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Speed 1994


Directed by


Jack Traven
Dennis Hopper
Howard Payne
Joe Morton
Capt. McMahon
Glenn Plummer
Jaguar Owner
Richard Lineback
Beth Grant
Hawthorne James
Carlos Carrasco
David Kriegel
Natsuko Ohama
Mrs. Kamino
Daniel Villarreal
Simone Gad
Bus Passenger #1
Loretta Jean
Bus Passenger #2
Sherri Villanueva
Bus Passenger #3
Margaret Medina
Jordan Lund
Robert Mailhouse
Young Executive
Patrick Fischler
Friend of Executive
Patrick John Hurley
Susan Barnes
Female Executive
Rick Dano
S.W.A.T. Driver
Michael Sottile
S.W.A.T. Cop
Jane Crawley
Baby Carriage Woman #1
Anne O'Sullivan
Baby Carriage Woman #2
Beau Starr
John Capodice
Thomas Rosales Jr.
James DuMont
Antonio Mora
News Anchor #1
Patty Toy
News Anchor #2
Todd Gordon
News Cameraman
Bruce Wright
Reporter #1
Mark Kriski
Reporter #2
Dagny Hultgreen
Reporter #3
Richard Schiff
Train Driver
Joseph Carberry
Sandy Martin
Neisha Folkes-LeMelle
Mrs. McMahon
Jim Mapp
Additional Bus Passenger #1
Milton Quon
Additional Bus Passenger #2
Sonia Jackson
Additional Bus Passenger #3
Carmen Williams
Additional Bus Passenger #4
Paula Montes
Additional Bus Passenger #5
Loyda Ramos
Additional Bus Passenger #6
Julia Vera
Additional Bus Passenger #7
Marylou Lim
Additional Bus Passenger #8
Brian Grant
Elevator Passenger #1
Barry Kramer
Elevator Passenger #2
Robin McKee
Elevator Passenger #3
Paige Goodman
Elevator Passenger #4
Christina Fitzgerald
Elevator Passenger #5
Tara Thomas
Elevator Passenger #6
Cece Tsou
Elevator Passenger #7
Michael N. Fujimoto
Elevator Passenger #8
Richard Gelb
Elevator Passenger #9
Randy Algoe
Freeway Car Driver
Lena Banks
Tom Bysiek
S.W.A.T. Officer on Tarmac
Veronica Cartwright
Bag Lady
Michael Dane
Mark Gordon
Reporter Waving Outside Airport Fence
Harry Hauss
Helicopter Pilot #2
Craig Hosking
Helicopter Pilot #1
Bunga Hosoi
Jaguar Guy on Freeway
J. David Jones
Helicopter Pilot #3
Rana Morrison
Lady in Coffee Shop
Christopher C. Murphy
Man Looking at Subway After Crash
Robert Nassry
Bartender #2
Michael Tamburro
Helicopter Pilot #4
Scott Wilder
S.W.A.T. Officer #1 on Flatbed Truck
Donna Phillips Winkler
Court Spectator
Eddie Yansick
S.W.A.T. Officer #2 on Flatbed Truck
 116 minutes (1 hrs 56 mins)

15 age rating
Release dates
UK release date UK release: 30th September 1994
US release date US release: 10th June 1994
Total grosses
UK total gross
United Kingdom Flag  £10.8 Million
US total gross
United States Flag  $121.2 Million
Global total gross
Global Flag  $350.4 Million
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4th May 2016
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18th Jan 2022
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UK Age Rating
UK BBFC Certificate: 15
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Weeks on box office: 15

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Director Michael Bay brings his latest movie to the big screen in March with the drama Ambulance which has been given a 15 age rating in the UK.

The movie stars Jake Gyllenhaal who is known for roles in movies like Brokeback Mountain and Donnie Darko and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II who was last seen in The Matrix Resurrections.

The movie is directed by Michael Bay who is most famous for directing Transformers in 2007 and its many sequels.

Movie Synopsis

Needing money to cover his wife's medical bills, a decorated veteran teams up with his adoptive brother to steal $32 million from a Los Angeles bank. However, when their getaway goes spectacularly wrong, the desperate thieves hijack an ambulance that's carrying a severely wounded cop and an EMT worker. Caught in a high-speed chase, the two siblings must figure out a way to outrun the law while keeping their hostages alive.

