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Directed by


Ellen Barkin
Jimmy Smits
JoBeth Williams
Lorraine Bracco
Tony Roberts
Perry King
Bruce Payne
Lysette Anthony
Victoria Mahoney
Basil Hoffman
Catherine Keener
Kevin Kilner
David Wohl
James Harper
John Lafayette
Jim J. Bullock
Diana Chisney
Joe Flood
Emma Walton
Louis Eppolito
Yvette Freeman
Dennis Paladino
Rick Aiello
F. William Parker
Ben Hartigan
David Gale
Robert Clotworthy
Jessie Jones
Herb Tanney
Virginia Morris
Patricia Clipper
Robert Elias
Michelle Wong
Marti Muller
Mindy Lawson
Kimberly Oja
Teri Gold
Lily Mariye
William Shockley
Jennie Nauman
Annette Quinn
Dena Burton
Michelle Reese
Alana Silvani
Jackie Moen
Karen Medak
Tracy Lambert
Taunie Vrenon
Michael Badalucco
Gregory J. Barnett
Fred Lerner
Jay R. Goldenberg
Jim Lovelett
Faith Minton
Rebecca Wood
Linda Dona
Helena Apothaker
Molly Okuneff
Elena Statheros
Barbara Schillaci
Robert Towers
Tony Genaro
Ross Brittain
Linda Gary
Richard Provost
Lenny Citrano
Ryal Haakenson
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Year: 1991

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Last Friday saw the release of the fifth in the long running Pirates of The Caribbean series, and after some high grossing debuts number 5 comes in with a lower gross and less fan fare.

The film still managed a number one debut with its £5 million weekend gross but its the lowest opening weekend sing the original film Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of The Black Pearl.

The series is clearly loosing steam and after 5 films of questionable quality the tiring series needs to retire, going from an over £10 million debut of On Stranger Tides to £5 million for the latest is a warning sign to Disney.

Falling hard from number 1 this week, and fast becoming the flop of the summer is King Arthur Legend of The Sword which this week sits at number 5.

A second weekend take of just under £600 thousand is a massive 75% drop from last week, the total after 2 weeks is nearly £4 million.

Also new this week is Diary of A Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul at number 2, the series of films is a favourite with children and takes nearly £1.5 million on its debut.

The Red Turtle also makes its debut at number 9 with £91,000 on its opening weekend of release, although it is on a limited run.

Highest total grossing film and longest run on the box office is Beauty and The Beast, and incredible 11 week run has the film grossing just over £71 million pound.

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Ten years ago
Pirates of The Caribbean: At Worlds End was the new film at the top of the box office, it knocked Spider-Man 3 to number 2.

Fifteen years ago
Star Wars Episode II: Attack of The Clones remained at the top for a second weekend while the top new film was Not Another Teen Movie at number 3.

Twenty years ago
Liar Liar spent its 4th weekend at the top while the top new film was Beavis and Butthead do America at number 2.

Twenty five years ago
Waynes World moved up to number one after its number 2 debut, in a switch around Basic Instinct fell from the top to number 2.

There is a switch around at the top of the UK video chart this week with paddington going back to the top after dipping down to 2nd last week.

Falling into second place after a week at the top is Christopher Nolan's Interstellar, the Easter holiday doing the film no favours in the sales department.

Highest new film of the week is the Ethan Hawk starring Predestination, a little know film from earlier in the year.

Predestination didn't make a dent on the box office instead having a very small release in just 10 cinemas on 20th February.

The film only hung around for a week and made £1,758 from the 10 cinemas, or about 475 tickets sold.

Not a big week for new releases as the only other new film is Fall of an Empire at number 17.

You can call it a victory if you like but the simple fact is that in the home movie market there is only room for one format, and in the high definition future if movie watching in the home we will be doing that on a Blu-ray device.

Toshiba has today (Tuesday) announced that it will discontinue production of all things HD-DVD which basically kills the format dead. It's been a long fought battle but in the end what is widely considered the best format won.

Was it the Playstation 3 which won the battle, I doubt it, but clearly Sony had learned a lesson with the Playstation 2, which was accounted for part of the success of DVD, and delaying the launch of the PS3 to include the high definition player has certainly helped the format along.

So what now of HD-DVD, Universal have also announced that they will switch to Blu-ray and Paramount will follow suit as well that’s a given. Those who bought an HD-DVD player will be able to pick up some bargains but the releases will cease very soon and their players are destined to join the Betmax grave of home entertainment.

Blu-ray is the future of High definition disks, but some at Toshibas think that there will be no physical future for home movies, a thought shared by Microsoft who were a backer of the HD-DVD format, it'll all be downloads soon, but I’m not ready for that future but I'm sure happy that Blu-ray has won this battle.