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Captain America: The Winter Soldier 2014

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Directed by


Sebastian Stan
Anthony Mackie
Frank Grillo
Maximiliano Hernandez
Emily VanCamp
Toby Jones
Stan Lee
Callan Mulvey
Jenny Agutter
Bernard White
Alan Dale
Chin Han
Georges St-Pierre
Salvator Xuereb
Brian Duffy
Zack Duhame
Adetokumboh MCormack
Christopher George Sarris
Aaron Himelstein
Allan Chanes
Gozie Agbo
Christopher Markus
Stephen McFeely
Pat Healy
Ed Brubaker
D.C. Pierson
Danny Pudi
Bernard Zilinskas
Branka Katic
Angela Russo-Otstot
Jon Sklaroff
Chad Todhunter
Abigail Marlowe
Jeremy Maxwell
Emerson Brooks
Evan Parke
Ricardo Chacon
Griffin M. Allen
Ann Russo
Joe Rosalina
Michael Debeljak
Eddie J. Fernandez
Jody Hart
Steven Culp
Derek Hughes
Wendy Hoopes
Ethan Rains
Dominic Rains
Charles Wittman
Andy Martinez Jr.
Michael De Geus
Terence O'Rourke
Anne Grimenstein
Dante Rosalina
Robert Clotworthy
June Christopher
Gary Sinise
Davis Aguila
Dan Anders
Cullum Andrews
Diedra Arthur-ORee
Ben Atkins
Thomas R. Baker
Dean Barlage
Dyrell Barnett
Shaira Barton
Troy Bogdan
Sharita Bone
Nicolas Bosc
Colin Botts
Drew Breeden
Cristee Brianas
John Brooks Jr.
Brittany Buck
Jeremy Michael Burns
Amanda Burry
Travis Allen Bush
Jose Byers
Jose W. Byers
Rachel Camacho
Ulysses E. Campbell
Steven Thomas Capp
Cullen G. Chambers
Sandhya Chandel
Michael V. Chastain
Giles Clarke
Daniel Clifford
David Cohen
Joel Cole
Andrew Constantini
Martin Cremer
Layla Cushman
Guy Cusson
Rydell Danzie
Alan Davis
Adrian Denzel
Rick Dremann
Damon Driver
Shannon Edwards
John Fecek
Rod Fielder
Roshawn Franklin
Alvin J. Frazier II
Logan Fry
Lauren Gabbard
Carmen Gangale
Bryan Geary
JoAnna Leigh Gerondale
Nicholas Gibeault
Shawn Gonzalez
Henry Goodman
David Gragg
Rylend Grant
Philip Greene
Dot Gregory
Jordan Greytak
Aswan Harris
Carmen Dee Harris
Kriz Chris Henri Harriz
Brian Hartong
Nate Hatton
Rachel Herrick
David Hill
Ray Hodge
Jenna Hoskins
James Howard
Raiden Integra
Johnathon L. Jackson
Chris Jameson
Domaine Javier
Christopher Kaczmarek
Mike Karban
Bill Kennedy
Robert E. Kerr
Andrew Kiser
Kevin Kissig
Jason Klingensmith
Sharyn Kmieciak
Andrew Knode
Tara Kodosky
Thomas Kretschmann
Inder Kumar
Jennifer Lavi
Annette Lawless
Kris Leiter
James Lewis
Lucas Lind
Scott Lockhart
Carlos Lopez Jr.
George Ludden
Les Mahoney
Phil Mallon
Katana Martinez
Charlene May
Joseph McCaughtry
Terry McConnaughey
Kayla McDonald
Brent McGee
Johanna McGinley
Orlando McNary
Neal McNeil
Britney Meeks
Melissa Merry
Brett R. Miller
Brian R. Moore
Tony Moore
Sue Danna Myer
Paul Nandzik
Demetrice Nguyen
Rasik Ohal
Edward Pfeifer
Paul J. Porter
Sage Porter
LaTrallo Presley
Kristina Randjelovic
Marse Ratliff
Martin Reese
Brent Reichert
Danea Rhodes
Vincent Riviezzo
Paul David Roberts
Earl Rorer
Trent Rowland
Joe Russo
Gabriella Sagnes
Brenda Sampson
Lynda Santa
Melissa Santiago
Jason G. Sarris
Debbie Scaletta
Robert B. Schneider IV
Jeff Seich
Nestor Serrano
Tom Shafer
Christina Shaffer
Joel Shock
Michael Simpson Jr.
Matthew Skomo
Kevin Slone
Al Sotto
Jason Speer
Patrick Michael Strange
Derek Talib
Joel Thingvall
Robert P. Thitoff
Nicole Tubbs
Jason L. Wang
Christopher Warner
Xavier Wolf
Travis Wong
Theresa Wylie
Mitchell Yee
Release dates
UK release date UK release: 28th March 2014
Total grosses
UK total gross
United Kingdom Flag  £19.1 Million
US total gross
United States Flag  $259.8 Million
Global total gross
Global Flag  $714.8 Million
Salty Popcorn stats
First viewed:
21st Jan 2016
Last viewed:
15th Feb 2022
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Top Grossing Movie Chart Position
UK total gross
Captain America: The Winter Soldier

US total gross
Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Global total gross
Captain America: The Winter Soldier
UK Box Office Info

Highest chart position: 1

Weeks on box office: 8

UK Box Office Chart History
Captain America: The Winter Soldier
US Box Office Info

Highest US chart position: 1

Weeks on US box office: 6

US Box Office Chart History
Global Box Office Release Breakdown
No global box office info
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News from around the web

It's proving to be the runaway hit of moment as Fast and Furious 7 speeds ahead of the rest of the field as it produces another £5.4 million over the weekend.