BBFC certificate breakdown.

  • Title: Ambulance
  • BBFC age rating: 15 Certificate
  • Reason: strong bloody violence, language, threat, medical gore
  • Release date: 25th March 2022
  • Runtime: 136m (2 hour 16 minutes)
  • Director:
    • Michael Bay
  • Starring:
    • Jake Gyllenhaal
    • Yahya Abdul-Mateen II
    • Eiza Gonzlez

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The BBFC have given The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard a 15 age rating in the UK for very strong language, strong bloody violence, sex references.

An all star lineup of Ryan Reynold, Samuel L. Jackson and Salma Hayek return in the comedy movie The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard, sequel to The Hitman's Bodyguard.

Also coming along for the ride this time is Morgan Freeman and Antonio Banderas in what looks like a deadpan comedy.

The movie is directed once again by Patrick Hughes.

Movie Synopsis

The world's top protection agent is called upon to guard the life of his mortal enemy, one of the world's most notorious hit men.

The relentless bodyguard and manipulative assassin have been on the opposite end of the bullet for years and are thrown together for a wildly outrageous 24 hours. During their journey from England to the Hague, they encounter high-speed car chases, outlandish boat escapades and a merciless Eastern European dictator who is out for blood.

BBFC certificate breakdown.

  • Title: The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard
  • BBFC age rating: 15 Certificate
  • Reason: very strong language, strong bloody violence, sex references.
  • Release date: May 14th 2021
  • Runtime: 100m (1 hour 40 minutes)
  • Director: Patrick Hughes

Paramount Pictures have released the first trailer for Sonic The Hedgehog which reveals the redesigned Sonic after the fan backlash of the original look and feel.

After the original trailer for 202's Sonic The Hedgehog film there was a sizeable amount of backlash from fans about the artistic design for the title character, so much so that the director Jeff Fowler publicly apologised and said he'd do a redesign.

Paramount have not released a new trailer with a character reveal, and on the whole it is being received a lot better.

Outside the controversy the film stars Jim Carey as Doctor Robotnik and is set for release Valentines Day 2020.

The trailer is good but concentrates more of Sonic and his look and speed and little on the actual film, so we'll have to wait for the next trailer for more story.

There is also a new poster worth checking out which at least features Jim Carey in a very overpowering pose.

The was a battle at the top of the Uk box office this week between The Hitmans Bodyguard and Dunkirk and with a gap of less than £50,000 Bodyguard won.

The comedy starring Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson took £1.9 million on its debut weekend to reach the top, this is the lowest opening for a film to reach number 1 since Billy Elliot The Musical Live took the top spot in September 2014.

This means that the total gross for the top 15 films is also at a low with just £10 million taken.

Falling from the top is Dunkirk, although it held on tight and in the end lost to by a narrow margin taking to second place with £1.8 million.

Dunkirk is still showing strong figures from the week and took £4 million Monday - Sunday to brings its total to nearly £50 million, it is easily the second top grossing film of 2017.

Interestingly the Monday - Sunday figures puts The Hitmans Bodyguard at number 4 with Annabelle Creation and The Emoji Movie coming second and third.

Highest grossing film on the UK box office this week is Dunkirk while the longest running film is Despicable Me 3 with 8 weeks on the chart, its currently number 6.

Historical charts

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Finding Dory Went back to the top of the box office knocking Suicide Squad to number 2 while David Brent Life On The Road was the top new film at 3.

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Ten years ago
The Bourne Ultimatum was the top new film of the week at number 1, it knocked off Rush Hour 3 to number 3.

Fifteen years ago
Men In Black II remained at the top of the box office for a third weekend while the top new film was The Sum of All Fears at number 2.

Twenty years ago
Men in Black remained at the top for a third weekend while the top new film was Speed 2 Cruise Control at number 3.

Twenty five years ago
Lethal Weapon 4 was the top new film of the week making its debut at the top while Far And Away fell to number 2.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Immersive 360 Experience

Speed across the Jakku desert from Star Wars: The Force Awakens with this immersive 360 experience created exclusively for Facebook.

Posted by Star Wars on Wednesday, 23 September 2015