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Batman Begins 2005

Batman Begins

Directed by

Christopher Nolan
Christopher Nolan


Bruce Wayne / Batman
Rachel Dawes
Jim Gordon
Cillian Murphy
Dr. Jonathan Crane / The Scarecrow
Carmine Falcone
Rutger Hauer
Ken Watanabe
Ra's Al Ghul
Mark Boone Junior
Linus Roache
Thomas Wayne
Lucius Fox
Larry Holden
Gerard Murphy
Judge Faden
Colin McFarlane
Sara Stewart
Martha Wayne
Gus Lewis
Bruce Wayne - age 8
Richard Brake
Joe Chill
Rade Serbedzija
Homeless Man
Emma Lockhart
Rachel Dawes - age 8
Christine Adams
Catherine Porter
Blonde Female Reporter / Assassin
John Nolan
Karen David
Courthouse Reporter #1
Jonathan D. Ellis
Courthouse Reporter #2
Tamer Hassan
Faden's Limo Driver
Ronan Leahy
Uniformed Policeman #1
Vincent Wong
Old Asian Prisoner
Tom Wu
Bhutanese Prison Guard #1
Mark Chiu
Bhutanese Prison Guard #2
Turbo Kong
Enormous Prisoner
Sai-Kit Yung
Chinese Police Officer
Chike Chan
Chinese Police Officer
Tenzin Clive Ball
Himalayan Child
Tenzin Gyurme
Old Himalayan Man
Jamie Hayden
Stocky Chinese Man
David Murray
Jumpy Thug
John Kazek
Dock Thug #2
Darragh Kelly
Dock Thug #3
Patrick Nolan
Dock Cop #1
Joseph Rye
Dock Cop #2
Kwaku Ankomah
Dock Cop #3
Jo Martin
Police Prison Official
Charles Edwards
Wayne Enterprises Executive
Lucy Russell
Female Restaurant Guest
Timothy Deenihan
Male Restaurant Guest
David Bedella
Maitre D
Flavia Masetto
Restaurant Blonde #1
Emily Steven-Daly
Restaurant Blonde #2
Martin McDougall
Gotham Dock Employee
Noah Lee Margetts
Arkham Thug #1
Joe Hanley
Arkham Thug #2
Karl Shiels
Arkham Thug #3
Roger Griffiths
Arkham Uniformed Policeman
Stephen Walters
Arkham Lunatic
Richard Laing
Arkham Chase Cop
Matt Miller
Gotham Car Cop #3
Risteard Cooper
Captain Simonson
Shane Rimmer
Older Gotham Water Board Technician
Jeremy Theobald
Younger Gotham Water Board Technician
Alexandra Bastedo
Gotham Society Dame
Soo Hee Ding
Conn Horgan
Monorail Driver
Phill Curr
Transit Cop
Jack Gleeson
Little Boy
John Judd
Narrows Bridge Cop
Sarah Wateridge
Mrs. Dawes
Charlie Kranz
Basement Club Manager
Terry McMahon
Bad Swat Cop #1
Cedric Young
Liquor Store Owner
Tim Booth
Victor Zsaz
Tom Nolan
Leon Delroy Williams
Roger Yuan
Hazmat Technician
Joe Sargent
Narrows Teenager #1
Mel Taylor
Narrows Resident
Ilyssa Fradin
Barbara Gordon
Andrew Pleavin
Uniformed Policeman #2
Jeff Christian
Driving Cop
John Burke
Arkham Lunatic Cell Mate
Earlene Bentley
Arkham Asylum Nurse
Alex Moggridge
Arkham Asylum Orderly
Jay Buozzi
Asian Man - Ra's Al Ghul Decoy
Jordan Shaw
African Boy in Rags
Omar Mostafa
Falafel Stand Vendor
Patrick Pond
Opera Performer #1 Faust- Bass
Poppy Tierney
Opera Performer #2 Margaret - Soprano
Rory Campbell
Opera Performer #3 Mefistofele - Tenor
Fabio Cardascia
Spencer Wilding
League of Shadows Warriors
Mark Rhino Smith
League of Shadows Warriors
Khan Bonfils
League of Shadows Warriors
Dave Legeno
League of Shadows Warriors
Ruben Halse
League of Shadows Warriors
Rodney Ryan
League of Shadows Warriors
Dominic Burgess
Narrows Cop
Nadia Cameron-Blakey
Additional Restaurant Guest #1
Mark Straker
Male Restaurant Guest #2
T.J. Ramini
Crane Thug #1
Kieran Hurley
Crane Thug #2
Emmanuel Idowu
Narrows Teenager #2
Jeff Tanner
Bridge Cop
Martin Alexander
Dean Alexandrou
League of Shadows Warrior
Joey Ansah
League of Shadows Warrior
Anoushka Arden
Alex Argenti
Countess at the Opera
Lasco Atkins
Rick Avery
Gotham Car Cop
Morne Botes
Party Animal
John Jason Bucknall
Douglas Bunn
Arkham Prison Guard
Gary Bunn
Dr. Kraker
Kimber Closson
Thomas D. Craven
Alexander Curtis
League of Shadows Warrior
Ray Donn
Gotham Police Officer
James Embree
League of Shadows Warrior
Jon Foo
League of Shadows Warrior
Jennifer A. Goodman
Police Officer
Daniel Grzeskowiak
Swat Team Member
Tommy Gunn
Shadow Warrior
Philip Harvey
Victor Zsasz Attorney
Adam Hawkes
Gotham Police Officer
James Heatlie
Shadow Warrior
Scott Hinds
League of Shadows Warrior
Don Klass
League of Shadows Warrior
Gil Kolirin
Narrows Person
Ryan Kross
Arkham Inmate
Jeff Lipman
Falcone Bodyguard
Sonny Louis
League of Shadows Warrior
Emil Martirossian
League of Shadows Warrior
Arnold Montey
S.W.A.T. Team Member
Jane Osborn
Opera Hag
Allen Panakal
Curious Bank Hostage
John Perkins
S.W.A.T. Team Member
Ernest Pierce
S.W.A.T. Team Member
Dan Poole
Narrows Rioter
Abdul Popoola Pope
Court Reporter
Marc Radz
S.W.A.T. Team Member
Mike Savva
Arkham Cop
Kit Sinnett
Asylum Guard
Michael Stailey
Jimmy Star
Gotham City Police Officer
Mark Strange
League of Shadow Warrior
Dee Tails
Gotham City Police Officer
Chuen Tsou
League of Shadows Warrior
Russell Wilcox
Opera Hag
 140 minutes (2 hrs 20 mins)
UK BBFC Age Rating:  12A age rating
MPAA Age Rating: Batman Begins PG-13 age rating 
UK release date UK release: 16th June 2005
US release date US release: 15th June 2005
UK total gross
United Kingdom Flag  £16.7 Million
US total gross
United States Flag  $206.9 Million
Global total gross
Global Flag  $374.2 Million
No of ratings:
Total views:
(1 vote)
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Top Grossing Movie Chart Position
UK total gross
Batman Begins

