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Evita General viewing, but some scenes may be unsuitable for young children. A PG film should not unsettle a child aged around eight or older. Unaccompanied children of any age may watch, but parents are advised to consider whether the content may upset younger, or more sensitive, children.



Directed by


Eva Peron
Juan Peron
Jimmy Nail
Agustin Magaldi
Victoria Sus
Dona Juana
Julian Littman
Brother Juan
Olga Merediz
Laura Pallas
Elisa Duarte
Julia Worsley
Maria Lujan Hidalgo
Young Eva
Servando Villamil
Cipriano Reyes
Andrea Corr
Peron's Mistress
Peter Polycarpou
Domingo Mercante
Gary Brooker
Juan Bramuglia
Maite Yerro
Adria Collado
Gabriel Kraisman
Cinema Manager
Martin Drogo
Young Juan
Venesa Weis
Young Blanca
Veronica Ferrari Risler
Young Elisa
Aldana Garcia Soler
Young Erminda
Domingo Chiofalo
Chivilcoy Priest
Ismael Osorio
Juan Duarte Sr.
Lidia Catalano
Estela Grisolia
John Coverdale
Junin Tango Band Member
Roderick Hart
Junin Tango Band Member
Ian Hill
Junin Tango Band Member
Rob Levy
Junin Tango Band Member
Teddy Peiro
Junin Tango Band Member
Joe Townsend
Junin Tango Band Member
Mark Ryan
Waiter in Junin Bar
Gordon Neville
Waiter in Junin Bar
Frederick Warder
Waiter in Junin Bar
Albin Pahernik
Eva's Dance Partner
Luca Tommassini
Eva's Dance Partner
Denis Tremblay
Eva's Dance Partner
Eva Vari
Senora Magaldi
Zsanett Farkas
Magaldi Child
Sergio Lerer
Theatre Producer
Mara Bestelli
Starlet at Audition
Monica Lairana
Starlet at Audition
Bettina Menegazzo
Starlet at Audition / Zaz Jingle Duo
Laura Miller
Starlet at Audition
Marcelo Alejandro Auchelli
Luis Alday
Emilio Kartulowicz
Luis Boccia
Senor Jabon
Vera Fogwill
Zaz Jingle Duo
Alfredo Martin
Col. Anibal Imbert
Diego Leske
Eva's Admirer
Francisco Napoli
Eva's Admirer
Eduardo Ruderman
Eva's Admirer
Fabian Stratas
Eva's Admirer
David Henry
President Rawson
Fernando Agustin Henin
Eva's Co-star
Alan Parker
Tormented Film Director
Denis Lill
President Farrell
Balazs Tardy
Father Benitez
Nick Holder
Announcer on Balcony
Brian Cobby
Hortensio Quijano
George Little
Ana Justo
Aristo Woman
Victor Satchwell
Spanish Ambassador
Sally Bourne
Eva's Maid
Rachel Izen
Eva's Maid
Susan Raasay
Eva's Maid
Nickolas Grace
Salon Manager
Peter Hughes
John Gower
Prince Fuspoli
Charles Lewsen
Pope Pius XII
Ian Good
Paris Opera Singer
Troy Jackson
Paris Opera Singer
Marcos Woinsky
Opposition Politician
Andras Komlos
Vigil Priest
Ricardo Aliaga
Eileen Booth
John Byrnes
Iris Christy
Ina Clare
Anna De Freitas
Alison Del Rio
Eduardo del Rio
Dan Dorlin
Anne Frankel
Els Gevaert
Fabiana Giudicotti
Diomar Giraldo
Edward Grundy
Jackie Hall
Peter Jessup
Asad Khan
Geoff Lambert
Barry Levhar
Richard Marcel
Lawrence Merry
Tony Meredith
Osvaldo Hector Miranda
Myriam Ojedo
Kerry Ribchester
Peta Roby
Carmela Romero
Warren Smith
Diana Syrat
Ariadne C. Villareal
Mem Ferda
Arresting Officer
Maria Bergman
Juan Peron's date at the Theatre
Harry Fielder
Supporting artst Evita song
Alexander Hall
Argentine Bodyguard
Csaba Kelemen
Soldier #4 in Shower
Tony Lima
Hector Malamud
President Ramirez
Anahi Martella
Billie Piper
Girl Wanting Juan Peron's Autograph
Jorge Sabate
Gabor Salinger
Lucinda Rhodes Thakrar
Norberto Trujillo
Tamas Wandracsek
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 135 minutes (2 hrs 15 mins)
UK release date Released: 3rd January 1997
 BBFC Age Rating:  PG age rating
US release date Released: 10th January 1997
MPAA Age Rating: Evita PG age rating 
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11 September 2020
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As the global box office starts to recover figures are still limited to the studios willing to share them, but with the Chinese box office seemingly doing well The Eight Hundred is the top film of the weekend.

