82 minutes (1 hrs 22 mins)
UK BBFC Age Rating:  PG age rating
MPAA Age Rating: Bling PG age rating 
US release date US release: 6th May 2016

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