Paul 2011


Directed by


Seth Rogen
Seth Rogen
Jane Lynch
Jane Lynch
Kristen Wiig
Kristen Wiig
Bill Hader
Bill Hader
Blythe Danner
Jeffrey Tambor
Jesse Plemons
David Koechner
John Carroll Lynch
Joe Lo Truglio
Mia Stallard
Justin Reed
Paula LaBaredas
David House
Mark Anthony Lopez
Kimberly Forchetti
Darren Kendrick
Mike Miller
Jurgen Heimann
Nelson Ascencio
Joy Sudduth
William Arute
Patrick Mackie
Michael Arturo
Dawnielle Banks
Chris Bentley
Robert Anthony Brass
Danielle Catherine
Diego Deane
Mandi de Lude
Corey Drake
David Fernandez Jr.
Scott Flick
Christopher Fodge
Brandon Hillock
Annie Hsu
Zack Kennedy
Jeremy Owen
Michael Neal Powell
Erick Ramirez
Chris Rymer
Mark Sivertsen
Thadd Turner
Joey Wolf
UK BBFC Age Rating:  15 age rating
UK release date UK release: 18th February 2011
UK total gross
United Kingdom Flag  £13.8 Million
US total gross
United States Flag  $37.4 Million
Global total gross
Global Flag  $98 Million

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UK BBFC Certificate: 15
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Disney release their new movie Encanto at the US box office this weekend and hit the top of the box office again this year while the much anticipated House of Gucci comes in at number 3 on its debut.

Also making a debut on this weeks top 5 is Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City at number 5 while further down the box office Paul Thomas Anderson's new movie Licorice Pizza makes its debut at 13 with $336,000 and For the Love of Money starring James Caan is new at 15 with $232,000.

US box office QuickView

  • Number 1 - Encanto (1st Weekend)
  • Highest debut - Encanto (@1)
  • Longest run - Venom: Let There Be Carnage (9 weeks)
  • Highest total gross - Venom: Let There Be Carnage ($209.5 Million)

US box office top 5 breakdown weekend 26th - 28th November 2021


Disney release their latest animated feature in cinemas only this weekend and the movie makes its debut at the top of the US box office with a weekend gross of $27 Million.

It was the Thanksgiving week in the US so the movie was released on Wednesday before the big day and the movie has actually taken $40.5 Million since release.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife

The Ghostbusters sequel falls to number 2 after a week at the top with a gross of $24.5 Million, a 44% drop on its second weekend.

Despite the not so good reception from the review press audiences has enjoyed the movie and this week its total gross sits at $87.7 Million.

House of Gucci

Director Ridley Scott brings his next movie to the big screen and had acting giants Lady Gaga and Adam Driver among other as he brings the true story of the creation of fashion empire Gucci to the big screen.

The movie takes $14.2 Million over its debut weekend of release but again it was released on the Wednesday of Thanksgiving week and has to date taken $22 Million.


Director Chloe Zhao Marvel movie falls to number 4 this weekend with a gross of $7.9 Million, a small 27% drop over last weekend, taking the movies total to $150.6 Million and it is now the 7th top movie if 2021.

Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City

Director Johannes Roberts takes over helming a Resident Evil movie from Paul W.S. Anderson, and after rebooting the franchise and sticking closer the original video game source he brings the movie to the box office at number 5.

The movie takes $5.2 Million on its debut weekend.

On the UK box office this weekend Ghostbusters: Afterlife makes its debut at the top after a much delayed release, meanwhile King Richard starring Will Smith is a new entry at number 5.

Lower down the box office we have Petite Maman new at number 12 with £97,321 and Exodus new at 14 with £95,042 .

UK box office QuickView

  • Number 1 - Ghostbusters: Afterlife (1st weekend)
  • Highest debut - Ghostbusters: Afterlife (@1)
  • Longest run - No Time To Die (8 weeks)
  • Highest total gross - No Time To Die (£94.4 Million)

UK box office top 5 breakdown weekend 19th - 21st November 2021

Ghostbusters: Afterlife

Coming 22 years after Ghostbusters II director Ivan Rietman, the son of original director Ivan Rietman, brings a sequel to the movies which started he much loved franchise.

The movie makes its debut with a gross of £4.3 Million which is almost identical to the 2016 Paul Feig female led reboot.

Although the movie was delayed a couple of times due to the pandemic its been released with quite a bit of hype, although critical reviews have been very mixed it seems to have been well received by audiences.


The Marvel movie from director Chloe Zhao drop to number 2 this weekend after a couple of weeks at the top with a gross of £1.2 Million, a 58% drop over last weekend.

The movie has now taken a very reasonable £12.8 Million in the UK and is the 10th top movie of 2021 so far.

