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Directed by


Tom Pelphrey
Arliss Howard
Monika Gossmann
Joseph Cross
Sam Troughton
Toby Leonard Moore
Tom Burke
Charles Dance
Ferdinand Kingsley
Jamie McShane
Jack Romano
Adam Shapiro
John Churchill
Jeff Harms
Derek Petropolis
Sean Persaud
Paul Fox
Tom Simmons
Nick Job
Colin Ward
Cooper Tomlinson
Julie Collis
Arlo Mertz
Craig Welzbacher
Jessie Cohen
Desiree Louise
Amie Farrell
Ian Boyd
Jay Villwock
Lou George
John Lee Ames
Bill Nye
Richmond Arquette
David Lee Smith
Mario Di Donato
James Patrick Duffy
Flo Lawrence
Sebastian Faure
Randy Davison
Christian Prentice
Leven Rambin
Rick Pasqualone
Gary Teitelbaum
Eden Wattez
Roslyn Cohn
Mark Fite
John Patrick Jordan
Ben Mankiewicz
Natalie Denise Sperl
Brian Michael Jones
Camille Montgomery
Craig Robert Young
Paul Carafotes
Anne Beyer
Joey Hagler
Sean Donnellan
Stewart Skelton
Malachi Rivers
Keith Barber
Kaytlin Borgen
Madison West
Ali Axelrad
Adrienne Evans
Dana Lyn Baron
Jaclyn Bethany
Christopher Bustos
Francesco Capussela
Zachary Chicos
Cary Christopher
Kenward Cooper
Scarlet Cummings
Brett Matthew Davidson
Mark Deliman
Isabel Dresden
Glenn Edward
Matt Freeman
Zane Garcia
Amy Goddard
Brendan Haines
Jeff Hartley
Serena Hendrix
Jaden Hoff
Daniel Hoffman
Kyleigh Hoye
Shann Ihde
Rachel Karp
Benjamin Keller
Allen Kepler
Kyle Langdon-Weyrich
Larissa LaRenne
Nicholas Leiting
Emily Joy Lemus
Alex Leontev
Steve Luchsinger
Marcus Marcelli
Magnolia Marie
T Wade Martin
Jordan Matlock
Kaylee Mattoon
Sean Michael McGrory
Marisa Mendelson
Matteo Menzies
Jenny Marie Mitchell
Anthony Molinari
Shelby Monaghan
Mila Murashko
Ben Nobile
Marcello Padilla
Gabriela Rae
Victoria Rafael
Waide Aaron Riddle
Christian Roberts
Cailan Robinson
Mark Roman
K.C. Schlossberg
Lucy Schmidt
Benjamin Schnau
Tyler Schweer
Stephen Sherman
John Patrick Shulak
Wylie Small
Tanner Stymeist
Luke Teerling
Joanne Thomson
Christine Tucker
Michelle Twarowska
Sebastian Twohey-Jacobs
Kingston Vernes
Adam Woldtvedt
Trevor Wooldridge
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Year: 2020
 131 minutes (2 hrs 11 mins)
UK release date UK release: 4th December 2020
 BBFC Age Rating:  12A age rating
US release date US release: 13th November 2020
MPAA Age Rating: Mank R age rating 

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UK Age Rating
UK BBFC Certificate: 12A
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