Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince 2009

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Directed by


Harry Potter
Ron Weasley
Hermione Granger
Professor Horace Slughorn
Bellatrix Lestrange
Rubeus Hagrid
Warwick Davis
Professor Filius Flitwick
Professor Albus Dumbledore
Professor Severus Snape
Professor Minerva McGonagall
Dave Legeno
Fenrir Greyback
Elarica Johnson
Geraldine Somerville
Lily Potter
Ginny Weasley
Molly Weasley
Helen McCrory
Narcissa Malfoy
Oliver Phelps
George Weasley
James Phelps
Fred Weasley
Freddie Stroma
Cormac McLaggen
Jessie Cave
Lavender Brown
Tom Felton
Draco Malfoy
Alfred Enoch
Dean Thomas
Evanna Lynch
Luna Lovegood
Robert Knox
Marcus Belby
Amber Evans
Twin Girl 1
Ruby Evans
Twin Girl 2
Louis Cordice
Blaise Zabini
Scarlett Hefner
Pansy Parkinson
Jamie Waylett
Vincent Crabbe
Josh Herdman
Gregory Goyle
David Bradley
Argus Filch
Matthew Lewis
Neville Longbottom
William Melling
Anna Shaffer
Romilda Vane
Devon Murray
Seamus Finnigan
Georgina Leonidas
Katie Bell
Isabella Laughland
Afshan Azad
Padma Patil
Shefali Chowdhury
Parvati Patil
Amelda Brown
Mrs Cole
Tom Riddle (11 Years)
Jack Pryor
Skinny Kid
Mark Lockyer
Paul Ritter
Eldred Worple
Remus Lupin
Natalia Tena
Nymphadora Tonks
Mark Williams
Arthur Weasley
Frank Dillane
Tom Riddle (16 Years)
Gemma Jones
Madam Pomfrey
Joerg Stadler
Male Inferi
Caroline Wildi
Female Inferi
Ralph Ineson
Suzanne Toase
Rod Hunt
Katie Leung
Cho Chang
Arthur Bowen
Boy at Chestnut Stand
Nathan Clarke
Gryffindor Student
Abbi Collins
Paul Davies
Death Eater
Ninette Finch
Nina Aimer Fox
Wendy Slinkhard
Elliott Francis
SlugClub Member
Sarah Franzl
Sonny Gill
Slytherin Student
Rusty Goffe
Gringott's Goblin
David Hankinson
London Office Worker
Persephone Hulewicz
Gryffindor Student
Lucius Malfoy
Harrison James
Will Jeffs
Gryffindor Student
Olivia Jewson
Slug Club Party Member
Ryan Laskey
Hogwarts Student
Teresa Mahoney
Sophie - British Muggle politician
Sarah Alexandra Marks
Andy Merchant
Stephen Modell
Feather Wizard
Tom Nunez
Hogwarts Choir Singer
Ifeoma Oboko
Gryffindor School Girl
Yvonne Quenet
Jack Romero
Gryffindor Student
Freddie Rose
Year 7 Schoolboy
George Sesay
Gryffindor Student
Ben Shephard
Diagon Alley Father
Calum Sivyer
Tom Riddle (double)
Tabatha St. Vincent
Imelda Staunton
Dolores Umbridge
Samantha Tan
Albert Tang
Hogwarts Teacher
Rocky Taylor
Michael Thomson
Tony Van Silva
Ashley Virgil
Ritchie Coote
Oli Warrilow
Ravenclaw Student
Chris Wilson
Dometrius Prod (Daily Prophet photo)
Simon John Wilson
 153 minutes (2 hrs 33 mins)

12 age rating

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince PG age rating 
Release dates
UK release date UK release: 15th July 2009
US release date US release: 15th July 2009
Japan release date Japan release: 6th July 2009
Total grosses
United Kingdom Flag
UK total gross
  £50.8 Million
United States Flag
US total gross
  $302 Million
Global Flag
Global total gross
  $934.5 Million
Cinema tickets sold
United Kingdom Flag
UK tickets sold
9.3 Million aprox.
United States Flag
US tickets sold
40.3 Million aprox.
Global Flag
Global tickets sold
No data
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2nd Jan 2022
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UK total gross
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

US total gross
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Global total gross
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
UK Age Rating
UK BBFC Certificate: 12
UK Box Office Info

Highest chart position: 1

Weeks on box office: 35

UK Box Office Chart History
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince - Re-Release
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince -
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince - Re-Release
US Box Office Info

Highest US chart position: 37

Weeks on US box office: 6

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News from around the web

Unsurprising this week that the comedy smash The Inbetweeners 2 stays at the top of the UK box office for another week, also no strong new releases helped it's cause.

Proving to be as popular as the original, The Inbetweeners stayed at the top of the tree with a weekend take of £3.4 million which brings its 10 day total gross to £22.3 million.

The first movie had taken £25 million by this point in it's run so this movie is a tiny bit behind but should end up at about the same figure by the end of it's cinema run.

Holding steady at 2 is Guardians of the Galaxy which means that the highest new film is The Expendables 3 at number 3.

This is the lowest grossing film in the (current) trilogy with the first film taking £3 million on it's opening and the followup taking £2 million.

Also worth mentioning this week is Disneys frozen which despite having had a few months on home video now makes a re-appearance on the box office at number 15 with a nearly £100,000 take.

Back to the Future keeps it's appearance in the top 10 due to it's Secret Cinema event showings in London.

One year ago this week Kick-Ass 2 made it's debut on the chart with an entry at number 1 knocking Grown Ups 2 to 4th.

Five years ago The Time Travelers Wife took the number 1 spot on it's debut knocking Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince to number 4.

Ten years ago I, Robot surrendered the top spot to new entry The Bourne Supremacy.