No Time To Die

Bonds 25th cinematic outing continues to do well and this week falls to 3 with a weekend gross of £940,075, a 40% drop and the first weekend it has failed to gross over £1 Million.

The total gross of the movie now sits at £94.4 Million, it is by far the top movie of 2021 and will remain there for the rest of the year.

It has now overtaken Avatar on the list of all-time UK movie and by next weekend will overtake Spectre to movie into the top 3 top movies.


The classic sci-fi adaptation from director Denis Villeneuve fall to 4 this weekend with £634,843, a 46% drop over last weekend, giving the movie a total UK gross of £20.1 Million and its the 4th top movie of 2021.

King Richard

Will Smith stars as the father of tennis superstars Serena and Venus Wiliams in the bio-pic of their rise to fame which lands at number 5 this weekend with £570,316.

The long awaited true sequel to the classic Ghostbusters movies gets released in cinemas after many delays due to the global pandemic and is given a 12A age rating.

The movie stars Finn Wolfhard and Mckenna Grace who discover loads of ghost busting equipment in their inherited farm house, the movie also stars Carrie Coon and Paul Rudd along with the surviving original Ghostbusters Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Ernie Hudson.

The movie is directed by Jason Reitman who is the son of original series director Ivan Reitman.

Movie Synopsis

When a single mother and her two children move to a new town, they soon discover they have a connection to the original Ghostbusters and the secret legacy their grandfather left behind.

BBFC certificate breakdown.

  • Title: Ghostbusters: Afterlife
  • BBFC age rating: 12A Certificate
  • Reason: moderate threat, horror, sex references, implied strong language
  • Release date: 18th November 2021
  • Runtime: 124m (2 hour 4 minutes)
  • Director: Jason Reitman
  • Starring: Finn Wolfhard, Mckenna Grace, Carrie Coon, Paul Rudd

BBFC movie page

This weekend, Friday 5th November 2021, there are 5 new films released in the UK and where available looking to hit the box office chart, but can they challenge last weekends top movie, No Time to Die, for the number 1 spot?

Here are this weeks new releases

  • Eternals
  • Spencer
  • Red Notice
  • The Card Counter
  • Finch


  • The movie is directed by Chloe Zhao, it is the directors 4th movie.
  • Chloe Zhao also directed Nomadland in 2021 which grossed £2.2 Mil. in the UK.
  • It stars Gemma Chan who also starred in Raya and the Last Dragon (2021).
  • The film also stars Richard Madden who last appeared in 1917 (2020).
  • Box Office prediction: Number 1


  • The movie is directed by Pablo Larrain, it is the directors 10th movie.
  • Pablo Larrain also directed Post Mortem in 2011 which grossed £3.2K in the UK.
  • It stars Kristen Stewart who also starred in Underwater (2020).
  • The film also stars Timothy Spall who last appeared in The Obscure Life of the Grand Duke of Corsica (2021).
  • They also appeared together in 9 Kisses (2014).
  • Box Office prediction: Number 4

Red Notice

  • The movie is directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber, it is the directors 6th movie.
  • Rawson Marshall Thurber also directed Skyscraper in 2018 which grossed £5.1 Mil. in the UK and grossed $304.1 Mil. globally.
  • It stars Dwayne Johnson who also starred in Jungle Cruise (2021).
  • The film also stars Ryan Reynolds who last appeared in Free Guy (2021).
  • Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds have starred in 2 movies together.
  • They also appeared together in Free Guy (2021).
  • Box Office prediction: Number 6

The Card Counter

  • The movie is directed by Paul Schrader, it is the directors 14th movie.
  • Paul Schrader also directed Patty Hearst in 1988 which grossed £40K in the UK.
  • It stars Oscar Isaac who also starred in Dune (2021).
  • The film also stars Tiffany Haddish who last appeared in Here Today (2021).


Check back on Monday to see what new movies made it onto the Weekend Box Office Chart.

Next week there are 4 new movies released

  • Mandelas Gun, Friday, 12th November
  • Cry Macho, Friday, 12th November
  • Mothering Sunday, Friday, 12th November
  • Becoming Cousteau, Friday, 12th November

A new trailer for Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City has been released, and those who have played the original video game are going to find things a little familiar.

Forget the Resident Evil movies that were directed by Paul W.S. Anderson and starred Milla Jovovich, from the look of this new trailer this one is a re-telling set in the world of the original video game.

The video game was first released on the Playstation 1 in 1996 and saw a group of soldiers trying to solve the mystery of Raccoon City when they get trapped in a large mansion infested with zombies.

And in this new trailer the moment you see the mansion hallway you are taken straight into the video game.

The new movie is directed by Johannes Roberts and stars Hannah John-Kamen and Kaya Scodelario and has a release date of December 3rd in the UK and November 24th in America.

There is also a new poster which you can see below.