Leap 2020


Directed by

Peter Ho-Sun Chan


Lang Ping
Bo Huang
Chen Zhonghe
Gang Wu
Yuan Weimin
Yuchang Peng
Chen Zhonghe
Bai Lang
Lang Ping
Jiajie An
An Jiajie
Jaqueline Carvalho
Jaqueline Carvalho
Matthew Del Bel Belluz
Rett Larson
Xia Ding
Fiona Fu
Lang Ping's Freind
Xiangyu Gong
Gong Xiangyu
Ruoqi Hui
Mike Jackson
Us Recruiter
Li Lin
Li Lin
Xiaotong Liu
Liu Xiaotong
Paula Pequeno
Paula Pequeno
Lionel Roudaut
First Referee
Marianne Steinbrecher
Marianne Steinbrecher
Yuanyuan Wang
Wang Yuanyuan
Yunli Xu
Xu Yunli
Ni Yan
Yan Ni
Di Yao
Wei Qiuyue
Xinyue Yuan
Changning Zhang
Zhang Changning
Yixin Zheng
Zheng Yixin
Ting Zhu
Zhu Ting
 135 minutes (2 hrs 15 mins)
China release date China release: 19th January 2020
Singapore release date Singapore release: 1st October 2020
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13th October 2020
Salty Popcorn Rating 5
It's one of the best Chinese movies this year.

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Weeks on US box office: 4

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The UK box office did better this week than last but its still relying on a handful of cinemas open in Scotland and Wales during the English lockdown, and The Secret Garden makes an incredible leap to the top.

Highest new movie of the week is the documentary Billie at number 2 while there is also a re-entry from War Horse Nation Theatre Live from 2014.

The only other top new movie of the week is director Andrew Cohn's The Last Shift which enters at number 14 with £501, Mogul Mowgli climbs up the chart to number 13 this week with £505 which is a 94% increase from last weekend.

Here is the top 15 Quickview.

  • Number 1 - The Secret Garden (1st week)
  • Highest debut - Billie (@2)
  • Longest run - 100% Wolf (15 weeks)*
  • Highest total gross - Tenet (£17,416,648)*
  • * Not including re-releases

Here is a breakdown of the top 5 UK box office films 13th - 15th November 2020.

The Secret Garden

Released 4 weeks ago and making its debut at number 3 on the box office with £154,087 the movie makes a jump to the top of the box office this week with £5,147, a 67% increase from last weekend.

The movie which stars Julie Walters and Colin Firth has now taken £607,509 at the UK box office.


Highest new movie of the week comes in at number 2 with a debut gross of £5,074 making one of the lowest highest grossing movies ever in the UK!

Honest Thief

The Liam Neeson starring drama falls to number 3 this weekend with £3.164, up 8% from last week giving the movie a total gross of £655,650 after 4 weeks of release.

War Horse: NT Live 2014

Coming out of nowhere and making a re-entry at number 4 is the cinema version of the original stage show of War Horse from 2014, Steven Spielberg directed the actual movie version of the book in 2012.

The event movie takes £2,918 over the weekend pushing its total gross since release to £2.72 Million.

Its worth noting that this is by far the highest position on the chart the movie has been.

Two By Two: Overboard!

Finally falling to number 5 this weekend is the surprise hit animated tale which this week takes £2,724, up 13% from last weekend, for a total gross of £990,229 after 4 weeks of release.

With what could be the last UK box office chart in the UK for at least the next 4 weeks the animated feature Two By Two: Overboard! hangs on to the top spot for a second weekend.

Making an incredible Halloween leap up the chart is Hocus Pocus and the top new movie of the week is a remake/reboot in the shape of The Craft: Legacy.

Here is the UK box office Quickview.

  • Number 1 - Two By Two: Overboard! (2nd week)
  • Highest debut - The Craft: Legacy
  • Longest run - Tenet (10 weeks) (Not including re-releases)
  • Highest total gross - Tenet (£17,361,041)

Here is a breakdown of the UK box office top 5 30th October - 1st November 2020.

Two By Two: Overboard!

The animated feature from directors Toby Genkel and Sean McCormack spends a second weekend at the top of the UK box office with £190,761 down 42% from last weekend.

This leaves the movie with a total gross just shy of 1 million, £955,370, the movie could go over the million mark if can survive cinema closures.

Hocus Pocus

Making an incredible leap up the box office from 8 to 2 and with a 71% increase from last week with £186,063 giving the movie £3.6 Million since release in 1993.

The reason for this box office run seems to be the classic status the movie has gained in the last 25+ years and that their is a hunger for movies on the big screen and with no big blockbusters this is filling the need.

Honest Thief

The Liam Neeson starring revenge thriller falls to number 2 this week with £152,555, 40% down, for a total UK gros of £573,598 after 2 weeks of release.

The Secret Garden

The classic novel adaptation starring Julie Walters and Colin Firth falls to number 4 this week with £142,101, down just 8% from last week.

The movie is actually doing quite well in the COVID-19 era and has taken £615,981 after 2 weeks of release.

The Craft: Legacy

The teen gothic remake makes its debut this week at number 5 with a debut gross of £119,680.

