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Midway 2019


Directed by


Lieutenant Richard 'Dick' Best
Edwin Layton
Admiral Chester Nimitz
Lieutenant Commander Wade McClusky
Anne Best
Luke Kleintank
Lieutenant Clarence Earle Dickinson
Vice Admiral William 'Bull' Halsey
Lieutenant Colonel Jimmy Doolittle
Keean Johnson
Chief Aviation Radioman James Murray
Bruno Gaido
Etsushi Toyokawa
Admiral Yamamoto
Tadanobu Asano
Rear Admiral Tamon Yamaguchi
Darren Criss
Lieutenant Commander Eugene Lindsey
Brandon Sklenar
Ensign George Gay
Jake Manley
Ensign Willie West
Jun Kunimura
Admiral Nagumo
Nobuya Shimamoto
Captain Tomeo Kaku
Brennan Brown
Joseph Rochefort
Jake Weber
Rear Admiral Raymond Spruance
Alexander Ludwig
Lieutenant Roy Pearce
David Hewlett
Admiral Kimmel
Mark Rolston
Admiral King
Eric Davis
Captain Miles Browning
Kenny Leu
Zhu Xuesan
Rachael Perrell Fosket
Miriam Layton
Peter Shinkoda
Genda Minoru
James Carpinello
Captain Brockman
Tim Beckmann
Captain Rawlings
Sarah Halford
Marie Janz
Cameron Brodeur
Sully Brown
Hiromoto Ida
Prime Minister Tojo
Hiroaki Shintani
Emperor Hirohito
Russell Dennis Lewis
Ensign O'Flaherty
Geoffrey Blake
John Ford
Mikael Conde
Bill Miller
Madison Roukema
Barbara Best
Christie Brooke
Martha Penland
Dustin Geiger
Paul Crosley
Jason Lee Hoy
Executive Officer Pat Rooney
Ellen Dubin
Secretary to Admiral King
Jason New
Marine Captain
Dean Schaller
Jack MacKenzie Jr.
Jacob Blair
Hank Potter
Kayo Yasuhara
Rudolph Wallstrom
Navy Ensign
Matthew MacCaull
Staff Sergeant Matt
Philip Fu-Kang Wang
Local Commander
Johan Strombergsson-Denora
Radioman #1
Nico De Castris
Radioman #2
Alexandre Dubois
Radar Officer
Tyler Elliot Burke
Raphael Grosz-Harvey
Lt. JG (Hospital)
Trevor Danielson
Agostino Michael Cimino
Buzz Davis (Sonar Tech Nautilus)
Takeshi Kurokawa
Imperial Guardsman
Ryuta Kato
Japanese JR Officer
Garret Sato
Japanese Officer
Neil Girvan
Navy Yard Inspector
Ellis Arch
Lofton Henderson
Robert Crooks
W.G Chochalousek
Sean Colby
Gay's Radioman
Kasey Ryne Mazak
Akagi Signal Officer
Ryo Hayashida
Deck Officer Akagi
Michael Chapman
Helmsman (Nautilus)
Masahiro Tanikawa Masa Tani
Damage Control Officer
Ryohei Arima
Japanese Lieutenant (Kaga)
Hiro Kanagawa
Makigumo Captain
Ken Takikawa
Makigumo Lieutenant
Leonardo Boudreau
Tony Nowicki
Lieutenant JG Frederick Weber
Yuta Takenaka
Staff Officer #1
Tatsuya Shirato
Yamato Flag Officer
Tyler Hall
Slim Townsend
Kyle Bougeno
Smoking Sailor
David Dacosta
Breathless Ensign (Enterprise)
Kazuki Gonzalez-Adachi
Hiryu Helmsman
Reyn Halford
Torpedo Room Chief
Toyoaki Ito Leung
Japanese Boy (10 YO)
Halta Nonen
Japanese Boy #2 (6 YO)
Adrian Spencer
Chief Medic
James Hicks
Sebastian Pigott
Petty Officer #2
Simon Pelletier-Gilbert
Yorktown Spotter
Philippe Verville
Doolittle's Bombardier
Shigeru Yabuta
Japanese Duck Netting Officer
Seunghwan Min
IJN Commander
Christopher Tapia
Hiryu Pointer
Sangwon Jun
Hiryu Talker
Motoo Taira
Akagi Spotter
Ana Maria Lombo
Ballroom Singer
Greg Hovanessian
Leutenant Arizona
Deke Richards
Kimmel's Aide
Mika Amonsen
Nautilus Soldier #1
Sammy Azero
Young Crewman
Ilyes Belayel
U.S. Navy Paramedic
Alexis Bellefeuille
USS.ENT. Flag Bridge Officer
Monika Bicarova
Swing Dancer / USO Girl
Sarah Bublavy
Svitlana Campbell
Amanda Chang
Wife #7
Robert DEntremont
SBD Pilot
Dalton Fugate
Marine Gunnery Sergeant
Raynesa Jonas
Navy Wife
Maxime Lamothe
extra : Lieutenant Ted.W. Lawson
John Lobato
Radar Officer
Frank Marrs
Marine Pilot
Michael Daniel Murphy
Enterprise Officer
Sean Timothy Penczak
Naval Officer / Jeep Driver
Diezel Ramos
Navy sailor
Raphael Roberge
Willie West's Radioman
Adam Rogers
Navy Sailor
Jason Smiley
Dickinson's Radioman
Huy Hao Tran
Thomas Vallieres
Lyndsey's Gunner
Amber Walls
 138 minutes (2 hrs 18 mins)