There are no new releases this week as the world waits the the saviour of cinema Tenet to be released next weekend but catalogue films once again do well.

With the starts of the revitalised box office in the UK and some new releases in the US, like Bill And Ted Face The Music, next weeks chart could be a lot different.

Here is the top 5 worldwide box office movies 21st - 23rd August 2020.

The Eight Hundred

Having been released in the Chinese market now for a couple of weeks the action adventure movie from director Hu Guan takes $8.2 Million over the weekend and is the countries top movie.

The movie has now taken $116 Million in its native terretory with a release in other countries still to come.



The Derrick Borte directed movie is at number 2 and takes $4.7 Million over the weekend from multiple territories for a $13.6 Million total after 4 weeks of release.

The movie in the top film this weekend in Australia, United Kingdom and United States.


The Pixar movie would have been a massive hot for the CGI studio had it not been for the pandemic, but still 24 weeks on the movie is still on the global box office.

This weekend the movie is at number 3 and takes $4.5 Million taking its total to $116.9 Million.

The movie is number 1 in Italy this weekend.

Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone

The first harry Potter movie falls to number 4 this weekend after its 'debut' at the top last weekend with $4.1 Million.

The movie has taken just over a Billion dollars since its release, 19 years ago!


This Japanese love story is the top film in its native country this week and sits at number 5 on the global box office with $2.2 MIllion.

The movie has taken $3.5 Million in total.

Star Wars fans around the world have their opinion of what is the best lighsaber battle in the Star Wars movie franchise, so on this Star Wars day at 25thframe.co.uk we though we would give our opinion of what we think is the best battle seen on screen in the ever growing list of movies.

5. Rey Vs. Kylo Ren (with help from Finn) from Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

There had been a Star Wars drought for a number of years (10 years) and with the buyout of Lucasfilms still fresh in everyones minds as well as the (at the time) badly received prequel trilogy the fan base wanted a good Star Wars movie.

JJ Abrahams was put in charge of directing the film, a life long fan of the series, and he delivered in spades, bringing arguably the best Star Wars film to date.

We instantly took to the new characters of the Rebel Alliances Rey and the First Orders Kylo Ren, and with Rey's force powers hinted at throughout, the dual between the two was inevitable, and at the end of the film Abrahams delivered, set within a forest of the Star Killer Base while the planet explodes around them.

4. Yoda Vs. Count Dooku from Star Wars Episode II: Attack Of The Clones

We knew Yoda was a Jedi Master and that he had fought in the Clone Wars that started at the end of the second part of prequel trilogy, and George Lucas knew he had to deliver.

As Yoda walks into the hanger where Count Dooku was trying to board his ship you simply knew what was about to happen, and as he pulls across his robes to reveal a small lightsaber this was the moment, he force pulls his weapon to his hand and turns it on.

The battle doesn't last long, but seeing the small green Jedi Master who usually finds it hard to walk bouncing around the walls during the fight is a joy.

3. Obi Wan Kenobi Vs. Darth Vader from Star Wars

Star Wars

The original movie introduces us to the legendary weapon, something not really seen on the big screen before but throught the stories Ben Kenobi tells Luke during the movie we know that the weapon is elegant and the Jedi are lethal with it.

We also believe at this time that Darth Vader is the arch enemy of Ben Kenobi, and by the end of the movie there has to be a metting of the two, and while trying to escape the Death Star the two come face to face.