US total gross
Batman Begins

Global total gross
Batman Begins
UK Age Rating
UK BBFC Certificate: 12A
UK Box Office Info

Highest chart position: 1

Weeks on box office: 17

UK Box Office Chart History
Batman Begins
Batman Begins - Re-Release
US Box Office Info

Highest US chart position: 1

Weeks on US box office: 20

US Box Office Chart History
Global Box Office Release Breakdown
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News from around the web

This weekend looked like it would be the week that Tenet was removed from the top of the UK box offie but despite the many new releases it hung on for an 8th weekend.

The event movie concert feature Micheal Ball & Alfie Boe: Back Together is the top new movie of the week coming in impressively at number 2 while further down the box office the only other new movie is the documentary feature I Am Greta at number 8.

Worthy of mention this weekend is Hocus Pocus which was re-released last weekend and hit number 14 and this week increases by 51% and bounces to number 7.

Its also worthy of a mention that for the first time since 21st August 2020 the top 15 movies in the UK did not gross over a million combined, the total is £986K, and thats with a lot of new films hitting the market.

Here is the UK box office Quickview.

  • Number 1 - Tenet (8 weeks)
  • Highest debut - Michael Ball & Alfie Boe: Back Together (@2)
  • Longest run - Onward (19 weeks)
  • Highest total gross - Tenet (£16,877,908)

Here is this weeks UK top 5 breakdown weekend 16th - 18th October 2020.