12A age rating
Release dates
UK release date UK release: 8th November 2019
US release date US release: 8th November 2019
Total grosses
UK total gross
United Kingdom Flag  £2 Million
US total gross
United States Flag  $56.9 Million
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First viewed:
5th Nov 2019
Last viewed:
2nd Jul 2022
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14th November 2019
Salty Popcorn Rating 3
An interesting movie let down by bad script and over the top acting.
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Highest chart position: 6

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Weeks on US box office: 11

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With the box office chart currently on hold until further notice lets take a look at the home entertainment sector where for the second week running Frozen II is the top selling DVD, Blu-ray or streamed film.

Frozen II

The smash hit follow up to Disneys Frozen was a hit at the UK box office from Mid November 2019 where the film entered the chart at the top until Mid February 2020.

The animated movie took an amazing £53 Million in the UK and $1.5 Billion globally.

Le Mans '66

The Oscar nominated film starring Christian Bale and Matt Damon hit the UK box office in November 2019 when it made number 2.

It finished it theatrical run in mid December when it had taken just under £6 Million.

Knives Out

Rian Johnsons love letter to the murder mystery was a critical hit at the box office at the end of November 2019 where it was a number 2 hit.

The movie made £13 Million over an 8 week run at the cinema.


The first casualty of the coronavirus shutdown the Vin Diesel superhero movie spent a single week on the box office the weekend before things closed down where it made half a million pound.

The movie was fast tracked to streaming at is the number 4 film this week.

Charlies Angels

The 2019 reboot of the female private investigators who work for a mysterious billionaire was a bit of a flop at the end of last year when it spent just 2 weeks on the box office taking £1.1 Million.

Here is the full top 10 movies available to watch at home as compiled by

  1. Frozen II
  2. Le Mans '66 (Ford V Ferrari)
  3. Knives Out
  4. Bloodshot
  5. Charlies Angels
  6. Joker
  7. Midway
  8. Terminator: Dark Fate
  9. Downton Abbey
  10. 21 Bridges

Disney's new animated movie, the sequel Frozen II, tops the US box office with ease on its first weekend of release with A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood landing at number 2, For V Ferrari falls from the top to number 3 on its second weekend.

Frozen II

Disney's sequel smashes its way onto the US box office this weekend with an excelled debut gross of $41.8 Million.

Although the film didn't break any records in the US it is the 3rd biggest animated opening of all time behind Incredibles 2 and Finding Dory.

It was a bigger opening than the first Frozen which took $94 Million back in 2013, and to top it all off its the fifth biggest opening in the month of November in the US.

A Beautiful Day In the Neighborhood

Starring Tom Hanks this bio-pic about the American children's entertainer Mr Rogers enters the box office at number 2 with $4.54 Million.

With Oscar buzz being attached to the film for Tom hanks, and even a best film award for the movie itself the film could hang around for a while and have a boost early next year during awards season.

Ford V Ferrari

Last weeks top film falls to third place this week with a gross of $4.5 Million which brings the total gross to $46.4 Million after 2 weeks.

21 Bridges

The new film starring Blank Panther's Chadwick Boseman makes its debut at number 4 this week with $3.3 Million.


Falling to number 5 this week is the World War II drama which take $1.3 Million taking the film total gross to $39.7 Million after 3 weeks of release.


