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Directed by


Jodie Foster
Natasha Richardson
Richard Libertini
Nick Searcy
Robin Mullins
Jeremy Davies
O'Neal Compton
Heather M. Bomba
Marianne E. Bomba
Sean Bridgers
Joe Inscoe
Stephanie Dawn Wood
Mary Lynn Riner
Lucile McIntyre
Al Wiggins
Beth Bostic
Rob Buren III
Chris T. Hill
Tim Mehaffey
Dana Stevens
Nicole Adair
Robin Rochelle
Susan Correll Hickerson
Marlon Jackson
Danny Millsaps
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UK release date Released: 10th March 1995
 BBFC Age Rating:  12 age rating

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UK BBFC Certificate: 12
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Highest chart position: 4

Weeks on box office: 5

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14 April 1995
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It's the last chart of 2020 and after many delays this year Wonder Woman 1984 makes its debut in cinemas and tops the US box office.

Also making high debuts over the festive holiday are Tom Hanks in News Of The World and Carey Mulligan in Promising Young Woman, both films are getting Oscar attention.

Further down the box office a new live action Pinocchio (not Disney) enters at 7.

US box office Quickview

  • Number 1 - Wonder Woman 1984 (1st Week)
  • Highest debut - Wonder Woman 1984 (@1)
  • Longest run - The War With Grandpa (12 weeks)*
  • Highest total gross - The War With Grandpa ($18,389,880)*
  • *Not including re-releases

This weeks top 5 US box office breakdown 25th - 27th December 2020.

Wonder Woman 1984

After being delayed a number of times due to cinema closures forced on by the COVID-19 pandemic the Wonder Woman sequel directed by Patty Jenkins finally got a release in cinemas on Christmas day, it also got a release on HBO Max the same day.

With this in mind the movie has turned into a success and with a total opening weekend of $16.7 Million it is the bigest opening since cinemas closed.

The future then looks good for the superhero movie, and with only 10% of US homes having HBO Max for many it might be the only way to watch the film.

News Of The World

News Of The World

Tom Hanks stars in the new movie from director Paul Greengrass which this week makes its debut at number 2 with $2.4 Million.

Unlike the Wonder Woman movie it is only available to see in cinemas and most like will be for the next few weeks.

The Croods: A New Age

The animated sequel falls to number 2 this week with a weekend gross of $1.7 Million, 14% down from last week.

This puts the movies total gross at $30 Million after 5 weeks of release and is the second best movie during the pandemic.

Monster Hunter~2020

After making its debut at the top of the box office last weekend the Paul W.S. Anderson directed movie fallt hard to number 4 this weekend with $1.12 Million, 49% down from last week.

The movie has taken $4.21 Million after 2 weeks of release.

Promising Young Woman

Finally on the top 5 is director Emerald Fennell new movie which stars Carey Mulligan in what is being touted as an Oscar worthy performance.

The film took $680,000 on its debut week of release and entered at number 5.

Horror, Thriller The Invisible Man makes its debut at the top of the US box office on its debut weekend knocking Sonic The Hedgehog from the top while My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising also makes an impressive debut at number 4.

The Invisible Man

Directed by Leigh Whannell the new take on a monster movie makes its way to the top of the US box office with ease over the weekend with a debut gross of $29 Million.

The Elisabeth Moss and Oliver Jackson-Cohen starring movie is well places to to have a good run at the box office and with nothing but a Pixar movie aiming at a totally different market coming of note until late March it could have a big number final gross.

Sonic The Hedgehog

The speedy blue hedgehog movie starring Jim Carrey falls to number 2 this week after a couple of weeks at the top with $16 Million over the weekend.

This brings the Jeff Fowler directed video game adaptation to $128.2 Million after 3 weeks of release.

The Call Of The Wild

The Harrison Ford starring movie falls to 3 this week with $13.2 Million taking its total to $45.8 Million after 2 weeks of release.

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising

The Japanese anime superhero film makes its debut at number 4 on the US box office with a weekend take of $5.1 Million.

With a mid-week release the film has taken $8.4 Million to date.

Bad Boys For Life

The Will Smith and Martin Lawrence buddy cop movie which has been a surprise smash hit falls to 5 this week with $4.3 Million to boost its total to $197.3 Million after 7 weeks of release.


THe Oscar winning movie from South Korea directed by Bong Joon Ho is the longest running film on the box office this week with 20 weeks in total and is at number 12 this week.

Jumanji: The Next Level

It may not have done the numbers of Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle but the Dwayne Johnson sequel is doing well and this week has the top total gross on the box office with $313.7 Million after 12 weeks, it is this weeks number 11.

A new horror take on The Invisible Man directed by Leigh Whannell is given a 15 age rating in the UK.

15 Certificate

Starring Elisabeth Moss and Oliver Jackson-Cohen the new retelling has the invisible man seeking revenge on his girlfriend after he is presumed dead.

The genre of the movie is Horror/Thriller.

Here is the BBFC breakdown.

  • Age rating: 15
  • Reason: strong bloody violence, threat, language, domestic abuse
  • Runtime: 124 minutes (2 hours and 4 minutes).
  • Release date: 28th February 2020
  • The movie was passed uncut

BBFC film page

It has been announced that American singer/songwriter Billie Eilish will write and perform the title to No Time To Die.

Billie Eilish - No Time To Die Song

This is an interesting choice as the artist is fairly unknown, especially in the UK, and she is the youngest ever performer of a Bond title track.

The artists who full name is Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O'Connell was born in 2001 making her 18 (at time of writing).

Her brother Finneas, who is also a recording artist, has co-written the song which so far has no title.

Fan reaction has so far been a little unfavourable with many people wondering why the Bond producers didn't pick someone more famous? Kasabian was a popular choice.

It would seem though that Adele's Skyfall was one of the more popular of recent songs and a return for her would have been favourable.