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Directed by


CJ Adams
Ken Watanabe
Elizabeth Olsen
Carson Bolde
Juliette Binoche
David Strathairn
Richard T. Jones
Victor Rasuk
Patrick Sabongui
Jared Keeso
Luc Roderique
James Pizzinato
Catherine Lough Haggquist
Eric Keenleyside
Primo Allon
George Allen Gumapac Jr.
Ken Yamamura
Garry Chalk
Hiro Kanagawa
Kevan Ohtsji
Kasey Ryne Mazak
Terry Chen
Mas Morimoto
James D. Dever
Akira Takarada
Yuko Kiyama
Takeshi Kurokawa
James Yoshizawa
Jason Furukawa
Brian Markinson
Ty Olsson
Al Sapienza
Gardiner Millar
Kurt Max Runte
Peter Shinkoda
Bill Marchant
Christian Tessier
Derrick Yamanaka
Peter Kawasaki
Jason Riki Kosuge
Hiroyoshi Kajiyama
Tetsuro Shigematsu
Jill Teed
Dean Redman
Taylor Nichols
Anthony Konechny
Jake Cunanan
Yuki Morita
Warren Takeuchi
Chuck Church
Dalias Blake
Lane Edwards
Todd Scott
Zoe Krivatsy
Serge M. Krivatsy
Lise Krivatsy
Josh Cowdery
Steven M. Murdzia
Keo Woolford
Lynne Halevi
Martin Kogan
Sandy Ritz
Toby Levins
Eric Breker
Jesse Reid
Aaron Pearl
Amy Fox
Rich Paul
Dee Jay Jackson
Kyle Riefsnyder
Michael Patrick Denis
Melody B. Choi
Taya Clyne
Erika Forest
Ben Harrison
Grayson Maxwell Gurnsey
Justin Blayne Lowery
Marci T. House
Chris Shields
Zach Martin
Darren Dolynski
P. Lynn Johnson
Leif Havdale
Antonio Anagaran
Kevin OGrady
Zachary Choe
Joseph E. Agudo
Raj K. Bose
Aaron Busch
Curtis Bush
Shahid Byrd
Kenneth Carrella
Paul Chirico
Max Clough
Corey Craig
Peter Dwerryhouse
Paul Edney
Andrew H. Enriquez
James Edward Flynn
Robin Gutierrez
Ed Heavey
Matthew Hoglie
Tamika Katon-Donegal
Yukari Komatsu
James Kot
Rebecca Maltby
John O'Brien
Jonathan Pal
Diezel Ramos
Jeric Ross
Michael Rowe
Barbra Roylance
Nel Venzon
Steven Wiig
Dona Wood
Jodie Yee
Dan Zachary
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UK release date Released: 16th May 2014
 BBFC Age Rating:  12A age rating

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News from around the web

A new poster has been released for upcoming movie Godzilla Vs. Kong which can seen in full below.

Starring among others Alexander Skarsgard and Eiza Gonzalez the movie is directed by Adam Wingard and it has a release date of 21st March 2021.

<u><i><b>Godzilla</b></i></u> Vs. Kong

As you can see the poster sets up the confrontation between the two 'super monsters' with Kong looming large over the burning city and Godzilla about to appear out of the water, the tagline 'One Will Fall' suggests this is a fight to the death!

Synopsis of the movie

Classic monsters Godzilla and King Kong fight it out in a mighty battle as the humans looks to wipe out both creatures in an epic battle to save the planet from destruction.

Check out the movie page for more information on this film.

Disney are at it again moving Pixar's Soul from June 19th to November 20th and their own Raya And The Last Dragon to March 12th 2021.

This first move, Soul, is an interesting one, Disney recently moved their tentpole picture Mulan to 24th July, I guess they are presuming cinemas will be open again by then, but by moving Soul they seem to be suggesting that things will still be on lockdown in mid June?

The move also puts the film in direct competition with Godzilla Vs. Kong, and since that film has been moved once already I suspect unfortunately that the film may well go direct to streaming, a lot depends how long the lockdown lasts though.

Raya And The Last Dragon

Raya And The Last Dragon was due for a late November release and it makes sense to move the film to 2021.

The scheduling issue are starting to get a bit of a nightmare mind as this move to Raya puts it in loose competition with many tentpole films from various studios, and means that early 2021 is starting to get very crowded.

Expect more re-scheduling from studios as there is still no sign of cinemas opening in the coming weeks.