The former number 1 film this week is the top total grossing movie on the box office with $324 Million and it also has the longerst run with 8 weeks.

Racing drama Ford V Ferrari makes its US debut this week at the top of the box office while heavily hyped reboot Charlie's Angels also makes its debut but at number 3, all told it was yet another very quiet November weekend at the US box office.

Ford V. Ferrari ( Le Mans '66 )

Directed by James Mangold the racing drama, which has the title Le Mans '66 outside North America, lands at number 1 this weekend with a gross of $31 Million.

The film may have topped the US box office but the chart as a whole is going through a slump and is 44% lower than 2018 when Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald made its debut.


The World War II drama about the battle of Midway falls from the top to number 2 on its second weekend of release with $8.7 Million taking the movies total to $35.1 Million.

Charlie's Angels

After much hype this big screen reboot makes its debut at number 3 with a largely disappointing $8.6 Million.

The Elizabeth Banks directed movie failed to pull in audience and failed it pull in the same kind of interest the 2000 version of the TV show managed.

Playing With Fire

Starring John Cena this light-heated comedy fell to number 4 on its second weekend with $8.5 Million taking its total to $22.5 Million.

Last Christmas

The holiday film featuring the music of George Micheal and Wham! falls to number 5 on its second weekend with $6.1 Million for a $25 Million total.


DC's villain movie is at number 8 this weekend but its the highest total grossing movie on the box office with $322.5 Million after 7 weeks.

The US box office is having the quietest November in many years and this weekend an all new top 4 has Midway topping the chart on its debut albeit with one of the lowest takes for a top film, last weeks number 1, Terminator: Dark Fate, fell to number 5 on its second weekend.


Directed by Roland Emmerich the World Way II drama hits the top of the US box office with a very low for America $6.4 Million.

The film has performed better than expected for the studio and with little in the way of positive reviews once the late November and December big hitters are released the film will disappear quickly.

Doctor Sleep

Not performing as expected the sequel to 1980's The Shining enters the US box office with $5.2 Million.

With Halloween well out of the way and a busy period coming this will make its way onto home video quite quickly and unfortunately will slip out of the box office.

Last Christmas

A lot of publicity has hit this Christmas hit and the new film from director Paul Feig lands at number 3 this weekend with a gross of $4 Million.

The movie is being heavily publicised for its use of music from Wham! and the late George Micheal, especially the track Last Christmas which the film shares a title, this could see a boost more towards Christmas itself but it may as easily burn out quickly.

Playing With Fire

Starring John Cena a former WWE star the makers of this film must be looking for the kind of success that Dwayne Johnson has had but the film lands at number 4 this week with $3.5 Million.

Terminator: Dark Fate

There is no denying that the new Terminator movie, which had large expectations, simply hasn't re-ignited the once mighty franchise despite bringing back Linda Hamilton.

The film falls this week to number 5 with a weekend gross of $2.8 Million with a total gross in America now $40.4 Million.

The movie is falling fast and it will be lucky if it gets to $100 Million at the US market.


The DC Villain movie falls out of the top 5 this weekend but its the highest total grossing movie on the US top 10 with an amazing $306.8 Million after 6 weeks of release.

Terminator: Dark Fate manages to stay at the top of the global box office this weekend despite a very strong challenge from new film Midway which made its debut at number 2.

Terminator: Dark Fate

The box office figures for the latest Terminator movie have not been anywhere near what the film makers would have wanted, but the movie does manage a second weekend at the top of the global box office with $40.7 Million from 54 countries.

This pushes the films total global gross to $199.3 Million, and with the film loosing audiences around the world this will end up as the lowest grossing sequel of the Terminator series, and maybe mark the end.


Making its box office debut at number 2 is the Roland Emmerich directed World War II drama which narrowly misses out on the top spot with $39 Million from 21 countries.

The film has mixed reviews across the board and a short stay seems like especially as we his a very busy December with some big movie releases.


The DC Villain movie which has far passed all expectation is getting close to the magical $1 Billion mark at the global box office.

This weekend it is at number 3 and takes $29.5 Million from a still massively wide 80 countries which puts its total global gross at $984.6 Million, it will bet to $1 Billion by next weekend.

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

Disney's autumn sequel movie moves down to 4 with a slim drop and takes $27.9 Million for the weekend pushing its total gross to $430.3 Million.

Doctor Sleep

The sequel to The Shining has not done as well as expected and this week falls to 5 with $27.1 Million from 69 countries pushing the total global gross to $34.1 Million.