Fifteen years ago Will Smith and Kevin Klein hit the top spot with Wild Wild West on it's debut week knocking Austin Powers The Spy Who Shagged Me to number 3.

No problem this week for the Channel 4 show The Inbetweeners as their second film hits the right comedy spot with British audiences and goes to the top.

The Inbetweeners 2 which debuted on Thursday did in fact the the best ever first day gross for a comedy in the UK, beating it's predecessor in the process.

The comedy hit the top on it's debut weekend and took a box office gross just a little below that of the first film, but coming in with £12.5 million it will go on to be a big hit like the first.

Guardians of the Galaxy falls to number 2 this week but still gets a very good £3.3 million taking it's 2 week total to £13.8 million.

Also hitting the Uk box office chart are:
Planes Fire and Rescue at 4
Gods Pocket at 15

Last year Alan Partridge Alpha Papa hit the top on it's debut weekend of realise knocking The Smurfs 2 right down to 7 after only a week at the top. It was a massive week for new films with 4 new releases in the top 5.

Five years ago The Ugly Truth was the new film at the top finally knocking off Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince which fell to 3.

Ten years ago Will Smith starred in I, Robot which debuted at the top of the box office with King Arthur taking a tumble down to 3rd place.

Fifteen years ago we had a fairly static chart with Austin Powers The Spy Who Shagged Me staying at the top for a second week, the highest new film was Dougs 1st Movie at 8.

At the UK box office over the weekend there was no doubt which film was going to be the biggest, and in the process a new franchise is born in the superhero stable.

The Marvel/Disney stable bring another franchise to the big screen in the shape of Guardians of the Galaxy, and unlike their Avengers counterparts these are a bunch of misfits.

Guardians took a very respectable £6.3 million to make number 1, comparing Guardians to Avenger (called Avengers Assemble in the UK) that film released in 2012 had a £15.7 million opening, nearly double that of Guardians.

Although Avengers was not a sequel as such it did have a number of high grossing companion films before it including Iron Man and Thor.

Last weeks top film, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, falls a single place to 2 this week after 3 weeks of release, its total gross is £23.4 million.

Also worth a mention this week; Secret Cinema are showing a months worth of Back to the Future screening in surroundings based on the films Hill Valley, this took the nearly 30 year old film back to number 7 this week.

Also new is
The Nut Job at 6

This time last year The Smurfs 2 hit the top of the box office on it's debut knocking The Wolverine to number 4.

Five years ago Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince was still at the top keeping the highest new entry at 2, G-Force.

Ten years ago King Arthur took the top spot on it's debut which left Spider-Man 2 to tumble to second place.

Fifteen years ago Mike Myers stared in Austin Powers The Spy Who Shagged Me which knocked Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace into second place.

Twenty years ago in the month of August Jim Carey was on a wave after Ace Ventura and The Mask was sitting as the top film of the month.

Twenty Five years ago Lethal Weapon 2 was the biggest film of August.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes holds off the challenge of Hercules, The Purge Anarchy and Earth to Echo to keep the top spot at the UK box office for another week.

Now in it's second weekend of release Dawn of the Apes easily hangs on to the top spot with a weekend take of £3.7 million, this brings it's total gross to £17 million after 10 days of release.

Highest new film of the week is Dwayne Johnson in a retelling of Hercules, an all out action film rather than historical retelling of the Greek myth it's directed by Brett Ratner.

Hercules took a gross of £1.5 million on it's opening weekend, it has a long was to go to even be one of Johnson's best films as he's been part of the Fast and Furious series and The Mummy series.

Likewise Brett Ratner has been part of the X-Men series and directed the 2 Rush Hour movies, and also directed a Hannibal Lector film, all high grossing franchises.

Hercules could sink quite fast especially with some of the new releases coming in the next few weeks which will be ultimately bigger box office hits.

There are plenty of other new releases this week in the form of
The Purge Anarchy at 3
Earth to Echo at 6
Kickat 8
The House of Magic at 10

This time last year new at the top was The Wolverine based on the X-Men universe which topped on it's debut knocking Monsters University into 2nd.

Five years ago Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince was still at the top in it's second week and The Proposal with Sandra Bullock was new at 2.

Ten years ago Spider-Man 2 held onto the top spot for a second week with the highest new film being Thunderbirds at 3.

Fifteen years ago it was Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace holding onto the top spot for a second week, and with nothing daring to open up in the wake of such a big film the highest new film was Hindustan Ki Kasam at 10.

As expected this week there was no stopping Dawn of the Planet of the Apes as it very easily and without competition took to the top of the charts on it;s debut weekend.

Grossing £8.7 million from Thursday to Sunday it took more than the rest of the box office combined.

Dawn well and truly out preformed it predecessor Rise of the planet of the Apes which took £5.8 million on it's debut weekend in August 2011, it went on to gross £20.5 in total.

Dawn should go on to out-gross that film and could come close to £25 - 30 million in the UK.

Also worth a mention this weekend is two even movies that got themselves inside the top 5 on the box office chart, Monty Python Live (Mostly) made number 4 with £1.8 million which Andre Rieu took him Maastricht concert to number 5 with £830,000.

Other new film to debut this week are:
Pudsey The Dog The Movie at 7

This time last year Monsters University held on to the top spot which mean The Worlds End debuted at 2.

Five years ago Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince made it's debut at the top of the box office knocking the previous number 1, Ice Age: Dawn of The Dinosaurs, to number 2.

Ten years ago say Spider-Man 2 make it's cinematic debut at the top of the box office knocking Shrek 2 into the number 2 spot.

Fifteen years ago was an historical time in cinema as the much anticipated, and to an extent much hated, Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace made it's UK debut at the top, 2 months after it's US debut. The Mummy fell to number 2.