Comparing it to the original movie from 1996 is unfair mainly because of the pandemic, but out of interest it was release in 1996 at the same time of year and took £1.16 Million on its debut for a total UK gross of £2.7 Million.

Despite the favourable reviews this remake will come nowhere near those figures.

After 4 weeks at the top of the global box office Christopher Nolans Tenet is replaces, this week at least, by the Chinese release Leap which makes its debut at the top.

The Chinese box office is, at the moment, by far the highest grossing market and it is responsible for the high grosses of Tenet, Mulan, The Eight Hundred and now Leap.

Here is a quicklook breakdown of the top 15.

  • Number 1 - Leap
  • Highest debut = Leap (@1)
  • Longest Run - Onward (29 weeks)
  • Highest global gross - The Eight Hundred ($441,654,352)

Weekly breakdown of the top 5 global movies 25th - 27th September 2020.


Making its debut at the top is this Chinese movie from director Peter Ho-Sun Chan and starring Li Gong which takes $24.7 Million over the weekend on its debut.

The movie is only released in China at the moment and with Tenet still to open in some territories it will be interesting to see what to top looks like in the coming weeks.


Moving from the top to number 2 after 4 weeks is the 'saviour of cinema' which quite frankly has struggles over its release so far, even in China.

This weekend the movie took $19.2 Million which brings its 5 week global total to $284.9 while it looks to cross the $300 Million mark which it could do by next weekend.

The Eight Hundred

As the movie starts to open in other territories outside China the movie falls to number 3 with $8.3 Million giving the hit movie a total gross of $441.6 Million.

This new global total means that after 7 weeks of release it is the highest grossing movie globally in 2020, beating out the previous holder Bad Boys For Life.


Starring Gerard Butler this movie has had a hard time so far, a couple of moves of release date in the UK and US has meant that the movie will most likely go to VOD in many major markets.

Of the countries it has been released in it has taken $3.3 Million and is this week a re-entry on the global box office at number 4 and after 8 weeks on the chart has taken $17.6 Million.


Disney's animated remake has had a hard time of it really, after being days away from a full on cinema release it was pulled because of the pandemic, had its release date moved a couple of time then went to Disney+.

It did get a cinema release in some countries, after complains for many people, and this weekend is at 5 with a weekend gross of $3.3 Million taking its total to $64.4 Million after 5 weeks of release.

At the UK box office this weekend, Friday, 25th September 2020, there are 4 new releases looking challenge Tenet who is at the top of the box office, or will sleeper hit After We Collided keep on its incredible climb of the last few weeks and leap from 2 to 1?

Here are this weeks new films in the UK.

Miss Juneteenth

  • The movie is from director Channing Godfrey Peoples
  • It is their directorial debut.
  • It stars Nicole Beharie who last starred in Monsters And Men (2019).
  • The film also stars Kendrick Sampson who is making a feature film debut.


  • This new release stars Henry Golding who's last film was The Gentlemen (2020)
  • It also stars Parker Sawyers who appeared in Nan: The Movie (2020).
  • The film is brought to us by 2 time director Hong Khaou.


  • The movie is directed by Dave Mclean and is their directorial debut.
  • It stars Conor Berry and Sean Connor.

23 Walks

  • Also this week there is 23 Walks from director Paul Morrison who also directed Little Ashes in 2009.
  • The film features Dave Johns and Alison Steadman in starring roles.

Check back on Monday to see if these new releases enter the UK Weekend Box Office Chart.

Next weeks there are 2 new movies

  • Eternal Beauty, Friday, 2nd October
  • Summer Of 85, Friday, 2nd October

Tenet remains at the top of the UK box office for a third weekend while After We Collided get an increase in cinema count and get an impressive leap to number 2.

Highest new 'movie' of the weekend is the Event Cinema release of the K-Pop band BTS in concert while the top new film is The Broken Hearts Gallery which misses out on a place on the top 5.

In a downward spiral for the second weekend running the top 15 movies grossed less than the previous weekend, this could be down to no new film being released or people not willing to venture to the cinema in the current climate, the rela test will be when the next big movie comes out, although release dates are starting to shift again.

Here is a breakdown of the top 5 movies in the UK 11th - 13th September 2020.


No surprise that the Christopher Nolan movie is the top film in the UK for the third weekend in a row, and with a weekend gross of £1.2 Million the movie is slowing fast.

The movie has now taken £12.4 Million in the UK, the good news is its now the 8th top movie of 2020, to date.

After We Collided

After a good debut last weekend the movie got a significant increase in screen count this week giving the Roger Kumble directed movie a good boost and the movie climbs to number 2 with £422.6K.

This puts the movies total UK gross at £763.6K after 2 weeks of release.

Break the Silence: The Movie

The many fans for K-Pop band rushed out this weekend to see the bands latest live movie event to the tune of £374K making the top new entry of the week.

The New Mutants

Disney's troubles mutant movie from the X-Men universe fall to number 4 this weekend with £200.6K in takings.

This puts the movies total gross at £1.1 Million after 2 weeks of release, ironically I'm not sure if the film would have done any better in a fully functioning market!


It not all bad news for Disney as their Pixar movie Onward spends a 14th weekend the top 5, at 5, with £97.2K taking its total gross to £7.06 Million.