This gives Furious 7 a total UK gross after 2 weekends of £26.2 million, the film is fast catching the years highest grossing movie, Fifty Shades of Grey, which has taken £34.6 million.

With little in the way of new releases next week Furious 7 could well stay at the top until the release of Avengers Age Of Ultron at the end of April.

Highest new film of the week is American teen comedy/drama The DUFF, new at 4 with £891,691, not a great start!

The other new films this week maybe underperformed and all entered at the lower end of the chart, John Wick at 6, Woman In Gold at 7 and Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 at 8.

Historical chart

A year ago
Captain America: The Winter Soldier was holding still at the top of the box office with The Quiet Ones the highest new film down at 5.

Five years ago
Clash of The Titans was still the top film in the UK while the highest new film was all the way down at 8 in the shape of Whip It.

Ten years ago
The Matthew McConaughey film Sahara was the highest new film and entered at the top of the box office knocking The Ring Two down to number 2 after a week on top.

Fifteen years ago
Julia Roberts starred in the Oscar winning Erin Brockovich which entered at the top of the box office knocking Lake Placid down to number 2.

At the UK box office this weekend the Kenneth Branagh directed live action version of Cinderella from Disney makes it's debut at the top.

Cinderella took a reasonable £3.8 million over the weekend to see it to number 1, in comparison to last years Maleficent also from Disney based on a much loved animation it half the debut gross.

The film should do well in the next couple of weeks as its the school Easter holidays, but with Home still on release and Spongebob also out there it has competition.

Home falls from the top to number 2 this week in it's second weekend of release, a £2.6 million Monday to Friday sees it's gross now stand at nearly £10 million.

Other new film hitting the box office chart this week are: The Spongebob Movie Sponge Out of Water which lands at 3 but should do well over the Easter break, Get Hard which lands at 4, Seventh Son which has a disappointing debut at 7 and Wild Tales which enters at 9.

Historical Charts

A Year Ago
Captain America: The Winter Soldier enters the box office at the top of the chart knocking The Grand Budapest Hotel down to number 3.

Five years ago
Nanny Mcphee and The Big Bang is the new film taking over from Alice In Wonderland at the top which falls down to number 2.

Ten years Ago
Hitch goes back to the top after surrendering the number 1 spot to Robots for a week, Robots falls to number 2.

Fifteen years ago
Another week at the top for Toy Story 2 while the top new film of the week was at number 5 in the shape of Magnolia

New year is time to look back and reflect on what has happened in the past, so here we present the top film lists from the past 12 months.

As you can see from the list below superhero's are still the order of the day at the box office, although in the UK British talent ruled with the Apes coming in a very close second.

UK top box office films 2014

  1. The Inbetweeners 2 - £34,608,796
  2. Dawn of The Planet of The Apes - £34,549,646
  3. The Lego Movie - £34,133,383
  4. Guardians of The Galaxy - £29,348,970
  5. X-Men Days of Future Past - £27,005,508
Top UK opening weekends
  1. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 - £12,654,109
  2. The Inbetweeners 2 - £12,538,114
  3. Transformers: Age of Extinction - £11,751,427
  4. The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies - £9,753,642
  5. X-Men Days Of Future Past - £9,1449,71
Top films worldwide
  1. Transformers: Age of Extinction - $1,078,428,137
  2. Guardians of The Galaxy - $767,555,381
  3. X-Men Days of Future Past - $722,914,986
  4. Captain America: The Winter Soldier - $713,746,958
  5. Maleficent - $710,207,328
Top US films
  1. Guardians of the Galaxy - $333M
  2. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 - $311M
  3. Captain America: The Winter Soldier - $260M
  4. The Lego Movie - $258M
  5. Transformers: Age of Extinction - $245M

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 makes it's UK home video chart debut at the top this week, as you would have expected, replacing last weeks top film Captain America.

Spider-Man's second amazing film was released at the box office on April 18th this year with a debut week at the top of the box office chart.

It's stayed in the top position for 3 weeks before it fell quite hard out of the box office chart spending just 6 weeks at cinemas.

During it's 6 week run though it did gross a quite respectable £23.6 million making it the 119th top film in the UK, worldwide it grossed $706 million making it the 63rd top film evert.

Spider-Man's sequel performed roughly on par with it's predecessor which spent an extra week at the UK box office and grossed a little more at £25 million.

Last weeks top film, Captain America: The Winter Soldier fell just a single place this week to number 2.

I can't go a week without mentioning Disney's Frozen and this week it jumps up another place and goes back into the top 3.

Check out the full UK home video chart.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier makes it two weeks at the top with strong sales to keep Johnny Depp in Transcendence at number 2.

Transcendence was released in cinemas on 25th April this year, entering the box office chart at number 3 with a £1.2 million debut weekend.

After only 3 weeks on the charts it disappeared taking a UK gross of £1.9 million and became one of Depp's lowest grossing movies in recent years, world wide it took $56 million. Frozen is still inside the top 5 best selling videos, since it's release it has not left the top 5, never actually going lower than 4, that 5 months of release.

Other new video entries this week are
Tarzan (not the Disney film) at 6
Locke (starring Tom Hardy) at 8
Alien Abduction at 12