Eight weeks on and the Christopher Nolan directed movie is still in the number 1 position, this week with its lowest weekend gross to date at £187.2K, a 37% drop from last weekend.

The movie has now taken £16.8 Million at the UK box office which is the directors 6th highest grossing movie, and its more that 20005's Batman Begins (not adjusted for inflation).

Michael Ball & Alfie Boe: Back Together

Event cinema has been a part of the box office for years now and in the current climate with the box office suffering due to a lack of big blockbuster movies we get a Micheal Ball and Alfie Boe concert as the top new movie of the weekend.

Entering at number 2 the event took £175K on its 2 days of release, Saturday and Sunday.

Saint Maud

Last weeks top new movie falls to number 3 this weekend with £132.2K which boosts the movies total gross to £520.3K after 10 days of release which is 45% down from its debut gross.

After We Collided

The surprise hit of late summer remains at number 4 this week with £107.4K over the weekend, 45% down from last weekend.

This gives the movie a total gross in the UK of £3.7 Million after 7 weeks of release.

Cats & Dogs: Paws Unite!

Staying at number 5 is the Cats & Dogs sequel which takes &45.4K on its 3rd weekend of release, 40% down, giving it a £326K total.

The threat of the terminator posed no challenge for the Minions this week as the little green beings held on to the top spot with relative ease.

A second week at the top and a weekend gross of £6.2 million brings the total gross of the animated film to £20.9 million after 10 days of release.

Highest new entry of the week is Mr Schwarzenegger's return to the franchise which made him a star, Terminator.

Terminator Genisys enters the chart at number 2 with a weekend gross of £3.7 million, a little low maybe for a highly anticipated film such as this.

In comparison Terminator Salvation made £6.9 million on its debut, Terminator 3: Rise of The Machines took £6.08 million on its debut, so Genisys is running at half those two films.

Jurassic World continues to pull in the numbers and this week brings its total to £53 million.

Other new film this week are Magic Mike XXL at 4, documentary Amy at 5, with £523,192 the highest new entry for a documentary in the UK and Guillaume Tell Royal Opera House at 8.

Historical Charts

A year ago
Mrs. Brown's Boys D'Movie retained its position at the top while the highest new film was Tammy at number 5.

Five years ago
Shrek Forever After was the highest new film of the week and the new number 1, it knocked Killers from the top spot after only a week.

Ten years ago
Stephen Spielbergs War of The Worlds was the top film on it's debut, it knocked Batman Begins from the top spot.

Fifteen years ago
Chicken Run made its debut at the top of the box office, it finally knocked Gladiator from the top.

Twenty years ago
Congo made it's debut at the top of the box office knocking Bad Boys down to number 1 after a week at the top.

Commanding the box office in even greater fashion than last week Jurassic World scores the second highest second weekend gross in the UK, the holder being Skyfall from 2012.

With £11 million Jurassic World takes it's total gross to £38.5 million and should see it become the highest grossing film of the year by next weekend.

Rolling into second place on it's debut is the event film Take That Live, recoded earlier this year at the O2 arena in London the film grosses £965,000 on its Saturday only showing.

Highest new film' of the week is new at number 4, the ever popular charter of Sherlock Holmes is played by Ian McKellen in Mr. Holes which debuts with £741.080.

Historical charts

A year ago
The Fault In Our Stars made its debut at the top of the box office knocking 22 Jump Street from the top to number 2.

Five years ago
Killers starring Aston Kutcher debuted at the top finally knocking Sex and The City 2 down to number 2 after 3 weeks at the top.

Ten years ago
The Batman revamp Batman Begins made it's debut at the top while the previous weeks top film, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, fell into second place.

Fifteen years ago
Gladiator was still holding onto the top position while the top new film of the week was Frequency.

Twenty years ago
Action film Bad Boys was the top film across the country which knocked The Brady Bunch Movie down to number 2.

A New poster has been released for the upcoming Batman sequel movie titled The Dark Knight, and its a clever look at the film which is one again starring Christian Bale as the caped crusader.

The one thing I've been very impressed with during the promotional campaign if the quality of the posters and the way they give little away while letting you know its a Batman movie.

Having not enjoyed Batman Begins as much as many others this reset for the DC universe Warner Bros. Batman franchise has at least made us very curious.

Lets hope the excellent Christopher Nolan can direct a sequel that expands his universe and gives us the style he put into Inception.