Flight 2013


Directed by


Kelly Reilly
Kelly Reilly
Nadine Velazquez
Carter Cabassa
Adam C. Edwards
Tamara Tunie
Brian Geraghty
Conor O'Neill
Charlie E. Schmidt
Will Sherrod
Boni Yanagisawa
Adam Tomei
Dane Davenport
John Crow
Bruce Greenwood
E. Roger Mitchell
Ravi Kapoor
Jill Jane Clements
Tommy Kane
James Badge Dale
Susie Spear Purcell
Philip Pavel
Piers Morgan
Jim Tilmon
Reverend Charles Z. Gardner
Peter Gerety
Tom Nowicki
Jason Benjamin
Ric Reitz
Timothy Adams
Darius Woods
Ron Caldwell
Dylan Kussman
Bethany Anne Lind
Sharon Blackwood
Pam Smith
Garcelle Beauvais
Justin Martin
Shannon Walshe
Rhoda Griffis
Michael Beasley
Ted Hall
Laila Pruitt
Precious Bright
Melissa Leo
Steve Coulter
Ted Huckabee
Gerald Duckworth
Travis Pressley
Anthony W. Allen
Jennifer Olympia Bentley
Candace Blanchard
Nicky Buggs
Cabrenna H Burks
Miller Carbon
Charles Casey
Alonzo Cook
Jonathan Cook
Brian F. Durkin
Thomas Elliott
Holly Firfer
Curtis Gammage
Anthony B. Harris
Bradford Haynes
Anisa Johnson
Tara Jones
Marie Keefe
Zack Kibria
Todd Maynor
Kevin Michael Murphy
Camille Murray
Miles Mussenden
Sean Nix
Christopher Payne
Keith Ratchek
L. Stephanie Ray
Tammy Luthi Retzlaff
Joel Rogers
Timothy Scott
J.T. Seidler
Harley Shellhammer
Al G. Sillah
Tony D Sims
Gregory Marshall Smith
Don Teems
Jermaine Thomas
Jackson Walker
Wayne Webb
Memi West
Amy Wolkis
Jacqueline Marie Zwick
UK BBFC Age Rating:  15 age rating
UK release date UK release: 1st February 2013
UK total gross
United Kingdom Flag  £4.7 Million

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UK Age Rating
UK BBFC Certificate: 15
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For a third straight week there is no change at the top of the box office with The Wolf of Wall Street still proving too dominant and with little in the way of big new releases.

Wolf adds another £2.4 million to bring it's total to £14.9 million and looking to be Scorsese's biggest film, his previous best was Oscar winning The Departed from 2006.

Highest new film is at 3 with That Awkward Moment with took a relatively low £961,167 over the weekend.

Long running films Frozen, Gravity and The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug are still doing well but this could be the last weekend for The Hobbit and Gravity, although The Oscars could change that.

Last year Les Miserable Was still holding the top spot with highest new film Flight starring Denzel Washington entering at 3.

Five years ago Slumdog Millionaire was still doing well at the top with highest new film Revolutionary Road entering at 3.

Ten years ago the as also no move with Scary Movie 3 staying at the top, no new films in the top 10, highest new film was Cold Creek Manor at 14!

Fifteen years ago Shakespeare in Love entered the box office at the top knocking Little Voice down to 3.

This weeks UK Box Office has Les Miserables making it four weeks as the most popular film in the country, not since Avatar in 2010 has a film spent more than 3 weeks at the top.

In early figures for last weekend the Tom Hooper musical took £2.8 million taking it's total to around to £30 million mark.

The top new film landed (pun intended) at 3, Denzel Washington stars and is Oscar nominated for his portrayal of an airline pilot with a drinking problem. Flight takes £1.7 million over the weekend.

Flight is having a battle with Lincoln for 3rd place and might end up in fourth by the time final figures are counted.

This time last year Chronicle was the top film of the week and the highest new film debuting at number 1 with £2.2 million, the previous weeks top film, War Horse was knocked to 4th place.

Five years ago it was all change as well as man of the moment, director J.J. Abram's this time on production duties, took Clover field to the top on it's debut with £3.4 million.

Ten years ago Spielberg was a the top with Hanks and DiCaprio and Catch Me If You can with debuted with £3.7 million.

Fifteen years ago Titanic was on the second week of its mammoth run on the chart and took 4.7 million, there was unusually no new films at the box office this week.