The Men In Black are back and hit the top of the global box office on their debut weekend of release leaving X-Men: Dark Phoenix to drop from the top after only a week.


Men In Black International

The series started way back in 1997 and over 20 years later we get the fourth film with new stars and an international setting.

Unfortunately the Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth starring movie has not done nearly as well as the previous film and globally grosses $102.2 million from 57 countries on its debut.


Its been a bit of a slow burner but the Will Smith starring Disney live action film is still at 2 with a global take of $64.2 million from 56 countries.

This pushes the films total gross to a very acceptable $724.8 million after 4 weeks of release.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix

After making its debut at the top last week the X-Men film falls to number 3 this week with $33.2 million from 56 countries.

The film has now taken a global gross of $204.2 million afer 2 weeks.

The Secret Life Of Pets 2

The animated movie takes $32.2 million from 37 countries this weekend for a total gross of $154.5 million after 4 weeks of release.

Godzilla: King Of The Monsters

The Godzilla sequel takes $22 million from a whopping 80 countries this weekend and is at 5 on the global box office, the films total gross is $339.4 after 3 weeks of release.


The Samual L. Jackson film is the second highest new film this week at number 9 with a global gross of $8.3 million from a single country of release.

Avengers: Endgame

The Marvel movie is struggling to beat Avatar and this week sits at number 12 on the box office with a total gross of $2.742 million.

It has been announced that the film will be pushed at the cinemas again next week with an extra bonus added to the film, it might just be enough to push it past Avatar.

The latest X-Men movie Dark Phoenix takes over at the top of the global box office on its debut weekend while Godzilla falls herd on its second weekend of release leaving Aladdin to do well with The Secret Life Of Pets 2 also increasing its dominence after a US release.


X-Men: Dark Phoenix

Hitting the top of the global box office the latest, and probably last, film in the 20th Century Fox X-Men saga the film manages a weekend gross of $140 million from 54 countries.

This is by far the lowest debut of any of the series and after the unfavourable reviews it will most likely end up the lowest grossing movie of the series.


The Disney live action movie is doing well in areas like Europe but not doing so well in North America hence the film manages a good $92.1 million from 56 countries and sits at number 2 this week.

This pushes the films total global gross after 3 weeks to a very respectable $604.8 million.

The Secret Life Of Pets 2

The animated sequel gets its North American release this weekend and flies back up the box office to number 3 with a weekend gross of $63.1 million from 31 countries.

The films total gross is now at $97 million after 3 weeks of release.

Godzilla: King Of The Monsters

The big monster movie falls hard from the top where it debuted last weekend to number 4 with $62.6 million from 79 countries.

The films total global gross is $292.2 million after 2 weeks of release.


The Elton John bio-pic falls to 5 this week with $27 million from 51 countries for a 3 week total gross of $101.7 million.

Avengers: Endgame

The Marvel mega hit falls to number 12 this week with a total global gross of $2.73 Billion after 7 weeks of release.

Its looking increasingly unlikely it will topple the Avatar total of $2.78 Billion although it can't be totally written off yet.

The sequel movie The Secret Life Of Pets 2 hits the top of the US box office on its debut weekend leaving the x-Men film Dark Phoenix to make its debut at number 2

The Secret Life Of Pets 2

Sequel to the 2016 movie The Secret Life Of Pets the new film hits the top of the box office on its debut weekend with a gross of $48 million.

This is far lower than the originals massive $104 million debut, it went on to gross a total of $368.3 million in the US which looks like a tough call for the sequel.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix

Despite the heavy hype the latest (and maybe last) X-Men movie has been poorly received by critics and hits the number 2 spot on its debut with $33 million.

This is by far the lowest of all the X-Men films and will probably end up being the lowest grossing of the series under 20th Century Fox before Disney take over.


Still riding high on the chart after 3 weeks of release the Disney movie is at 3 this week with $24.5 million.

This pushes the films total US gross to a very acceptable $232.2 million.

Godzilla: King Of The Monsters

Falling heavy on its second weekend of release the Godzilla movie falls to 4 this week with a $15.5 million weekend.

This puts the films total gross at $78.5 million while the film sinks fast.


Not really pulling in the audiences in the US the Elton John film takes $14 million on its second weekend of release with puts the films gross at $50 million.

Avengers: Endgame

Making a slow decent down the charts the mega hit film is at number 8 after 7 weeks of release with a total US gross of $824.3 million.