Lighting Up the Stars 2022

Lighting Up the Stars

Directed by


Mo Sanmei
Wu Xiaowen
Ge Wang
Wang Jianren
Lu Liu
Yin Baixue
Jingmin Luo
Old Mo
Chuang Chen
Uncle Wu
Chunai Li
Hai Fei
Qian Wu
Weili Zheng
Mo Dajie
 112 minutes (1 hrs 52 mins)
Release dates
China release date China release: 24th June 2022
Global Flag
Global total gross
  $247.9 Million
Cinema tickets sold
United Kingdom Flag
UK tickets sold
No data
United States Flag
US tickets sold
No data
Global Flag
Global tickets sold
16.5 Million aprox.
Salty Popcorn stats
First viewed:
18th Jul 2022
Last viewed:
13th Aug 2022
Total views:

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This weeks Global box office

Lighting Up the Stars is number 15 on the Global box office with $1.9 Million.

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There are three new releases on the global box office this weekend with Thor: Love and Thunder the highest as it makes its debut at the top of the global box office.

Also new is Detective Vs. Sleuths at number 6 with $22 Million from just 3 countries and I Love You (Bahebek) at number 10 with $2.6 Million from 5 countries.

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  • Number 1 - Thor: Love and Thunder (1st weekend)
  • Highest debut - Thor: Love and Thunder (@1)
  • Longest run - Top Gun: Maverick (7 weeks)
  • Highest total gross - Top Gun: Maverick ($1.1 Billion)

World weekend box office top 5 breakdown 8th - 10th July 2022

Making its debut at the top of the global box office is the latest movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the fourth in the Thor series of movies which reunites Thor with Jane Foster.

The movie gets a release in 48 countries and takes $302 Million on its debut weekend.

After climbing to number 1 last weekend as the movie went wide across the globe this weekend the movie falls to number 2 unable to hold off the might of Thor: Love and Thunder.

Released in a huge 65 countries the movie takes $45.5 Million over the weekend, a reasonable 48% drop on its 3rd weekend.

This gives the animates sequel a total gross of $399.8 Million after 3 weeks of release.

Still inside the top 3 on its 7th weekend, the Tom Cruise sequel movie to Top Gun tales $38 Million this weekend, a 38% drop, from 66 countries.

This gives the movie a total global gross of $1.18 Million and makes it by far the top grossing movie of 2022.

Lighting Up the Stars

The Chinese movie about a relationship between a funeral director and a young girl is still released in a single country and this weekend is at 4 with $27 Million, a 37% drop.

This takes the movies total global gross to $176.2 Million after 3 weeks of release.

Finally on the top 5, and falling to 5 is the latest dinosaur movie from director Colin Trevorrow which takes $23.9 Million on its 6th weekend of release, a 44% drop over last weekend.

This gives the movie a total global gross of $876.4 Million and the third top movie of 2022 so far.

The movie will miss out of the one billion mark globally which will makes it the lowest grossing movie of the Jurassic World series which have all gone over the global milestone.