Despite the technological abilities in special effects at the time this thrilled fans of a generation and when the inevitable happens at the end we are shocked at the loss of our new hero.

2. Luke Skywalker vs. Darth Vader on Cloud City from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

This battle comes as no surprise, we have seen Luke go through the training, and go off to rescue his friends, and we get the foreshadowing fof things to come on Dagobah.

When Luke goes into the carbon freeze chamber and the two enemies ignight their sabers in low light we get the almighty battle between the two enemies.

The style and technology used in this film is so much greater than that of the original Star Wars that it feels fresh and thrilling, and at the end of the battle we get one of cinemas greatest reveals, so good to this day it is celebrated as THE movie twist of all times.

1. Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi Vs. Darth Maul from Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace

Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace

The movie gets a lot of criticism, but over the last 20 years time has been kind and in the grander scheme of the saga the fan base is looking at this film more favourably, and it has the best lighsaber battle of all time.

It had been 16 years since we'd had any proper Star Wars to enjoy and despite the film not getting the critical reaction Lucas wanted the Dual Of Fates was spectacular.

The highlight is at the start of the battle as Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan face the Sith Lord Darth Maul, as the John Williams music 'Duel Of Fates' starts to get more intense Maul ignites a single blade on his lightsaber, then the money shot happens and another blade appears from the other side, every Star Wars Fan looked on in amazement as the incredible battle unfolds between the 3 warriors.

The only real shame is that, inevitably, Darth Maul dies at the end of the movie, although in quiet spectacular style, but with little screen time fans wanted more, although as seen in Solo: A Star Wars Story they have brought him back and who knows if he'll appear in another movie or not?

AMC Cinema Group which owns the UK chain ODEON have announced that they will not show any more Universal movie releases because the studio has announced they will release some movies day and date at theatres and VOD (Video On Demand).

The reason Universal have made this decision is because of the apparent success and feedback the studio got after they released Trolls World Tour directly to VOD during the CODIV-19 lockdown that effected the world.

Trolls World Tour

For Universal you can see why they have decided this, some movies don't perform well in cinemas and to announce they are going to release some movie on both formats day and date is an interesting move and perhaps an inevitable one, not that we agree with the move away from a theatrical release.

For AMC, which is owned by a larger company called Wanda Group, they are clearly worried about their revenue once the global lockdown is lifted, cinemas across the globe whether they be large corporate businesses or small independent local cinemas are struggling, they have had no income in the last month or so and many will close down permanently.

For both companies this is a stalemate which effects the consumer, cinemas goers want the choice, there is an inevitability that technical progress has brought us which has created a new way to watch movies (sort of), but these corporation need to think of the movie fan before fighting over revenues, after all thats what they are there for isn't it?

I suspect that when Universal release their next massive billion dollar movie AMC and ODEON will welcome the movie to their multiplexes.

The Despicable Me series has been a massive success for Dreamworks, and of course the little yellow Minions have been part of that success, they get a sequel movie later this summer and today be get the first trailer.

The first Minions movie went on the gross $1.5 Billion globally so a sequel was perhaps inevitable, and it looks like the world of the Minions is going to come crashing in on the Despicable Me world as we get to see how Gru (the evil mastermind) teamed up with them.

The movie stars the voice talent of Steve Carrell as the central character of Gru and Pierre Coffin and the (voice!) of the Minions.

With director Kyle Balda behind the movie who is a veteran of the franchise we should have a good film on our hands, he is assisted by new comer to the series Brad Ableson.

The trailer os of course funny, and the film makers have an incredible talent for making us laugh with just the characters actions.

The film is set for a release later this summer on 10th June.

After the original Peter Rabbit took a very respectable $351 Million globally (£41 Million in the UK) a sequel was inevitable, and Sony have released a new trailer for the March film.

Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway stars the voice talent of James Corden as Peter and this time he is joined by Margot Robbie and Rose Byrne.

The film is subtitled The Runaways and in the trailer we see them .... well running away.

The original movie didn't get good reviews, but this is a movie aimed well and truly at kids, its released on 27th March 2020, just in time for the Easter Holidays, and after the Gavin and Stacy Christmas Special we are all in love with James Cordon!